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What is the Tree of Harmony? · 2:19pm Nov 29th, 2018

I really don't like the explanation for the Tree given in Shadow Play, Part 2. IMO, it reduces the artefact and removes much of the mystery and wonder for it. Instead, I find myself preferring another explanation. One much like this (with apologises to Arthur C Clarke):

Call it the Tree of Harmony.

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Thank you for favouriting 'Lessons From Ponyville Elementary'. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for watching me!

Hiya, thanks for the fave and comment on my story :twilightsmile:

I see lots of siren stories on that list too :yay: And some Shadowbolt ones :pinkiehappy:

...In which case I'm going to overrule my usual rule about not shamelessly self-promoting in a thank you note and say that if you like those kinds of stories, there's a chance you might enjoy some of the other ones I've written, like maybe this one or this one. No worries if not, thanks anyway!

Thanks for the fave on A Herd of my Own! :twilightsmile:

Ultimately, if they're going to stop reading about a non-insulting descriptor you use for one of the characters... well, you were going to lose them anyway over some other trivial matter that sends them flying into rage. Some readers aren't worth the trouble of having.

  • Viewing 63 - 67 of 67
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