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Rainstorm loves his family, and all life has to offer, but as the curses of realism, lust and life slowly transform innocence to maturity, he must find his consolation in friends, family, and love.

(Set 5 years after the epilogue of Winter's Howl)

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YESSSSSSSSSSSS i approve of this shit like and favorite

-King of Sweden

Sequel? Buck yeah!
2am? Buck no!

Snowstorm is like 35 yrs old and acts like an overgrown kid. It's odd that Rainbow became the more mature one over time. Great chapter and I love how the family plays off of each other. I wonder if we get to the see other familiar faces all grown up like Spike and Applebloom and call backs to other characters?

Oh sure she's mature in front of her kid...trust me though, that sexual tension Rainbow/Snowstorm emit we know and love will be back soon enough.:trollestia:
But what can I say? SNowstorm's based off of me and I hope to Celestia I'm like that when I'm 30

Yay! Now I need more....

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. She may have her sponsors, but she's still going to college, so she dowsn' have much of a budget. And I do at least get the high-end oven box food." ?_?


You my friend, are awesome. And this sequel will be read after a well deserved (needed) shower XD

321000 Dude I'm 21 and I'm like that. :rainbowlaugh: Just not in public. Drives mom insane though. IRL trolling is fun. Looking forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

Heck Fucking yes! I haven't been this happy since 'Rainy Day' stated to update again!

Oh man I cried too much because of the prequel... I don't know If I can read this one...:pinkiesad2:


I've been waiting for what feels like FOREVER...
Winter's Howl was my fave fic so this squeal is VERY welcome :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
Can't wait till the next chapter!

Well, that was awesome, and the ending made me laugh XD

Finally a squeal to one my favorite fanfics. I love the way your stories have their up's and down's. Can't wait for more as always. :twilightblush:

'Twas a wonderful read my friend. Just one small nitpick though...

"Oh yeah!" Snowstorm exclaimed, his face growing bright before being slammed directly into his plate, making as many snorts, snorfs, and wharr-garbles as he possibly could whilst feasting on potatoes.

Rainbow sighed, "'nuff said."

Snowstorm watched the entire scene unfold, silent. After his father had finally ceased to eat like a foal, he squinted his eyes while looking at his father,

Should be Rainstorm?

But I must say, I hope this is as awesome as Winter's Howl. Keep writing my friend! :pinkiehappy:

I got the notice and went :pinkiegasp:

I read this and went :yay:

Now I'm done and have to add my :moustache:!
P.S. :heart::heart::heart: and you will get my thumbs up in a few more chapters. Personal thing, not your fault.

Hell yeah! I've been waiting for this!
Oh, also: Thanks! New recipe! From you're grandmother
Should be your, not you're.

The dinner taste just like mom used to make, I only wish mom was a better cook.


*Sniff* I love that child already

Can't believe this came out so quick after the first... No complaints :pinkiehappy:
Keep on writing!

Hmm. I have yet to see the plot.

And I don't care. You make these characters so real. It feels like a typical middle class family, with middle age parents and a teenager. I have to keep reminding myself they're pastel colored talkin horses. Please keep up the great work! Though, I would prefer longer chapters. It's just weird to see just one scene. I know it makes for quicker updates, but still I'd like more per serving.

Of course, this is just minor griping. Just keep writing! :pinkiehappy:

I really like who you write characters. They act so real. Snowstorm and Rainbow act like a couple that have been married for over ten years. Yeah the spark is still very much there but modesty has been thrown out the window.
Dude, you forgot how regularly the previous fic was updated.

"I thought I'd just spend the day hanging out with Pound and Carrot"
I'm not sure if this is a mistake or not. Carrot is Mr. Cake. Pound's sister is Pumpkin.

I can relate almost every morning! he he, love it

This...as I said before, you are awesome, and if your doing daily updates, I think I lov-BUUUUUUURRRRRP...uhh,yea....

No offense, I see this mistake a lot, but you spelled maroon "marron"
I really don't care though. Great story!:pinkiehappy:

ICEBOX? What are you, British?

No, but have YOU seen a refrigerator in Equestria?:duck:

326340 Game. Set. Match.

:ajsmug: Excellent chapter. :pinkiehappy: Love the humor. :rainbowderp::pinkiesick: Parents doin' it.......ew.

326340 :facehoof: Well played, well played. :twilightsheepish:

327467 Depends on what angle your looking at it from...

Good...but far too short

You easily could have worked their whole day into this chapter

Other than that, nice work! I especially like Pinkie's hide and go seek abilities :pinkiehappy:

:trollestia: pumpkin and Rain be hookin up?

Not sure how I feel about Pound being a stereotypical dumb jock.

Pound grew up to become Johnny Lawrence from Karate Kid. Pound wants to pound your face in. I thought this was gold. I love the part where Pumpkin and Rainstorm point out the flaws in Pounds logic. You wonder how those two became friends.

I wish it was the Applejack one, but this is still great.

Rainstorm and Pumpkin should fucking DATE.

And Rainbow Dash and Snowstorm should have another baby!

He is kind of a dumb jock, but he isn't really a jerk. He just wants to fit into his own little clique. His character will have some more depth to it, don't worry.:twilightsmile:

Wow...just...wow...I loved the way as i was reading an listening to that track is was right on time with me reading it, as soon as i hit the lyrics it started on the song. I have no idea if that's what you had in mind but it worked. Nice job man :raritywink:

Well, I don't think I've read a ship involving Pumpkin yet, so this will be the first.

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