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Freezer Burned - sonicfan05

While dinning at the new restaurant, Sombra’s Taco Ranch, Sonata accidentally switches a restroom sign, which leaves herself, her new friends and quite a few others trapped in the freezer.

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Chapter 6

“This is ridiculous!” Rarity screeched while shivering from the cold. “I can’t believe that none of you weren’t able to stop that door from slamming behind at least one of these people!”

“Gee… ya think?” Rainbow asked sarcastically.

Rarity raised her arm over her head, posing dramatically. “Of all the worse things that could happen, this is The. WORSE. POSSIBLE. THING!

Rarity sobbed loudly while Rainbow rolled her eyes from Rarity’s over-the-top drama.

Poor Fluttershy was shaking badly from the cold as she was hugged by Pinkie. “I-I-I knew I s-s-should’ve b-b-brought my s-s-sweater!”

“Don’t you worry Fluttershy,” Pinkie reassured, hugging Fluttershy with comfort. “Your Auntie Pinkie Pie will take good care of you!”

Despite her shivering, Fluttershy gave Pinkie her annoyed look. “I’m a year older than you!”

“Gurlz!” Sonata cried desperately from the corner of the room. They all turned towards her and noticed her tongue was stuck on a random frozen meat that was hanging from the ceiling. “Ah can’th poll ma toung! Helf! Um stuck!”

Adagio sighed heavily as she pinched the bridge of her nose. “Sonata! I thought I told you not to lick any of the frozen meats!”

Sonata gave Adagio her puppy eye look. “Ah no, butz ah cath helf et!”

With an annoyed grunt, Aria walked up to Sonata and roughly yanked her off from the frozen meat. Sonata yelped in pain as she rubbed her tongue to ease her pain.

“So, what did you learned?” Aria asked expectedly.

“Um… only lick the meat that is not frozen?” Sonata answered with hesitation.

Aria face palmed. “Sonata… you’re the worse!”

Sonata’s face brightened up. “Speaking of meat, I am pretty hungry!”

Sonata turned and walked up towards Trixie. “Hey Bixie, where is my foo—ooooooh!”

Upon seeing Trixie’s enraged look, Sonata quickly turned and hid behind Aria.

The whole room was now in chaos as everyone was speaking loudly over each other in panic. Wanting to keep the room under control, Sunset decided to try to calm everyone down. She walked up to the freezer’s door until she stood next to it. She then turned towards the crowd.

“Hey, everyone! Listen! Calm down!” Sunset shouted as loud as she can. Unfortunately no one heard Sunset’s loud pleas. Noticing this, Pinkie stood next to Sunset and then she placed her two fingers into her mouth and let out a loud sharp whistle. The crowd immediately stopped chatting from the loud noise and turned towards the source.

Sunset gave Pinkie her grateful smile. “Thanks Pinkie!”

“You’re welcome~!” Pinkie sang with a smile.

Satisfied that she got the whole crowd’s attention, Sunset cleared her throat. “Listen everybody; if we want to get out of here, we got to stay focus on the door! Somebody is going to come in here sooner or later, right?”

Everyone nodded.

“Okay so here’s the plan, I’ll just stand next to the door and keep an eye on it! That way, whoever comes in, I will make sure that this person won’t close the—”

As Sunset go over her plan to the crowd, she failed to notice the freezer door was opened by a blue and rose haired teenage girl in a white dress with yellow and blue bow around her waist. Everyone tried to call out to Sunset desperately about the newcomer behind her. By the time Sunset realize this, she heard a very loud—


Sunset slowly turned and both her and the teenage girl blinked at each other awkwardly. She then slowly turned back towards the crowd.

… door,” Sunset finished lamely.

The teenage girl, known as Bon Bon, looked around the room warily. “Um… is this the bathroom?”

“… yes,” Sunset lied lamely, not meeting her gaze. Feeling embarrassed, Sunset walked to the other side of the freezer, wanting to hide herself from the crowd.

“I have to go to the bathroom!” Sonata whined loudly.

“WE ALL DO!” The whole crowd screamed.

“Everybody calm down!” Principal Celestia urged gently. “We should all conserve our physical and mental energy instead of letting our frustrations get the best of us!”

“But I’m too cold to conserve my energy!” Sweetie Belle complained.

“We’re all are Sweetie!” said Rarity as she was hugging her sister to keep her warm. Following Rarity’s example, Applejack also hugged Apple Bloom. Even Rainbow Dash gives away her blue jacket and half hugged Scootaloo to protect her from the cold.

“That’s right, we’re all cold and we’re all gonna freeze to death!” Lyra sobbed loudly, while her best friend Bon Bon patted Lyra’s back to comfort her.

“Get ahold of yourself Lyra!” Rainbow cried. She glanced around the room before she let out a loud huff. “Man… there has to be a way to warm up this room!”

