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Rainbow Dash has seen how Applejack looks at her sometimes. One day, she eventually decides to ask her about why she does it so much. Afterall, asking for someone's orientation is a simple, straight-forward question, is it not?


Rated 'Teen' to be safe and for topic.

Written/edited by: FireRain

FEATURED 26/11/17! Thanks so much, peeps!


I mean, really, I'm sure the majority of us got some of the same vibes and impression during that episode featuring Countess Coloratura and Applejack. From childhood to the present, they seemed to be rather close. Looking at Applejack interact with Rara is what has always gotten me thinking about where they stand.

To me, it's like they have something a little more than friendship, and I wrote this to inquire upon those curious thoughts.

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well this was a nice read

Well that escalated quickly.

Comment posted by WannaFlugelHorn deleted Nov 26th, 2017

No wonder you liked it! Based on your profile I bet you're a fan of that ship? :ajsmug:

I loved it! :heart: :pinkiehappy: Though, I would consider adding a romance tag.

Also 'Wow...' should be 'Wow . . .' with spacing between the dots.

This doesn’t feel complete to me but I enjoyed what I read. I think a romance tag should be used.

It's a mastapeace

That was nice, if not a little bit fast, but I liked it anyways.

The end has me intrigued, is there going to be a sequel? Because I’m all for that, I would consider adding a ‘romance’ tag to it tho, even if that’s your intention.




Right, I think I need to clear this one up because I'm seeing quite a fair amount of suggestions to add a romance tag. Here's why I didn't feel that it was necessary to add a romance tag -

Although I know that I show Applejack kissing Rainbow Dash near the end, that is actually not a romantic moment. I added that part in because I simply wanted Applejack to shut Rainbow up somehow, and I thought that having her kiss Dash was possibly the best way I could have gone with it.

If there was a romance tag added to the story, that would suggest that there is more than a simple friendship going on. Yes, I showed you that Applejack was indeed gay and that Dash is straight, but I didn't write this for the sole purpose of somepony telling them that they were into them.

That's why that when it comes to Rara (Countess Coloratura), I had Dash tease her, but there isn't any real confirmation from Applejack that she did actually love Rara. However, I added that part because when I watched that episode, I sensed that there might be something going on, so I figured I'd put it in there as a humorous line for the sake of fun. (That was actually why I wrote this story, to be honest about it. It was too good of an idea to pass up, and I'm actually quite surprised that something that took me an hour or two to write became popular so fast.)

So really, because I'm terrible at putting my reasoning into words, which is why I don't normally respond to these types of comments, that's pretty much it. And yes, I know that despite me saying all of this, there will very likely be a whole lot more speculation on the whole concept of Applejack's orientation, etc.

But hey, that's good! Gotta keep those thoughts flowing, dear children! :rainbowdetermined2::raritywink::heart:

I see where you are coming from. I think for me, maybe the story ended up coming across differently to me than you meant it to. I read it as Rainbow Dash basically realizing she wasn't straight and then realizing she is interested in Applejack.

I want to see the chaos unfold from Pinkie's complete lack of discretion.

Straight question, practical answer. True, the answer came after some coaxing, but still. Nice!
And Pinkie... well, Pinkie never changes :rainbowlaugh:

Of COURSE AJ has nothing on Rara, she's too busy trying to plunder the nethers of a certain rainbow maned mare.

A delicate topic handled with the care of a sledgehammer. Outing someone, someone that isn't up front about their sexuality, especially someone that you would consider a friend is not a light hearted matter. AJ just up and kissing Rainbow, especially after she had proclaimed herself as straight just makes the situation SO much worse, and then the hole just gets deeper when AJ acts like it's okay because she thinks RD enjoyed it.

This story has some severe issues with its message.

Ever heard the saying ''if there's nothing nice to say, don't say it''?

Also, if you even bothered to read my previous comment in the thread which explained all of my reasoning for this story, you'd understand why I added all of the things and that there was no message in the story.

You'd also understand that I wrote this for the sole purpose of fun and there wasn't really much of a point to begin with - it was just a random idea that came to me, so this is what I have to work with.

Oh my goodness, this is so adorable

her warm and vanilla-scented breathe


She pushed softly yet firmly against

softly, yet firmly, against

Eeee, this was cute, I liked it. That's all I wanna say:pinkiehappy:

Way to read to much into it. First off, this is a short slice of life story, you aren't supposed to take a life lesson away from this. Secondly, I don't know how conservative you are with your friends, but BEING friends means that you can ask each other personal questions, and that it's okay to mess with each other. I'm straight, but if I was gay, and one of my close friends asked me about it, I could totally see myself doing the same thing just to mess with him. Hell, I might do it anyway just to see the look on his face.

I have one thing to say to that ending:


I am of the opinion that "are you gay?" ought not be a big deal, unless your not sure, sharing your sexual orientation should be a casual thing. We attach so much more drama to it than it needs. I am not denying there are reasons we attach so much drama to the question of sexual orientation, just saying it's dumb that we do. To normalize homosexuality we need to make it NOT a big deal, just something that some people are. No one blinks if you say your straight, saying your gay should illicit that same "oh OK" reaction.

but does apple is gay??


Ever heard the saying ''if there's nothing nice to say, don't say it''?

