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I'm a Sonic fan (obviously) who is also a fan of this show. ...not much else to say.



After their original dinner was ruined by Sonata, the Rainbooms, the Dazzlings and Flash Sentry decided to eat out at a Mexican restaurant called Sombra’s Taco Ranch. While dinning, Sonata accidentally switched the signs and ended up in the freezer instead of the bathroom. She couldn't leave because the freezer door was broken and can only be opened from the outside! To make matters worse, Sonata’s mistake leads everyone in a restaurant trapped in the freezer with her.

Sonata vector by: Mixiepie
The rest of the cover was made by me.

Constructive criticism welcomed!

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"their signing voices" do you mean singing voices?

Will have to read the story later, but the thought of Sombra running a Mexican restaurant fills me with mirth, so my hopes are high.

“I would tell you this funny story, but we’ll let our readers check it out on their spare time!” Pinkie said with so much enthusiasm in her voice.

Hahah, I love it when Pinkie breaks the fourth wall.

this reminds me of an episode of Kenan and Kel

I love you. (platonically. (i'm serious. (why am I using so many parenthesis (stahp))))

Have a King Sombrero pic!

Lets all promise never to do this again :P

What could go wrong?


You should update.:heart:

Polka school?

She trapped AND full of cider pee.

Let the craziness begins!

Famous last words, Rarity?

Don't they have strongmen in that freezer?

Celestia and Sombra are alumni?

1) has none of them still considered keeping themselves close to the door so the next time someone enters, it won't close?
2) why do I suspect the last chapter will end with Flash getting in the freezer after everyone else has been released?

Flash's last name spelled wrong.

Comment posted by sonicfan05 deleted Nov 9th, 2015

Bon Bon was busy fanning themselves to try to cool down.


“Okay so here’s the plain, I’ll just stand next to the door and keep an eye on it! That way, whoever comes in, I will make sure that this person won’t close the—” do you mean “Okay so here’s the plan, I’ll just stand next to the door and keep an eye on it! That way, whoever comes in, I will make sure that this person won’t close the—”

If I was there, I wanna choke Soanta so badly.

The girls cried out in alarm after Flash collapsed to the ground. Everyone including the Dazzlings ran up to Flash’s unconsciousness body to see if he was okay. Unfortunately, Aria had completely forgotten about keeping the door open and as a result, the door slammed shut behind them. In panic, after hearing the door slam, they all ran up to the door and started banging on the door, desperately crying out for help.

Whoops. :trollestia:

"she can be more freighting than Sombra’s sudden mood swings.” do you mean "she can be more frightening than Sombra’s sudden mood swings.”


Have you been watching Avatar the last Airbender recently cuz I swear the whole angry at my self thing reminds me of the beach episode

flash was sent to the hospital and now I ruined our dinner… again!”

Capitalization saves lives!!! Not really....

And you're making a sequel right? ....Right? :fluttershysad:

That kenan & kel reference was perfect

6621642 I watched Avatar the Last Airbender a few times before (very good show), but I sware that beach episode never crossed my mind as I wrote this chapter.

6621881 For this story or I Just Wanted to Say, I'm confused?

I was thinking this story... I thought the other one is like in a series though?

I noticed a few sets of dialogue (focus on rarity and RD) that were missing a few commas.

Inside the freezer is now:
Sonata X1
Sunset Shimmer X1
Trixie X1
Pinkie Pie X1
Lyra X1
Frozen fish dolls X2
Various frozen food items X many
Cold X all

... Why is there flour in a freezer?

If I were with them, I would use the excuse of a life or death situation to try to bust the cooling unit. Chances are it would just make it colder though,

It's all your fault Brad!
Also it's spelled principal.

Were the crusaders part of that group who wanted to attack sonata because I dont think theyed do that

6853061 Maybe not but then again, if you were trapped in a freezer for hours because of one person and then later when you had a chance to escape, that same person cost you your freedom. Would it make you want to attack that person after that?

Oh deer, It looks like Sonata will have to chill out for a while until someone comes to save her!

At least she'll have a cool story to tell when it's all said and pun.

I apologize for the mass destruct-pun I just caused.

I'm going to get a lot of punny looks for this, aren't I?

Okay, okay. I'm pun for now.


Pinkie eye’s lit up and smiled. “Oh, is that all? Well, why didn’t you just say so! In that case, we’ll throw We’re All Trapped in a Freezer and We’ll Have Fun Until We Get Rescued party! Doesn’t that sound… cool?”

Ice pun, there, Pinkie. But, we might not want to get too hyper(thermia), or we'd break the door! I doubt the manager would be chill with that idea.

Sonata and Pinkie are trapped in a room together. I'm surprised that the fabric of reality is still intact.
Short answer... Because, why not?

Forget the parentheses, MY EYES. I did not need that image in my brain forever. This is not... cool.

The puns strike again

Do you have any idea how heavy those doors are? Try to stick your foot in front of it before it closes, and you'll probably break your foot, if not get part of it just ripped off.
And what's funny, is in some cases, that's actually not an exaggeration. I've had friends who've gotten their hands slammed in lighter doors, and their hand literally split open at the seams (well, not seams, but down the sides of their hand and along the sides of each finger, etc)
Don't underestimate momentum. It won't work out that ice for you.

Cool story. It was more chill than most stories on this site~
^-^ fantastic work, I love it! :twilightsmile: It's perfect. I give this twelve and a half muffins out of ten ^-^

I'm glad you liked my story! :twilightsmile:

Stay cool! :raritywink:

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