“Hey I know!” Sonata cried suddenly.

Sonata went into one of the food crates (much to the Flim Flam Brother’s protests) and took out two red jalapeños. “Maybe if I rub these two red jalapeños together, I can make a fire!”

Everyone in the room stared at Sonata, feeling stupefied after hearing her idea.

Pinkie walked up to Sonata. “That will never work Nata!” Everyone nodded in agreement… until Pinkie said, “We have to use a tortilla as a dry surface for the two jalapeños and then you rub them together silly!”

Sonata slapped herself on the side of her head. “Oh of course! How silly of me! Thanks Pinkie!”

Everyone in the room face palmed and groaned loudly.

“Hey, here’s an idea,” Aria said loudly. “Lets try something that actually works!

No one said anything until Sombra cleared his throat. “If I could make a suggestion, we can use the temperature control that was hidden somewhere in this room.”

“There’s a temperature control in this room this whole time?!” Rainbow exclaimed in shock. “Why didn’t you say anything about this before?”

Sombra simply shrugged. “I was too busy staring at Celestia’s beautiful eyes for so long, I forgot all about it.” Principal Celestia blushed from Sombra’s words while Rainbow Dash frowned at him.

“Do you know exactly where dat switch is Mr. Sombra?” asked Applejack.

Sombra scoffed. “How should I know? I’m the manager of this place, not an architect!”

“We know where it is!” Flim called out.

“Yeah, we think it is somewhere over there!” said Flam as he was pointing at the piles of boxes next to Sonata.

Following Flam’s pointed finger, Sonata shoved a few boxes out of her way, until she saw a red circular dial with little numbers around the dial. “There’s a big red circle knob thing! Is this it?”

“Yes that’s it!” Flim exclaimed with a smile. “Now let one of us take care of that!”

“Oh that won’t be necessary!” Sonata insisted. “I can do this myself! I’ll just keep turning this thing on high!”

Despite everyone’s protests, Sonata turned the red dial furiously. She kept turning the dial until she overturned the dial too much to the point that it snapped off from the control box.

With a broken dial in her hand, Sonata turned towards the dumbfound crowd with a pained expression. “…oops!”

Throughout his life, Flash Sentry never felt so bored, tired and hungry at the same time.

Ever since Rarity and Flutershy left their table to go find their friends, he’s been sitting at his table for twenty minutes, waiting for them to return. He already ate some of Rainbow’s cold fries a while ago because he could not wait for his guacamole burger any longer. He knew Rainbow would be angry at him for taking her fries, but he didn’t care at this point because he was starving.

Just as he was about to take a bite out of Rainbow’s eighth fry, he stopped.

He felt something was off about this restaurant. It wasn’t just the disappearance of the girls or his missing guac burger, it’s the fact that this whole restaurant was so…


His eyes roamed around the room. He noticed there’s not a single soul in this restaurant.

No customers.

No waiters or waitresses.

No music performers.

No manager.

No one!

Just… himself.

Flash scratched his head in confusion. “Huh, where is everybody?”

Thanks to the temperature control, the room was not freezing cold anymore. However, due to Sonata’s hastiness, she turned up the temperature higher than intended and the knob was broken as a result. The whole room was now as hot as a blazing day at the desert. So hot, all of the icicles that were hanging on the ceiling were melted into puddles within five minutes. Everyone felt weak and sweating from all the heat. Even removing their jackets like Sunset and Rainbow Dash didn’t help much. Some of them were lying on the ground while others remain standing like motionless zombies.

Aria, who was lying on her back, raised her head slightly and glared accusingly at Sonata. “On behalf of everyone trapped in here, I want to thank you Sonata for breaking the temperature control!”

“Trixie was glad that this room is not freezing cold anymore,” Trixie said weakly, with sweat pouring from her forehead. “However, this room is now a hundred and twenty degrees hotter!

“I think I’m burning up!” Lyra moaned loudly, leaning on her best friend Bon Bon. Bon Bon was busy fanning herself to try to cool down.

Rarity was sitting down on the floor next to Sunset, fanning herself. Suddenly, she stopped when her nose sniffed something foul. “Urg, what’s that horrible smell?”

Sunset sniffed around the room until her head turned towards the source and then she gagged. “The smell is coming from all the meats in here.”

Everyone turned their heads at Sunset’s direction. Sure enough, that foul smell was indeed coming from the meats. Everyone moaned and gagged from the strong rotten smell of the meats.

“You ruined all of our food!” Sombra cried out in rage at Sonata. “Do you have any idea how much we spent on all of this? Do you have any idea how much effort we make our food fresh? And how hard we put everything together by scratch everyday for our hungry customers like you?

