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This story is a sequel to Dear Applebloom

Inspired by Rarity and Applejack's letters, Rainbow Dash writes her biggest fan a letter of her own that will shed light not only on Scootaloo's origins, but Rainbow Dash's as well.

Special thanks to AcrylicDawn for the cover art.

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A beautiful end to this trilogy of letters. I am rather happy that you decided to just make Dash and Scoots sisters. And thank you for not including any Scootabuse in your story and instead just making it a sweet story about two sisters meeting each others as sisters.

And it's finally here!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
The last of the three letters and more tears gettin on my face. Thank you so much!!:twilightsmile:

Aaaaaaaand it's gonna get featured! I called it!

Nonetheless, beautiful story, like everyone of the stories in this wonderful trilogy. So sad to see it go. I'll miss it, and so will everybrony else. Hope you got something way better up your sleeve. I know you can top this amazingness, because you're Jade Ring. There's a reason I follow you.


Clearly those blankets are a sequel hook.

Once again you've written a fabulous tale, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo together always brings a smile to my face and this story definitely did that :scootangel:

Scootaloo blazed upstairs so fast there was almost a trail a fire where she’d run past. She shut her door and bolted it shut, then dove onto her bed and caught the letter as it floated down. It was definitely Rainbow Dash’s handwriting.

I think you mean hoofwriting or mouthwriting (we see RD in the show writing by mouth)

This is awesomely spectacularly epic :rainbowkiss:

Amazing! What a brilliant story, it brought a tear to my eye. :twilightsmile:

Please...please tell me Feather Duster is dead.

You just earned yourself a follower.

(also, almost sounds like RD and scoots are either from Krypton or the future :derpyderp2:)

i gotta say this is a breathtaking set of stories.

An awesome trifecta of letters. I will be watching you with keen interest and bated breath for more.

Well, when I say this, naturally, I had to go back and read the other letters.

Rarity's letter left me crying like a foal, thought you'd made my feels hit harder than ever.:raritycry:

I was wrong, as Applejack's letter hit me even harder in the feels! Seriously, I bawled hard, and it took a bit before I felt up to reading this last installment. :applecry:

And then...this one, where do I begin? For one, finally had some resolution on Feather Duster. I swear, best moment of retribution ever. However, finding out about Firefly hit me in my continuity feels as she was the closest thing earlier generations had to Rainbow Dash, and it felt like something came full circle there. Throw in that Scootaloo was a Pegasi name and she is one of my favorite ponies ever...and well...:scootangel:

I say this now, and I hope it counts for all three stories, you made something so profound it was worth every tear that left my eyes.:twilightsmile:

Thank you, and as a reader of Pony Fiction, I commend you on this triple threat of Feel-making that is these stories.:eeyup:

You did a great job my friend. But then if that stallion inRainbow Dash's flashback in "Games Ponies Play" wasn't Rainbow Dash's father (which you are implying by this letter) than who was he? :applejackunsure:

Me thinks an alternative universe tag might be in order. :trixieshiftright:

wow that was very upsettingly good :applecry::rainbowkiss:

I was just about to say that, SPB12 :derpytongue2:

2255575 super sonic speeds with horizontal wind resistance... he's definitely dead- possibly bisected (its a wonder Dash can withstand the forces)

2255904 one of the care-takers?

Man, I remember reading the first two on fanfiction.net a couple of months ago...Was just thinking about them the other day! Really glad you finished it, will there be a story where SB tries to find her dad, or is this the end?

There are moments in time when something happens that makes it all worth it. This is one of them. FRONT PAGE TOO?! (not gonna cry not gonna cry)

Okay, let's start...

2255069 Sequel hook? Since when have I ever written a sequel hook? :trollestia: In all honesty though, I'm not promising anything one way or another. While I know how this continuity will end, I don't know how many more revelations there will be. Keep reading...

2255575 (Peers into crystal ball) I see... I see... an old pony, twisted by rage and insanity... but I can't see where he is. On the other side of the Rainboom most likely. In any case, he's no longer in Equestria. Does that answer your question?

2255640 NO!!! You spoiled the surprise! (Scraps 'Super-Dash' story.) :rainbowlaugh:

2255813 The full circle thing is exactly why Firefly is who she is in this story. I firmly believe that the past generations must be respected. Except Newborn Cuties.

2255904 Yep, he's one of the caretakers at the Home. Dash spent a lot of time with him because they had the same mane-color(s). It's a shame what happened to him. The accident is probably why Dash left the Home in the first place.

2256313 It's already written! 'Paternally Yours.'

In a shocking twist, equestria actually IS Krypton, and RD is a Green lantern, because why not :derpytongue2: :rainbowdetermined2: :unsuresweetie:

I am a big tough young woman, I am a big tough young woman, I am a big tough weeping young woman, I am... Ah hells, I'm crying... :fluttercry: :pinkiesad2: :applecry: Thanks for writing three such good stories!!! I loved them!!!

All of these are really good! All that I have to say is that was like a critical hit to the feels. Three times over.

