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A good story isn't measured by how long it is, but by how long it stays with you.



When Scootaloo moves to Ponyville, she meets a certain cyan pegasus who becomes her idol. Things go well until a pivotal event causes her hopes and dreams to come crashing down around her. Broken and betrayed, Scootaloo must learn to accept her reality and embrace her inner strength with the help of her father and two best friends.

[Now with a super awesome reading by Neighrator Pony.]
[This story's sequel can be found here.]

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... Meter Stick-up-her-rump is totally going to screw with Soot's race, isn't she? :twilightangry2: RAGE.

Is Tyco her real father?
Anyways nice story I will track it.

When Rainbow came in to the picture I was like AWWWW YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rainbowdetermined2:

Rainbow Dash+Scootaloo=Awesomeness!

Awesome job! I'm still wondering who it is that's going to betray scoot?

:scootangel::scootangel: I love stories about Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. For some reason they always go well but then again this like my second story that I read that involved them. But You got me hook on this first chapter. I would love to read the next one but I have to go to bed soon and I read your second chapter tomorrow after work. Keep up the good work.:scootangel::scootangel::scootangel:

Without reading anything further yet, here's my guess: Scoot lost her mother in some accident back in Fillydelphia, and now her dad's overly protective of her.

Rainbow Dash's a big believer in the "It'll come to you in time!" school of flight teaching, I see. :rainbowdetermined2:

162254 :rainbowlaugh: that was a good one!

Now for my comment on the story...
My first grade teacher was like Mrs. Meter-Stick. She had the gull to give us homework EVERY VACATION! :twilightangry2: Even summer vacation! :facehoof: Like, it was always a stack of papers the thickness of the Bible! (okay, not THAT many pages, but it was a lot!) I have no idea how she got away with that... And she said that I was gonna have messed-up teeth when I got older (she literally said that. :ajbemused: ) but guess what? Practically perfect teeth (just one tooth is slightly out of place), and never had braces. And she was an "old-school" teacher. Very strict and everything, like Mrs. Meter-Stick. Just wanted to say all that so I can say that I hate this Meter-stick lady... :twilightangry2:

OK, so i just finally got a chance to have a look after checking out "Reading Rainbow" and so far, not bad at all and hey, Scootaloo has a father and a home! ...for once XD Amazing to see a story where Scootaloo isn't a lonely orphan for a change.

wouldn't really know if i've had an experience with a teacher like mrs. meterstick coz if i did i would have purposefully erased her from my mind (i can do that, unless i try remembering but im not gonna, lol)
on another note, u should change anxiety to eager (coz anxiety is when something bad is about to happen)

"Meter stick-up-her-rump" reminds me of my 6th grade social studies teacher

You shouldn't have put in rainbow Dash saying "Hell" because it gives to much of a human effect to it as we have yet to see if they have a god, whether it be mono or polytheistic, and just makes it seem odd. You can replace it with hay or heck. Hay is a bad choice, scatch that. Just helping you excel at what you already do. And what a great story you have written...FIVE STARS FROM ME :pinkiehappy:

this story is gonna be good!
I love it already and gonna read on.
keep up the good work!:heart::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::scootangel:
ow and have 5/5 staches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I keep loving it more and more!
too bad I see that the status is on hiatus.
when will you start writing again?
6/5 staches if tht is even possible :rainbowkiss::scootangel::heart:

:derpyderp2: Apple Bloom has a cutie mark!
But I feel like RD saying "hell" sort of upsets the mood.

yay rewrite... I'll read it soon, maybe when you reach 3 chapters. :scootangel:

This was on my reading list for awhile, now that you started a re-write I am eagerly awaiting to read it.

So wait this is being completely rewritten? That kind of makes me sad. I was looking forward to new chapter, but any activity is a good thing. :pinkiehappy:

Holy shit, you're alive.

So.... This is fucking broken.

Thank God the show went with scootalove after all. And Rainbow Dash as her "sister".

Equestria Daily lied! THERE IS NO CHAPTER 16!!!

What happened to all the other chapters?!

