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Guess who's back · 4:24am Sep 17th, 2017

So I want to apologize for abandoning everyone and everything here. I've been on fanfiction. It started with some interesting Danny Phantom. Two or three interesting harry potter. Several Decent Naruto. And then RWBY. Many many RWBY fanfics. To the point where I started to actually write a RWBY fanfic. Two chapters of which are done. Chapter 3 is in development. Book two is planned. Book three is started and I have an ending. Now I just have to write the damned thing from the beginning.

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2286349 After seeing everything else CTS has gone through and what she can do it is fun to watch her deal with more pedestrian issues. Watching her go through this with her thought process is hilarious.

Thank you for adding The Soldier and The Unexpected to your Favorites:twilightsmile:

I definitely want to know what you liked about it as it is rather different in the series.

2284491 ah yesthat was a ppopular scene :rainbowlaugh:

2284452 its the continuation of Commander Sparkle's adventures. And seeing her interact with Cannon Twilight is hilarious. And so far I love seeing CTS face ponies that have no idea who or what is going on. Also seeing Major Chryssi run things in EDF Equestria is entertaining and insightful to the wonderful literary universe you have made.

That are my thoughts as of right now as I have only just finished the Princess getting drunk for the first time chapter.

Thank you for adding The Princess and the Soldier to your Favorites and Re-Read shelf.:twilightsmile:

May I ask what you liked about it?

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