Beautiful, perfect, heart-wrenching, this has to be one of the best series of stories i've come across on this site. You have a talent for invoking the feels Jade, and I applaud you for it. Thank you for sharing these. If you'll excuse me I have to clean up a bit, there's liquid pride everywhere.:pinkiesad2:

Is this story a compass?

'Cause it just came full-circle!

It's a very nice fic, though I am kind of sorry to admit that I probably won't remember it for the touching story itself, but for one particular part.
... Uhanet na zachod. I burst out laughing when I read that, because that was so unexpected. Seriously, I laughed like a madman for a while .. I had to stop reading the fic and then resume later, but the damage was already done - I could not maintain the touching mood. This was funnier than many comedy fics I've read. And it's perfect. Thank you.

2256942 What's so funny about that? It's not made up. Ancient pegasus is bastardized Czech, much like I use bastardized Latin for ancient unicorn in 'Paternally Yours.'

2256963 Well, what makes it funny for me is that the moment I read that, it was pretty absurd. Czech language is really not frequent here on fimfiction, and, well .. I really didn't expect to read "záchod" (or, as you wrote, "zachod") on fimfiction, let alone in a sad fic, and LET ALONE it being a part of a name. It was a pretty absurd moment. :)

I do not criticise your work in any way, I really liked it.

2257003 Gotcha. Now I see the funny.

That was freakin' epic! I admit I haven't read the first two letters stories, but I will read them ASAP! I loved how you had Rainbow Dash be the hero in this story as she tells Scoots how she reunited with her mentor/adopted mother Firefly and rescued the infant Scoots from that bad pegasus Feather Duster. I was sad when Firefly died from her injuries, but was glad to see Scoots get adopted by loving parents (even if they're both earth ponies). Scoots is my second favorite Cutie Mark Crusader (my favorite being Apple Bloom), so I love it when I find a good Scootalove fic.

I also love the end, where Scoots and her friends decide to see just how they are all connected (much like the younger Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom inadvertenly connected the rest of the Mane 6's cutie marks. I sense we are not quite done with this story.

Finally, kudos to inserting Firefly into this story. For those not aware, Firefly was a pegasus in the Gen. 1 My Little Pony who was a favorite of MLP:FiM's creator Lauren Faust. When she found out that she couldn't use Firefly in the new show, she gave her personality to Rainbow Dash (a fashionista earth pony from the Gen. 3 MLP) and created the Rainbow Dash we know and love.

Anyway, great work!:rainbowdetermined2::scootangel:


Luna knows I made you all wait long enough.

Yes, yes you did.

I seriously need to stop getting distracted now.


Something like this is the synopsis really makes me hesitant to read a story. The A/N section or a blog post would be a much more appropriate place to put this.

2257707 Duly noted. Sorry. Got excited. :derpytongue2:

Yay, heartwarming story is snuggly and good feeling!

Now that the trio of 'Dear Sweetie Belle/Apple Bloom/Scootaloo' stories is complete, maybe we can focus on other CMC stuff written by you. Perhaps that sequel to 'Dear Apple Bloom' you mentioned in a post a while back? I'm a little more ready to suggest stuff for this story's sequel, but it's up to you what order you want things to go in.

I actually saw a few things coming from this story, but the finer details? Nope. You probably nailed the biological relationship better than the other writers going through the same idea, but I still saw it coming. Love the relationship you developed for Dash and Firefly, and hope to see more from Dash and FD in the sequel. Maybe you could reveal his parentage to the two of them? Not sure that that was what you had planned, but it's your call.

Now that you have the trilogy of letters done, exactly who IS the oldest of the CMC in this universe? I'd have to suspect Sweetie Belle is. It is proven that 'Bloom is youngest just in this story alone. That just leaves 'Belle and Scoots, but the timeline of their births is a bit clouded at this point. It's up to you if you want to reveal their Oldest-Youngest ratio, but then I'm just curious about that.

2258013 The true ages of the CMC shall remain a mystery... for now.


my heart can count the times its has been this warmer, believe me they are few, i love this trilogy of yours, so heartwarming, such feels, beautiful now excuse me while i go cry some tears of what i can only describe as warm :twilightsmile:

P.D. pls tell me you plan a universe for dash/jack or that you already did i would love to read it :twilightblush:

Rambling here :pinkiehappy: so which one is older, my guess is that Scoot is older followed by Applebloom with Sweetie being the youngest :twilightsheepish: or maybe the trio have more in common that any of them knows and they where born at the same time :heart:

EDIT: you have earned yourself a follower :twilightsmile: consider yourself stalked :pinkiecrazy: :scootangel:


this was really good. very well written and i gotta say i loved every minute of reading it. keep up the great job.

I was going to say scootaloo was the youngest...but it never did say how old she was when she was found.
so my guess Apple bloom or scootaloo are the youngest and sweetie is the oldest:moustache:

I just love that last line, it's simple but beautiful and it's one of those quotes that's gonna stick with you, you know?

2258974 That was actually one of the hardest things to write. I had no idea how to end this, so I just went with my gut.


Of course they will, though you do have to admit that there is enough in this story to form a basis on their ages.

Totally awesome story!

And there are the 3 for 3 with me crying by reading your stories i love these and I am looking forward to whatever is next from you.

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