AGH! Been waiting so long!:raritydespair:


Pretty sure it's a re-write, ya nits.

I discovered too late that chapter 16 had finally been posted. By then you had already taken everything down for your rewrite. Was chapter 16 supposed to be the end? Or will there me more to come after that?

*looks at timestamp of first post* Holy crap...it HAS been almost a year since this first came out, hasn't it?:rainbowderp:

Ironic how EQD posts an update for chapter #17 when only the first two are still up.

Knowing what's coming makes this so... :fluttercry:
Still, I can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

Great to hear you're excited! I was hoping my rewrite would help build up the whole relationship thing much better and lead to a stronger *pow* with the you-know-what.

Chapter 16 was never posted. The guy over at EqD has yet to pay any attention to my emails asking for that to be fixed.

Nice story. You made it really easy to imagine how scary her first flight was. It's a good thing Scootaloo is a natural flier. I don't think Rainbow Dash would have the patience to teach her otherwise.

There's one thing I've always wondered about Scootaloo. She seems pretty old to not know how to fly, so I always figured there was something wrong with her. You'd think with how much she idolizes Rainbow Dash, she would have tried teaching herself to fly several times already, maybe with the help of the other Crusaders. What's your impression?

I didn't read it before you took it down to rewrite. So every time I hear about the plot twist it makes the suspense unbearable. I dare not let it be spoiled, but I must have more chapters and find out what happens to Scootaloo! She is best filly.

I'm already loving the story and the fact your making it 20% cooler shows how dedicated you are to your story.

It's more than 20% better than the original... Trust me.

And I'm drawn deeper into the story. Why is Rainbow Dash so tired and distant all the sudden?

I have had this tracked for ages but now it doesn't show up on my favorites page because the chapters are marked "read" and the timestamp on the chapters are (probably) the original post dates.

Depending on the quality of the rewrite, this is either a bad thing or a verry bad thing.

I'm confuse, weren't there many more chapters and the story much more advanced?

There were; I'm rewriting.

I'm hooked, surely you must have more chapters to gift us with soon! What's up with Dash, why is the teacher on a warpath, and what happened to scoots mom? This story has a sad tag and I get a distinct feeling something unspeakable will happen to destroy the Scootalove.

Whatever happens this chapter was beautiful, I wish there were more Dash/Scoot moments like this in fan fics. Hopefully as sad as this story may get, Dash and Scootaloo stay together.

The suspense may literally kill me, and the more I think about it the more certain I am the tragic event is either: dash dies or Scootaloo is crippled. How could you write something so sad? I shall be back for the next chapter to see.

:fluttershyouch:I hate this place....

Literally just faved this. That was perfect timing sir

when scootaloo was racing the final race the song survival by muse came on and it fit perfectly

"Transcendence" has updated. Thats one way to brighten up my day :D
Can't remember when I last got an email like that. It's good to see the rewrite progressing. :twilightsmile:
I already haz a sad, knowing what's coming next...:fluttercry:


I think Dash will transform into 100% jerk instead.
Your idea of killing her off is actually less sad compared to this.

2080058 That would be depressing. It's driving me mad that I get so addicted to sad stories. I fear I may take what ever 'surprise' is in store for Scootaloo harder than she will. I consider it the mark of a good writer to get a reader so invested in their characters, but it doesn't ease the blow of tragedies and sad stories.

Glad to see my rewrite is hitting you as intended. :twilightsmile: Makes me appreciate the effort I'm putting into it all the more.

2080314 Depending on how sad the twist is, this may be the first story to make me cry. I don't know what it is about the Scootaloo / Dash friendship, but I care a lot more about those two then any other pairing in MLP.

I'm actually surprised when I searched for Scootaloo / Dash stories there are so few, mostly 1 shot short stories. I'm actually thinking of writing a lengthy, happy slice of life so I'll have some Scootalove to fall back on when I finish this and End of Ponies. If Scootaloo doesn't get a happy ending in either story I may give Pinkemena Diane Pie a run for her money in the crazy department. :pinkiecrazy:

First! Great chapter:moustache:

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