Sonata was in deep thought until Sombra’s voiced snapped her out of it. “Hmm? Oh I’m sorry! I was thinking about how cool it would be if there are raining tacos in this world. You were saying?”

Sombra glared at her, not saying a word.

Suddenly, they heard the freezer door opened again. Another teenage girl with raspberry pink hair and palm skin walked in with a glass full of that appeared to be berry punch. Before the teen lets the door shut, Sonata quickly ran up and held the door open.

“I got the door!” Sonata cried out triumphantly.

Everyone cheered for Sonata’s success. As they were all about exit for freedom, Sonata ran out of the room and slammed the door on them, disappearing on the other side.

There were loud outcries within the freezer as everyone was trying to comprehend of Sonata’s actions.

“HEY! Why did she close the door on us?”

“Did she just left us here?”


Sunset sighed loudly. “Pinkie…”

Pinkie saluted. “On it!”

Pinkie placed her two fingers in her month again a let out another loud sharp whistle. Everyone ceased their shouts and turned towards Sunset and Pinkie.

Sunset smiled at Pinkie in gratitude. “Thanks again Pinkie!”

Pinkie smiled. “Anytime~!”

Sunset cleared her throat and turned towards the crowd. “Listen everyone, I don’t know why Sonata leave us behind like that, but I’m sure she will be back to get us out soon! Now everyone breathe.”

They all did their breathing exercise as Sunset instructed, calming them down instantly.

Suddenly, the freezer door opened again, revealing to be Sonata. They all cheered at the sight of her. Sonata cheered as well, doing the victory dance in the process. However, she didn’t paid attention to the door as it was slowly closing behind her. Before anyone could warn Sonata, the door slammed shut. Everyone groaned loudly in frustration.

Sunset slowly turned back towards the crowd and pointed at Sonata behind her. “See?” Sunset stated awkwardly.

“I’m back everybody!” Sonata announced with a huge grin. “Whew, I had to use the bathroom really bad but I felt better now. Good thing I was out for a short period of time!”

Sonata’s grin vanished when she noticed everyone in the room was giving her their angry and frustrated glares.


Trixie slowly walked up to Sonata until her face was uncomfortably close to Sonata’s. “Let me get this straight,” she scowled. “You were just outside… free from this cursed room… and then you came back in here… shut the door behind you… AND LOCKING US ALL IN!?

“Um… maybe?” Sonata answered uneasily.

Bon Bon stood up, pointing accusingly at Sonata. “She’s the reason why we’re all trapped in here in the first place!”

“It’s also her fault that this room is so hot in here!” Vice Principal Luna shouted.

“And ruining our food!” Flim and Flam spat in union, giving Sonata their hateful glares.

“I knew she was still trouble!” Octavia exclaimed angrily.

“She was also the one who ate my muffin while I was on break!” the blonde girl with crossed eyes cried.

Trixie gave her employer her odd look. “Um… no she didn’t… that was you. You ate your muffin during your break earlier.”

The crossed eye girl blinked. “Oh… nevermind.”

Sonata was suddenly pulled down by the shirt and met with the eyes of an angry tiara-wearing girl. “I hate you!” she seethed before roughly letting go of Sonata.

“I… hate her too!” Lyra sobbed with contempt.

Sonata was about to apologize to Lyra, but then she stepped back in fear when everyone was walking up to her with their murderous looks.

Sunset stood in front of the crowd to block them from Sonata. “Everyone stop!”

Everyone stopped in their tracks, but their facial expressions remained unchanged.

“Look, this isn’t all Sonata’s fault!”

The crowd still wore their angry expressions, clearly not believing Sunset.

“Okay… it is her fault, but she didn’t mean to ruin your night! It wasn’t her intention to have you all trapped in this freezer tonight!”

“Yea, at least not on purpose!” Aria added. “That idiot caused mishaps like this all the time!”

Not helping!” Sunset scolded Aria through her clenched teeth.

“Trixie thinks we all heard enough of this, let’s get her!” Trixie cried.

As the angry crowd was trying to get to Sonata (much to Sunset’s pleas), Principal Celestia step in front of them.

“All right, that’s enough! What’s wrong with you people? You should all be ashamed of yourselves! This may not be my school, but that doesn’t mean I’ll let my students hurt another just because she made a few mistakes! As for those who aren’t my students, you should know better than to harm a teenage girl! Besides, hurting her won’t solve anything in our situation. So as long as I’m here, I will protect her!”

While the entire crowd looked down in shame, Sonata hugged Principal Celestia, much to the principle’s surprise.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you Principal Celestia! I don’t care what everyone said about you being a troll to everyone because you are awesome! Now I feel pretty bad about stealing your slice of cake from your office earlier.”

Principal Celestia smiled warmly at her Sonata for the praises she gave her. But then her mind clicked from what Sonata’s had said, causing her to frown deeply.

