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Stuff · 5:02am Dec 9th, 2012

Great title right?


If you haven't noticed TCoU is on Hiatus, it is. I explained why in the comments so you can just go read the most recent one. I have decided to give that one a break and try something different. Very different. That's all I have to say for now. Hopefully I'm better at updating regularly with that story. I'll try.

Doctor out

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I realize that you've been here for a while, so please allow me to offer you a late welcome! Better late than never!

Welcome welcome welcome! A fine welcome to you!

Welcome welcome welcome! I say, how do you do?

Welcome welcome welcome to a choice you won't regret!

Welcome welcome welcome to FIMFiction.net!


Thanks for following me, DoctorFreedom!:yay:

I really appreciate it and I hope my stories continue to entertain you in some way. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch!

I saw it on EQD and love Octy and Vinyl, plus the description was genius.

Woot for fresh comment boxes!

Anyway, thanks so much for the fave of Somepony Else's Story! I hope you'll enjoy my other stories just as much. :twilightsmile:

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