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This story is a sequel to How To Catch An Applejack

After a night of drinking led to Dom and Rainbow Dash making a childish bet over Dom being able to catch Applejack with one of her own apples, proven to be a successful bet, Dom once more challenges Rainbow Dash - this time, he seeks to capture Twilight Sparkle, the local library owner and bookworm. What better bait to capture a nerdy little unicorn than a very special item that's been on her wishlist to add to her collection?

Who will win this bet; Dom or Rainbow Dash? Let's find out!

Featured: 30/06/2020 - 02/07/2020 ❤️

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Nice story here, but we never did find out where Dom got that book.

But how did he get the book???

Well this took a neat turn.

I expected this to be another "Rainbro Dash" story.

It was, then turned into something sweet.



I'll probably get around to an answer eventually. I didnt forget about it, but I left it out intentionally for a reason. I'll get around to adding it eventually.

''Yep, a first edition. Bound in dragon leather. Smell it, if you don't believe me. Stinks like smoke and molasses, or maybe old ass,'' He said, and Rainbow gave it a tentative whiff, gagging immediately and sputtering a round of raspy coughs. ''Told ya so,''

Dragon ass leather armor Book. I saw what you did here. You lovely bastard! :trollestia:

How to catch a Twilight... that's easy, threaten a book within earshot. :trollestia:

No no, that's how you commit suicide by bookhorse.

''Y-Yeah, yeah...if I can't successfully prank her, I have to kiss her,'' You rolled your eyes at the idea, Rainbow pulling you back onto your feet after causing you to collapse in a hand-gripping-painfully-pulsing-knackers crotch shot. ''But if I do win, you better remember what you've got to do!'' You grinned again through your pain at her, but she glared at you with steely eyes.

I'd be perfectly happy to lose this bet.


Quite a lot of people would, I imagine. Twilight's so adorkable. :twilightsmile:



The story has been updated, so your question should now be answered. (See Author's Note for details)

I love the story:twilightsmile:

Another one of these short stories, nice!
This gets an E from me

My/Dom's problem that I/he should have used a fake book to catch Twilight with, not a real one.

Then again, Twi might think that trying to give her a fake book is punishable by death anyway, so...

''This is a stupid idea...'' Rainbow Dash groaned as you were exclaiming over how adorable she looked right now. She was wearing a mail mare's blue uniform, with the hat, courtesy of the local costume shop. You never would have thought it, but seeing Dash wear it and be embarrassed to death by it was so much more adorable than imaginable!

On behalf of the readers of this story it's my duty to inform you that you are wrong, Rainbow.
The plan didn't even actually start yet and it is still perfect.

''Just make sure you're ready. You remember the stakes?''
''Y-Yeah, yeah...if I can't successfully prank her, I have to kiss her,''

He will win, no matter whether he wins or loses...

Twilight must have it! She must seize it for her collection! As a bookworm, it'd be a slap in the hoof to not possess it! With shimmering eyes of great desire, Twilight's lips curled into a dorky grin and her brain kicked her into gear as she began to gallop towards the book while shouting, ''Twilight want!''

:moustache:: "I teached her well..."

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Also, here is another approach on how to summon a Twilight:

From behind a tree in the town square of Ponyville, you hid with Rainbow Dash, eyeing your next target. You were scouting out the hollowed-out tree she called her home, The Golden Oaks library, checking to see if she was in. She probably was, given that she was a nerd, anti-social for the most part and had a tendency to muck about with her studies the majority of the time.

Why does it say you?


Because it's a second-person story, intended to be viewed through the perspective of yourself. I.e, ''you''.

I love the way you wrote this romance between [you] and Rainbow Dash! Oh she's so cute I'd have to kiss her cheeks on the spot!

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