“Wait… that was you who took my cake?” Principle Celestia asked coldly, narrowing her eyes.

Sonata shifted her eyes back and forth nervously. “Um… no?”

“… GET HER!” Principal Celestia roared.

The angry mob tried to rush in on Sonata to attack her, but Sonata dodged them all as she tried to head to the back of the room to get away from them. Unfortunately, she couldn’t go any further because she was now against the wall. She turned back and saw the entire crowd slowly advancing her, glaring, jeering and cracking their fists as they were getting closer to her.

Helplessly, Sonata kneeled down and covered her head, waiting for the enviable. Even Principal Celestia hates me! Sonata wailed in thought, tears leaking from her closed eyes. This isn’t fair! I know I was bad before and I made mistakes, but why can’t they all just give me a chance! Maybe I deserved to be punished. Maybe I deserved…


After that powerful command, Sonata heard nothing but silence. Not sure what happened, she slowly opened her eyes. Despite her blurry vision from her tears, she recognized a flaming red and yellow haired girl, standing in front of her protectively.

“If any of you punks are going after Sonata, you’re going to have to go through me first!”

“Sunset?” Sonata whispered in shock.

Another figure with rainbowed hair walked up and stand next to Sunset. “Yeah you big jerks! Don’t you dare lay a finger on her!”

“Rainbow Dash?”

One by one, each new blurred figures came right up and stood in front of Sonata in a form of a shield.

“That’s right! Not while Ah'm around!”


“Yeah you big meanies! You all better stay away from my friend!”


“You all leave Sonata alone!... Um… if that’s alright.


“Fighting’s not really my thing. I’m more into fashion. BUT I’LL RIP YOU ALL TO PIECES IF YOU TOUCH ONE HAIR ON HER HEAD!”


“You mess with one of the sirens, you mess with ALL of us!”

“Yeah! None of you freaks have the right to punish her!”

“Adagio and Aria!?”

Rainbow Dash turned towards Aria with her eyes widened in shock. Wow! Aria really does care about Sonata…

“Only I’m allowed to punish that idiot for her mistakes!” Aria growled.

nevermind. Rainbow thought flatly.

Trixie scoffed. “So all of you girls are going to defend that girl who caused this whole mess?”

Sunset nodded with determination. “Yes! She may be a handful, but she’s our friend and we’re all in this together!”

The Rainbooms and the two Dazzlings nodded in agreement.

Trixie smirked. “Fine! Then you’re all going down together! GET THEM!”

The angry mob was advancing towards them as the gang prepared themselves for the fight of their lives.

All of the sudden, everyone heard the freezer door opened again. They all turned just in time to see…

“FLASH!” Sunset exclaimed in both surprised and relief.

While holding the door open, Flash quickly surveyed around the room with his eyes and then put on his goofy grin. “Oh, so this is where everybody is!”


The whole crowd quickly rushed out through an opened door to their freedom…

…while trampling over poor Flash in the process.

The girls sighed in relief; glad that they avoided the fight while Sonata silently prayed to thank Faust for being spared from her demise. During the chaos, Aria quickly went to the door so she can keep it open.

After everyone left the freezer room, only the Rainbooms, the Dazzlings and Flash Sentry (who was now on the floor, barely conscious) remained in the room.

Aria turned towards Sonata as she held the door. “Well… before I forget, thanks for the memorable evening SONATA!”

Before Sonata could speak, Sunset spoke for Sonata’s defense. “Hey, at least we’re finally out!”

And we got ourselves free food!~” Pinkie added with a grin.

Aria turned away with a grunt, refused to admit that they were right.

The girls turned towards the sound of a painful moan, just in time to see Flash standing back up from the ground. There were footprints all over his body, including his face. His hair was all messed up and his clothes were worn and torn. Flash felt dizzy and lightheaded as his body swayed back and forth, ready to collapse at any moment.

“Flash, are you okay?” Sunset asked with concern.

“Listen girls,” Flash spoke weakly, despite the pain he felt all over his body. “I just want to thank you all again… for inviting me to dinner.”

“Um… you’re welcome?” Sunset replied unsurely.

“Now… will someone please… take me to the hospital?” Flash slurred. He rolled his eyes, fell face first to the ground and lost consciousness.

The girls cried out in alarm after Flash collapsed to the ground. Everyone including the Dazzlings ran up to Flash’s unconsciousness body to see if he was okay. Unfortunately, Aria had completely forgotten about keeping the door open and as a result, the door slammed shut behind them. In panic, after hearing the door slam, they all ran up to the door and started banging on the door, desperately crying out for help.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the long wait. It's hard to find time with life involved but don't worry, this story is almost done folks! :raritywink:

I'll post the epilogue either later today or tomorrow!

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