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A good story isn't measured by how long it is, but by how long it stays with you.



When a freak reading accident causes Twilight to be admitted to the Ponyville hospital, Rainbow Dash is right by her side. Compelled by a sense of duty and repayment, she takes it upon herself to cheer up her friend.

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Wow, this awesome. You have earned one of my watching spots, good sir! :rainbowdetermined2:
Keep up the good work! ^_^

D'awwww. :rainbowkiss: First non-shipping story to make me saw that. :pinkiehappy:

on a side note, stories like THIS deserved to be featured. I've been disappointed with a lot of the stories that have been getting featured. This BETTER be featured. :heart:


That was awesome. faved.

Brillient mate! Keep it up.

If we still did stars, I would give you ten
For you see, you are quite good with a pen.
What a wondrous tale
Hold my attention, you did not fail.
Now look at the time
I have run out of rhymes.

Tracking now, reading later


CUTE EXPLOSIONS and D'aawww and HHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG attacks abound. Still awesome:pinkiehappy:

That was a sweet story. :rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

This was soo cute!

I love reading stories when Dash is showing her softer side, this was so romantic.

Can we have a link to the cover art please?

When you act but to aid the poor pony in need,
And give your own wishes not a glimmer of heed
'Tis then that you prove to be true friend indeed. :rainbowlaugh:

Good Tale. Good Tale Indeed. :twilightsmile:


The cover art is hyperlinked in the Author's note on Equestria-Prevails' mention.
Or if you're lazy, here you go...

D'aaaaw! That was so cute!!! I Loved it!

That was an amazing story. I loved all of the little interruptions where you showed Dash having a hard time with some words. I'm tracking this and watching you. Keep up the great work. :ajsmug:

This was really good. I liked it a lot. 5/5

240763 Oh yeah, DERP! Thanks mate. :derpytongue2:

I'm reading this just to see what a freak reading accident entails.

Let's just hope that unlike Transcendence this does not make me want to punch a pony in a sensitive area.

Dotor Seus + Zecora = this story.

When it was done with the rhyming part I had trouble reverting to regular reading.

240710 I couldn't have said it better myself.

A fantastic read to be had by all.
Cuteness and sincerity, ne'er taking the fall.
Dash's loyalty so big and bright.
Shining a beacon through Sparkles dark night.


No story is ever perfect. And it should be left at that. :coolphoto: :rainbowdetermined2:

This was both fun and sweet. The thing I loved the most about it was the parts where you could see Rainbow Dash struggling with certain words, either questioning them to Twilight or sometimes trying to get past them herself. She is still new to reading after all, and though she loves it, she does make her mistakes.

Lol, "Take a Look. It's in a book. The Reading Rainbow. Reading Rainbow!"
:Edit: Le gasp! A downvote!

A very cute story, exactly the kinda thing that came to mind when I first D'Awwwwwwd at this pic on DVA. :heart:

A heartwarming read if I ever had one. Love it!

First I see the picture on deviantart, and go d'awwww. Now I see the story for that picture.


:rainbowderp: Simply amazing.

And now I can't help but to think
That these rhymes have started to sink
Deep within my mind;
I can't leave them behind.
Thumbs up before you even blink.

...okay, I know that's a limerick, not couplets...

Thank you... Thank you so much. For the past hour I have been extremely sad :fluttercry: I got on here to check if my story had been commentated on and saw this in the featured section. I read it, and now I am happy again. Thank you so much sir or madam, I really appreciate what you have done for me tonight, even though you don't know me, and (most likely) didn't mean to actually affect someone's feelings, you have affected mine in a good way with this story. So once again, thanks, a lot. :heart:


I actually like this. I can't find anything wrong.

For making me disagree with my own morals and beliefs, five stars and a giant 'fuck you.'

Well, let me just click on that grey star up there... yup, it's yellow now. Excellent.

Oh and that Thumbs Up too,
Allow me to give one of them to you.

I'm a little upset that this story must end,
Could be a great ship or a tale of best friends.

Yeah, I'm gonna stop with the poetry there, but yeah. It's just cute, and the fact that the book she read was about a couple makes it feel like this could continue as a ship, and I REALLY wish it would. It's just beautiful. :pinkiesmile:

Is the poem/story Rainbow Dash reading a real thing? I must know.

I don't even. great work.:moustache:

Now for my opinion on the story;
Very cute! :heart: 100% going up there as one of my favorites.

If you write more I Pinkie Pie Promise not to make you into a cupcake :pinkiehappy:

This story was awesome, this much is true,
I did not expect, on starting, this brilliance to view,
The premise was good, the sentiment sweet,
And your expert rhyming made it complete,
A request for you, if I may -
Please, more of this ilk, send my way

Aww, that was sweet. Out of curiosity, was that tale-in-rhyme an original invention, or a ponified version of something else?

Absolutely adorable, and totally heartwarming. I love this kind of stuff. :twilightsmile: My brain tripped over the meter in the story Dash was reading a few times, but it's possible I was just misinterpreting where the emphasis was supposed to be. I thought you wrote Dash absolutely perfectly - brash, willful and above all, loyal. The trouble she had with a few of the rarer words was funny, and realistic. Not too many of them, she's hardly uneducated, just enough to betray that she hasn't spent a lot of her time reading. So yeah, congratulations on fitting two cute and fun stories into one, that's a neat trick. Definitely deserves its share of time in the feature box.

Been that way for a good 4 hours, luls.

Completely original, though I'd have to say that Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, and Julia Donaldson naturally lent inspiration.

I've got to comment on this, for sharing such a cute and wonderful story. Definitely one of the better Slice of Life stories that I've read.

Loved the story within a story. Very Mother Goose and Doctor Seuss esque. Rainbow Dash's interruptions and her sounding out some of the words were also awfully funny. Wonder if she'll pick up books that aren't just Daring Do, now.

And I see Twilight got Smarty Pants back from Big Mac. Adorable comes to mind.

Great work! It brightened my day!

Amazing story! And amazing characterization as well. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future!

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