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Hearts'n'Hooves Day has come to Ponyville, just as it does every year, but this year is different. This is the year a certain pink earth pony will finally bare the secret longings of her soul. Only one problem, she might just be too late.

-- This non-canon story is based off of character presentations from RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse, as part of the Hearts'n'Hooves Day writing event. It is continuity light so new readers are encouraged to dive on in.

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Comments ( 14 )

I hereby give this the Blackbelt seal of approval.

....I'll be more detailed later when it's not 5 in the morning.

Edit: Ok, let's dig into this. I love the fact that DT goes completely over the top with the gifts for HnH day, and instead makes those the way to show her feelings instead of relying on her words (which she really can't count on) I love it.

As for Rumble....Well, I'll forgive the story for it, but the fact is I think Scootaloo has MUCH higher standards then Rumble. Still, I figure one date would get Scoots off that particular crush.

And I just feel so bad for DT at the end.But ultimately, I love the story. You did good dood.

Oh, and that is awesome imagination spot. So funny.


As for Rumble....Well, I'll forgive the story for it, but the fact is I think Scootaloo has MUCH higher standards then Rumble. Still, I figure one date would get Scoots off that particular crush.

That's more or less the idea. While this fic really isn't intend for in depth analysis, my basic assumption would be that Scoots is infatuated more so with the "idea" of Rumble rather than the actual pony.

I'm sort of working under the presumption that he's the best young flier in the school (on grounds that he's apparently good enough to be the youngest pony seen participating in the Tornado Season rally on the show), this makes him fairly amorous to Scoots who is assumed to be the weakest flier in school.

Goddamnit, Rumble, why do you ruin everything?!

Yes, I like this, but damnit Rumble...

(I find it funny how Rumble is now a bad pony in our collective minds even though all he did was have a character tag)

Aww. Poor Diamond Tiara. She's really, really not good at acting the way she actually feels, is she? At least she didn't broadcast her feelings to the entire school. Anyway, cute story!

That confused me for a moment, until I remembered the Raindrops Rights Movement.
Also, as a Celeverse Rumbaloo shipper, but a Lunaverse Scootiara shipper, I'm just going to assume Scootaloo doesn't have a crush on Rumble in the main Lunaverse canon stories.

Also, is anyone going to write a Pokey/Trixie fic? I mean, we have a Raindrops/Luna story, so why not a Pokey/Trixie? I can't be the only person to have thought of this.

Poor Diamond Tiara. :fluttershysad:

Lunaverse Tiara is a way more likeable character than the real one :derpytongue2:

Damn it, Diamond, you idiot! Just keep sabotaging yourself.

2120207 Basically, "I want to do that when I'm older!" translating into "kid crush".:heart:

I found this amusing. This is very typical of the L!Scotatiara we have come to expect.


You can say that again. This verse's Diamond Tiara, I don't want to strangle with her own entrails...:rainbowlaugh:

Poor kid, I actually find myself rooting for her.

Wow! This was so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time! I know this is in the fanfic section, but it's so cannon to me...or headcannon...or....uhh....whatever, lol.

Point is, I love this fic. The conflict Diamond Tiara has is pretty realistic for a filly her age. Scoots shock at the idea of somepony maybe crushing on her was too adorable and the twist close to the end of Rumble just passing out candy sure made me laugh.

D'awwww! Poor DT can't catch a break in L!Verse. It was a pretty good, short fic. It could've been slightly longer, but with what it had was pretty decent. I like how she finally said something nice that wasn't in her head or without putting a hoof in her mouth. Only for Scoots to pull the same Walter Mitty zoning out that this DT's known for.

Well, as per the nature of the monthly prompts its brevity is intentional, as it's only meant to be a quickie one-shot. However, I'd certainly have no objection if anyone felt like expanding on the setup presented here. I rather like the idea tweaking the Scootiara tsundre-ship and turning it into something of an unstable shipping-triangle, with Tiara crushing on Scoots yet unable to admit to anyone but herself, with Scoots crushing on Rumble yet unable to admit it even to herself, while Rumble is just eternally lost and clueless why these two girls keep acting so weird around him. Or, if Scoots were able to admit, it could even be interesting to put Tiara in the awkward position of being the one Scoots goes to for romantic advice, thus causing Tiara to have to deal with the internal conflict of her own happiness -vs- the happiness of the one she ostensibly cares for so much. Unfortunately, it's a story that I know I could never do justice to.

Not that I think anything much would come of it either way.

Even if this scenario were ever to be further explored, I'd want it to be clear that much like how I believe DT is too young to understand real love and is instead only enamored by the conceptual IDEA of Scoots (as the aforementioned from the boards, "free-spirit" unhindered by concerns of propriety), Scoots herself is likewise only enamored by the concept of Rumble and confusing those feeling for love. In this case specifically that I see him as being the best young flier in school, as exhibited by the fact that even though he's still too young to have gotten his cutie mark, he is also a skilled enough flier to aid in the water raising tornado (and was in fact the only non-adult pegasi seen doing so on the show). For both fillies what they admire most in their "crush" is an ability they wish they possessed themselves.

Anyway though, no expectations or anything here on my part, just as I said over on the boards, more food for thought.

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