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Pony Bones

Death Before Discord.


After the catastrophic Canterlot High Battle of the Bands Sonata Dusk is abandoned by her fellow Dazzlings. How will she survive High School alone?

Chapters (4)
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A lot of full stops are missing, but overall, this whole "Sonata being kicked from the group" thing has been done to death already.

Now while I don't wish for you to stop this story, it is a rather light-hearted take on the whole gimmick. At least this time, Adagio and Aria kept their cool whilst giving Sonata the boot.

I will try reading more chapters when they come out.

Keep up the good work.


5503433 Shoot, I've been beat to the punch. That's what I get for waiting till the movie comes out on Netflix. Inspiration can be a pain when someone's already done it, oh well I'm only writing because I've got to get this story out. Can't say that I've seen any of the other stories along the same plot line, so everything in this story will be guaranteed 100% Pony Bones. Also thank you for being objective, it's refreshing.

You need to work on punctuation. You also need to work on run-on sentences. You have serious problems with both of these things, and they're going to turn away readers.

Thankfully most of the glances in her direction were looks of disinterest and not hostility. Sonata hoped that she had at least one class with
that klutzy girl, she seemed like she could be a great friend.

You accidentally split that sentence. :twilightsmile:

“Yes.” Sonata replied, nothing against Counselor Cadence she had been more than friendly.

"Yes," Sonata replied. She had nothing against Counselor Cadence, who had been more than friendly.

5545026 Thanks a whole heap for pointing that out. :twilightblush: I really do want to see this story improved, your assistance is appreciated.

Can't you use Google Drive if you computer keeps crashing? Autosave is a godsend - I mean, Faust-send,

5558859 I really should, my word processor has auto save but for some reason it failed. Time to junk my typewriter and move into the digital age, eyup.:eeyup:

5882611 :rainbowlaugh: Well that changes the entire context doesn't it?

5950805 Arrr rattle me bones but it be good to see such commendation, my cap be off to ye good sir.

Interesting story so far, I cannot wait to read more! :twilightsmile:

6005663 It works right? I could have done Derpy Hands but Derpy Boots just sounded better. :pinkiehappy:

Sonata could have kissed Coach Spitfire

I'm throwing dollars at the screen but nothing is happening! Why?! :trollestia:

is this story dead? I ask as i am clearing out dead stories from my tracking list.

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