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You are an ex-Wonderbolt. You are about twenty-four years old. The only reason you left the famous flying group is because you couldn't handle the attention you got, everywhere you went. You like to just have a small group to hang out with, and that's that. The fame of the Wonderbolts overloaded your senses, seeing as you were always getting attention, no matter where you went. So you have moved to Ponyville, where the Wonderbolts aren't as worshipped. But, what if there is one mare who does? What will happen? Why is she so willing to get close if she just met you? Are tacos better than burritos? Will I ever answer that last question? Read on!

--Just FYI this takes place about three months after FlutterYou. It isn't compulsory to read FlutterYou, but it might help. Like with FlutterYou, make sure to tear me apart for the stuff that isn't good. I can take it. I hate stuff being sugarcoated. If something is sh*t, don't hesitate to tell me so.--

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Comments ( 247 )

Wow good start. I love second person romances.

1134443 Thanks. Make sure to check out FlutterYou if you like second person romance! :pinkiehappy:

Not reading this as I'm not interested in romance fics at all, but switch the paragraph placements of your description. No one can see what the fic is about on first glance, the way you currently have it.

1134729 :facehoof: Oops. Didn't even think of that.

Alright! a new story: I'll be sure to read this one:heart:

Paragraphs need to be spaced out more, but overall great introduction! (love how you included the other "you" pony) :yay: fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/218/b/e/epic_brohoof_by_mixermike622-d45m32o.gif

Just ONE complaint........the title sucks.

nice start o.o, lets see where this is going

rawr. I don't know whether to read or not. I'll fav it. Just so I can return to it later when more chapters arrive.

1135152 Don't worry. If I can stop playing Minecraft I'll get on to the end of Chapter 2.


Your playing Minecraft? I wish I was. Due to stupid Skype and Steam friends, I have to continue my new fiction... Bastards.

1135192 Well, at least you can use Skype and Steam. Minecraft isn't very fun alone. I only have SP, and there are no cracked brony servers.

There's only one issue I have with second-person fics like these

.... there's rarely any stuff for us pegasisters.

1135401 Well, I mean, I've noticed that there never really seems to be much second-person shipping with the male characters, to be more, precise, though I did see one with Braeburn once...

Oh well, second-person stuff is still awesome. :twilightsmile:

1135404 Four names: Big Macintosh, Soarin', BlueBlood, Doctor Whooves. Have a look at my profile. You'll see the plans I have there.

1135413 Really?! Sweet! :pinkiehappy: I love second-person stuff to pieces, so the fact that you're writing all these makes my day!

1135425 I love your ideas! in fact, I'm going to watch your page to keep updated!

1135428 Thanks. Expect a generic thank you note about two minutes ago. :twilightsmile:

"Are tacos better than burritos? Will I ever answer that last question?"


1135482 It is the eternal question that plagues me. Last month it was the meaning of life. Now that I have figured that out, I moved on to something much harder.

I'm not usually a fan of Shipping, or 2nd person stories, but when I saw the question in the description "Are tacos better than burritos?" at first I instantly thought "TACOS!" Then I wondered if the question was an innuendo or not, then I just decided I'd come here and represent Soft Tacos, because if you want you can roll them into a burrito, or you can eat them like a regular Corn Tortilla Taco. That is all. :pinkiecrazy:

1135496 Okay then. I shall add that fact to my file. Thank you.


Have a Schnauzer. *gives you a Schnauzer* :moustache:
Don't tell this anyone but I really like your stories.

1135604 Thanks. Working on the rest as soon as I can.
1135601 You just told everypony. And here, have one back. :moustache:


Awesome! I rather liked FlutterYou, so I have high hopes for this story.

1135615 Me too. We'll see what happens. I'm actually intending to have them all as one sort of 'series' in the one universe. All of them will probably reference at least one other.

I'M BAAAAaaaaAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy: Ok I love the twinge of pain Rainbow has while introducing Fluttershy... But I know that after the Ex Wonderboult beats her in the race she will feel differently.

1135659 Well, you'll see what happens (race-wise) in chapter two. I can't write race scenes for sh*t, so it'll just be the aftermath. You'll see when I finally get away from Minecraft and contemplating whether Burritos are better than tacos, or vice versa.

1135672 Why ague those two, when you could have a ChimyCharyCanga?

1135795 UGH :facehoof:
Its like a chimychanga but with cherries you know its a funny word like quomquat and picklebarrel.
BTW my spelling sucks... :eeyup:

“This--” The yellow pegasus. “--Is Fluttershy.” She looks away, hiding her face in her mane. The colt looks at you apologetically.

what colt?

and this story, i like it! cant wait to see how i will crush rainbow dash (because you know, i am pretty awesome) dont you dare let rainbow beat me, unless of course she uses double sonic rainboom.

tracked, liked and waiting for more

Heh, tracked before i even started to read it.
Just because i know i will love it :twilightsmile:

I like it, it sparked my interest, now I think I'll go read Flutteryou. goodjob, can't wait for the race :rainbowdetermined2:

1136471 ah i see, i missed the one colt part at the introductions, i just skipped reading thebdescriptions of the mane six as i already know how they look. On that note, i would sugget just formatting it to mentioning the one colt first "group of six ponies sitting at your dinner table -- one colt and Five mares" as i am pretty sure many readers like me (reads 80-100k words a day and just skim read basic descriptions and stuff like that) will do the same mkstake i did.

Rainbow factore nice. lol. Good story so far i feel like the WB thing with RD knowing you are one was a little rushed.

ill i have to say is second persons with rainbow are always my favorite. more soon? :rainbowkiss:

1140118 Soon. I'm helping somepony out, so it may be another two or three hours. Sorry. :twilightoops:

only a couple hours! thats great most stories i wait for days in the mean time im just gonna read the one with fluttershy! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

1140207 Alright then. Hope you enjoy it! :pinkiehappy:

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