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Scootaloo is now a little older than the ambitious filly she used to be. Now more mature and aware of the world she lives in, her story is more than what anypony would expect it to be.

During a Family Appreciation Day at her school, an incident causes her to run out of class without warning in a mess of tears. Only when a very dear and close friend of hers comes after her to find that she has locked herself in the safe confines of her house does he find out the horrifying truth as to why she feels so hurt in the first place. Concealed feelings of affection ensue.

Teen for Themes.
Credit for the cover image goes to the rightful owner! (Chloe Hayes)

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6485449 Glad you like! It's always a pleasure to give something to someone to enjoy like a story such as this! :pinkiehappy:

Can you write a second chapter that's nothing but Diamond Tiara getting punched?

6486491 I wish. I never have liked Diamond for how much of a prick she was to the CMC, especially Scoots by constantly mocking her.

I can't promise anything, but there could be another chapter or some kind of sequel to this on her punishment.

There was a few errors in it but it's really sweet :pinkiesmile:

That's two Scootablue stories that captured my heart you've written. It's like you know my weakness. :fluttercry:

6488020 What can I say? It's just something I've learned to do over my time writing these types of stories. :)

Anyway, just wait until the next one is out...

I just looked at the ratings for this and honestly, I'm surprised.

I don't get how or why it somehow overcame Scootaloo Blues, the one I wrote before this. To everyone, let me just say thank you for the support you give this story, it makes me feel happy as a writer to know that I can make others happy too.
And to those who found it on Reddit, I thank you too for finding time to read this! :heart::pinkiehappy:

(I'm still quite surprised at how fast this became quite the hit in such little time after being approved! Just...wow...)

This was a very touching story. How many ponies know that Scootaloo's parents are dead? Obviously, Cheerilee doesn't know. If she did, she would not have asked Scootaloo about her parents showing up. The only ones that I think truly know what happened are the ponies at the weather factory, who are probably in deep trouble for cutting corners, some police officials, Violet Sage, Scootaloo, and now Rumble.

Will you ever make a sequel similar to this one. Unless if you have future plans with other stories. I really enjoyed this story and looking foward to more of Rumble and Scootaloo.

6745847 Actually, no. It did cross my mind about a sequel, but it really wouldn't work and it would be pointless now because I have Childhood Sweethearts to work on and it does follow a romance theme and Scootaloo as a main character.

So, my time is pretty much taken.

so cute but damn now i'm depressed :raritycry:

Ah, felt great to come back to this,and glad I did. How do I fave while im already faved.

You are not alone, i am here with you, though youre far away i am here to stay
You are not alone, i am here with you, though youre far apart, youre always in my heart
You are not alone


Omg, I was thinking about that exact song before I read this comment! :rainbowlaugh:

How have I not seen your comment earlier?

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