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A good story isn't measured by how long it is, but by how long it stays with you.


This story is a sequel to Reading Rainbow

Pressed by the looming shadow of academic tardiness after her internment at the hospital, Twilight again attempts the use of the Split-Sight spell to catch up on her studies. But when a strange side effect alters more than just her vision, she finds that things might not go quite as she had planned.

[Cover Art by: Conicer]

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This picture gives me flashbacks to The Spiderses :twilightoops:

So I was all ready to sit down, ignore all distractions, and get to work on my own story that needs to be done in a couple days, when: Oh look! A notification--wonder what it-- ...damn it. Another twenty minutes of free writing time GONE. Lost in hilarity and enjoyment! I hope you're happy with yourself. Creating funny and creative tales like you do.

*applauds* Heh, this was very funny and very enjoyable. I'll be watching for whenever chapter 2 comes out. Good luck and keep up the excellent work, mate.

"Twilight Samsa awoke to discover that she had been transformed into a cockroach."

Not a cockroach, no. But you do get a cookie for knowing your literature.

An interesting beginning thus far. I'll be keeping tabs on you. I offer a like, but I'll save my fav for later.



Ok, I need... I need you to work out an icon situation with Glassed, 'cause I..I, uh, just spent far too long being very, very confused.


Na, I prefer messing with your mind. More fun that way.



Psh, hardly. That guy works under me.


889572 OH GOD
Th-th spidersess....
oh god... oh god...

Wow, I felt suspense as she tried the spells.



You, I, uh.

There is.. and then...WAIT.
I got this.


889743 I think he was supposed to be a dung beetle, actually.

Hmm someone been reading Kafka.

Sweet Celestia does that spell sounds freaky.

889572 Oh The Spiderses. Good times, good times:moustache:

Was there a reason for derailing my story's comment thread?


I lack any semblance of maturity.

Either that, or I just like trolling people.


twilight hasn't learned shit!:twilightangry2:....and we love her for that:twilightblush::twilightoops:

On my read-later list JUST FOR THAT PIC. :pinkiehappy:

And 892190 All of my LOLs.

That picture proves that you can't just put Twilight hair and eyes on ANYTHING and make it hot....


It was absolutely necessary.

On topic: Dash stuck in the cabinet is still my favourite gag

This reminds me of 'honey, I shrunk the kids' but with an added species swap twist. Me likey

Oh shi... That image...

That is one sexay fly.

Did she accidentally read, and thus cast, two spells at once? Or did that just kinda happen, due to screwing with a spell beyond its intent? Or maybe I should take the title of the story literally and assume Twilight didn't realize the spell was supposed to work that way if you double it.

Is twilight a cricket now because if so then crickets are supposed to be lucky so maybe spike will want to keep her as a pet... also now that i think about it fluttershy will probably be the only pony capable of communicating with her at this moment.

892140 I JUST SPENT THE LAST THIRTY MINUTES OF MY LIFE SAYING "You mad? He mad." at the screen, caught in the hypnotic cuteness of Scootaloo and AB!

....Why would you do that to me? :pinkiesad2:


Because the hypnotic cuteness of Scootaloo and Applebloom demanded I share it with the world.



I'm just hoping the opening lines to Chapter Two are the words "Everything was bigger, and eight."

The opening lines of chapter two will be much better than that, I assure you. Much, much better.


"Everything was bigger, and nine."

This was great. I can't wait to see how the others react to Twilight :rainbowlaugh:

For One so smart she done something dumb

The title was actually taken from a little real life story a while back, if you'd like to hear it.


Sure, now you've got me curious.

Psst, yo Kafk... er, Corejo. Your review is done. Nice work on this mate.

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