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I'm Scared About All the New Changes. · 3:08pm Apr 1st, 2013

I won't make any decisions until April 1st is over, but change always seems terrifying.

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No problem man!

Thanks for the fav of Paradise Sundered! I'll do my best to keep earning it.

101402 No worries! And yeah, I've binned a few stories I'd been working on when I really felt I was just never going to be able to salvage them. Whether or not I was right in my opinion of those stories ... who knows! :pinkiesad2:

Good luck on the new one though, and I look forward to seeing it when you're done!

Actually, I have pretty much abandoned that story, and I'm trying to write something shorter (and hopefully better). I do have a editor/pre-reader, so unless you really want to, I dont think I will be asking your help. I mean, I would love it and all, but you mentioned that your busy, so I wouldn't want to bog you down anymore. Thanks for the offer and all! I hope you expiernce today how you want to. :pinkiehappy:

99726 I have read a bit of your story (I've had bloody little time for reading lately. Between trying to do my own writing, work, general life and studying to improve my grammar and punctuation skills >.<), and I think you have a lot of potential :twilightsmile:

I can send a few thoughts and suggests to you in a PM if you'd like. I'm no editor though!

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