Ever heard the saying, "constructive criticism"? Regardless of authorial intent, your audience is under no obligation to hold their tongue just because they think you won't like to hear it.

" Rainbow said, her warm and vanilla-scented breathe pulsing against Applejack's face with each breath"

" With that, Applejack gripped ahold of Dash's shoulders, taking her by surprise as she proceeded to press the cyan pegasus's lips against her own. She pushed softly yet firmly against her friend and she could taste what was unmistakably the vanilla flavoured cupcake that she had eaten only minutes ago. "

''Eee! Just wait until I tell the girls about this!''

8575270 Hate to break it to you, buddy, but choosing not to take action for fear of offense is why so many young people don't get laid anymore. In the real world, you don't just suddenly have your best friend take an interest in you, then bring her best friend into the mix, and have both of them convinced that your penis is the greatest thing since tabbed browsing. What do you think this is, Xenophilia?

You're right, it's not a big deal. In this modern day and age, it certainly shouldn't be.

I, for one, absolutely hate homophobes plainly because judging someone over their orientation is just wrong. If someone is happy being who they are in a relationship, let them live in peace.

Besides, the reason Rainbow asked her about it was because she was curious, and when you consider the relationship between her and AJ, it's fair to say that she would be close enough to Rainbow to be comfortable with sharing her sexuality and being open about it.

I didn't really want to make it appear like a big deal, but I'm afraid that quite a lot of readers have some other thoughts on the matter, even though I only wrote this for the sake of fun and with low expectations for it getting out there.

Suppose I was proved wrong.

Freedom of speech is always welcome on any story by any author, but when I see those types of comments that take the story more seriously than it should and making a big deal out of it, it annoys me.

That goes especially for when I didn't write to be taken seriously and to heart. As a matter of fact, there wasn't a reason for it. Hopefully, you could see where I stand with it all.

Yes, I can see where you stand, I just disagree with the stance that if someone can't in some way praise a story, they shouldn't open their mouth. And regardless of whether that was your intent with the quote you threw at that earlier person, that is the message it can convey.

Kind of like how your innocent little joke fic came across as having unfortunate implications to that earlier reader which, while they were not your intent, are no less valid than your perspective. Regardless of this story being a joke or not, I would argue that the individual did make some decent points, and while they could potentially have separated those points from the story a little better or rephrased their argument to be less spiteful, I do not feel their argument should be discredited purely because they took you too seriously.

I mean, even the application of sexuality to these children's cartoon characters is a way of taking the content more seriously than its creators intended. And yet, quite a lot of good has come from just that.

I do apologize for bringing this kind of discussion into your comments section, as I doubt many of your readers want to wade through several paragraphs about free speech and authorial intent. Still, I felt it was best to speak clearly, so as to avoid confusion about intent.

Hope you have a lovely day.

Good one. :rainbowlaugh:

My issue was never with the topic, but rather how it was handled, however it was made clear that my opinion was unneeded so I shall not continue that here.

What came to mind with the title...

no if you are gay the normal person's reaction should be...
"Finally someone I can hang out with"

never mind i forgot what the heck i was talking about now...
dumb brain...

Based on what she was starting to say to Trenderhoof in Simple Ways, before Rarity cut her off, I think Applejack might actually be gay.

"Applejack are you gay?" :rainbowhuh:
"Eyup" :ajsmug:
"I-wha-" :rainbowderp:
"Everypony already figured it out cept Twilight, and maybe Pinkie Pie, can never tell with that mare..." :applejackunsure:
"So you..are you sure?" :rainbowhuh:
*Reaches forward and kisses RD* "What do you think?" :ajsmug:
"Eyup, ah! I mean. I should probably go practice...Stuff... " :rainbowderp:
"Alright then, fly safe." :applejackunsure:
"You too!" *flies away* :rainbowderp:
*turns page.* "She's gonna really feel silly once she realizes what she said. :ajsmug:

''Ah'm not denying anything! Besides, what about yourself? Ya'll ain't exactly comin' across as a straight mare!''

It was here that Tunak Tunak Tun began to play on my playlist...and I laughed my ass of.

Eek! The one where Pinkie knows... Again!

I can write a story with this concept!💡

Keep an eye out!

''Well, Ah don't rightfully know if ya'll should be askin' me this,'' Applejack said, lightly tilting her hat back as her face took on a slightly more serious expression. ''It jus' seems kinda personal, Rainbow.'' Rainbow pouted at that.

vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/vinesauce/images/d/d3/Rev_picture.png/revision/latest?cb=20150419070159 Ya'll


"AJ, are you gay?"

"Heck no! Me an' Big Mac done it lots o' times!"

".... I'm leaving. Now..."


AJ isn't gay. She's into Timber Wolves.

Dashie isn't gay. She's into Griffons.

Fluttershy isn't gay. She's into Discord.

Rarity isn't gay. She's into either rich guys or Spike.

Pinkie isn't gay... she's into everything... EVERYTHING!!

So, the ponies are actually all FURRIES!!! :pinkiegasp:

Please, no sequels to this story, if I'm understanding you correctly.

No, nonono.
The concept, not the story.

Rainbow Dash helps get AJ a date.

Well, now, that I'd like to see! :ajsmug::rainbowkiss:

Rainbow Dash: AJ, are you gay?

Applejack: Bitch, I might be?

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