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I'm a Sonic fan (obviously) who is also a fan of this show. ...not much else to say.



Twilight was just hanging out at the mall with her best friends, until many people came up to her, complimenting and asking about her dog, Spike, much to her confusion. When she found out that her own dog has been making his own vlogging series on HayTube, Twilight decided to have a bone to pick with him.

Part of the "Since When?" series!

Based off on Equestria Girls: 'Reboxing w/ Spike' short.

FEATURED: 1/17/19 - Whoa! Thank you all so much! :twilightsmile:

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It should have a sequel where Spike receive a lot of money from Haytuber because he had a thousand followers. And that would make them rich without noticing.

That would be funny but who would get the money? And I’m sure he would get a lot more followers by then

Twilight thought for a moment before her eyes widened in realization. “OH! Was it that chew toy of a blue female dragon that I ordered for you weeks before?”

aaaand that's a thumbs up from me

I knew someone would do a fic on this, I just knew it!:rainbowlaugh:

That ending though. Just Priceless :rainbowlaugh:

Is HayTube a real thing in the Equestria Girls world? Also, that pun makes no sense.

Well now Twilight knowing that she would take the money to invest a bit on her studies, but Spike said he wants some part of the money as well. Many of the things he paid were from it. So he could pay some bills of the credit card, and even invest in a piece of better equipment for him.

I see you drew a little inspiration from 'Dog With A Blog'. Anyway, pretty good story, though I have to ask what kind of pet store charges two hundred bucks for a dirty sock.

This was fun reading. I really enjoyed it - especially the ending :rainbowlaugh:

Actually, I never heard of 'Dog With A Blog'.

As for your question:

In answer to what you said:

"Dog With A Blog"

Oh. Never seen it.

Let's hope Twilight doesn't do something crazy like pairing up Spike with Winona to state a strange theory.


Spike's in trouble.
And for a completely different yet reasonable reason.

No rolled up newspaper?

How things change after 25 years...

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

I prefer the Oversaturated World’s “EweTube”. (He said sheepishly.)

Looks like Spike's...:coolphoto: in the doghouse.

Twilight, think about the opportunity this brings you! Open up a patreon account and make tons of money off of how adorable Spike is!

That being said, this was a very entertaining story to read. Really brightened up my day!

I think this is really fun and interesting idea. I would love to see a follow up series where Spike becomes even more popular than Twilight realize and he become one of the biggest on Haytube. Or he start to do some let's play videos as well. He could make his own network with some of the other pets and stuff. This could be a very funny parody of youtube and some of the popular youtubers using Spike. Like him making a react channel but using the pets around the town. Hope we get to see more little one shots of this dynamic.

(Spike becomes TOO popular and begins to think himself untouchable. His morals collapse and soon he becomes another disturbed super-star....)

Spike's agent: Spike, I know animals get away with lots of shameless things on YouTube, but your last vid... it made even furries uncomfortable. :unsuresweetie:

9409355 A clever one whose operators knows how to sucker obsessed pet owners!

Like my mom... :facehoof:

His then had a scowled expression and crossed his arms. “Except for some humans who prefers cats than dogs!”

Alondro swats at Spike, "Careful, sonny boy... I hang out with LIONS. You best not be disrespecting the Cat Clan!"

9409378 Oh yeah... I saw one episode of it. Totally forgettable. I only remember it exists.

It reminded me of "Small Wonder", basically a silly show kids would like, but nothing clever enough to stick with you afterward.

I watched a couple episodes once while on a flight out of boredom and have to agree. At its heart it wasn't too bad an idea, but it ironically didn't do much with the whole "Dog with a Blog" premise and the rest of what they did was unoriginal, forced, and not that well acted. Altogether, it felt like a very half-hearted show, and it didn't seem to have lasted very long. :applejackunsure:

This was great, is a really touching companion piece to the short. And it makes me wonder if Twilight's parents got Twilight Spike to help with her anxiety attacks like he did in this short. That would be a cool concept

Or: "On the lightning rise and fall of YouTube stardom!"

I haven't read it yet, but I already like it.:twilightsmile:

9410236 I'm surprised it made it 3 full seasons... but then, it was on the Disney Channel, and some really dumb stuff has hung around there for years.

So, you're saying you don't like it, right?

And dumb stuff? Any examples?

Disney can be real stubborn about milking every last cent they think they can get out of things...

Honestly not that surprised that no one believes it to be real, humans have a habit of not believing something "impossible" happening even when evidence is rubbed in their face. Example the moon landing, the world being round, and a lot of things that were believed to function as medicine but where actually poison like lead or mercury.

9409156 He should totally monetize his videos. That way he can pay for his own Deluxe pet box.

9410856 Well, there's also the fact that CGI has progressed enough now that videos of non-existent characters can look quite convincing.

20 years ago, however... people would genuinely believe it was real, as the technology wouldn't have been there to make the appearance so life-like.

So, now all the mythical creatures can come out of hiding, since everyone will believe vids of them are just hoaxes!

“Wait! What the… a Pet Deluxe Package!? … a dirty sock!?... TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!?!”

Uh oh

Somebody should get Captain Disillusion on this, see if he can figure out how to fake a talking dog so convincingly.

Twilight thought for a moment before her eyes widened in realization. “OH! Was it that chew toy of a blue female dragon that I ordered for you weeks before?”

The Dragon Lord Chew Toy: the perfect toy for your talking puppy if he has a dragon counterpart in another dimension.

9409190 He can set up a HayPal account, or a Ponytreon for donations, in addition to monetising his videos, or even as an alternative. If he generates enough interest, he could even get petshops as sponsors. A giftbox of high end pet toys is probably cheap compared to the advertising value. Have Rarity design some merchandise, and we know Sunset Shimmer does amazing artwork, so he could easily add an online store. Everything from t-shirts and coffee mugs to plush toys.

The money would go first to pay off any bills he incurred on the credit card, but after that there's no reason why the rest wouldn't be his. To deflect attention, Twilight could build a fake vocoder to wear on a collar, like the ones worn by the dogs in Up, and pretend to be controlling it through her mobile, or having someone else control it remotely, who doesn't want direct publicity.

"So, we're not quite sure how to handle this situation, because the girl he's hitting on is only three... But she's also a sheltie."

10476589 And so, another "Cuties" happened... :fluttershbad:

:moustache:okay that was amusing!

If Cuties was about dogs, I wouldn't mind so much!

10477105 That can be taken in such wrong ways... because furries exist. :twilightoops:

I'm just saying that a show about 3 year olds is less creepy when they're fully mature adult dogs.

And that dogs are cute. :-P

10480016 You're saying you want to turn 3-year olds into mature dogs and then have them perform lewd acts on film?! :fluttershbad:

(Alondro would be the best tabloid reporter) :trollestia:

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