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Dom and Rainbow Dash always hang out on weekends, but during one night of drinking in a tavern, Dom drunkenly claims that he can catch Applejack with one of her own apples. Rainbow Dash decides to challenge him and makes a wager of her own, but, in the end, there can be only one winner, and Dom is going to do whatever it takes to prove her wrong.


FEATURED 15TH NOVEMBER! Thanks a bunch, peeps! :rainbowkiss:💛

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''Cownsawnit!'' She mumbled from behind her apple-filled lips. ''How do Ah keep fawen faw that?''

It wasn't the first time someone tried that with her?

Good story!
Next time he could try to catch Twilight with a book.


It wasn't the first time someone tried that with her?



Oh! That picture was the one I've been looking for to use as my cover art!! I found it one day and then lost it the next!

Honestly, as a piece of cover art, I rather prefer the one you have now. Simple, charming, and gets the point of the story across without spoiling anything.

I think the current one is better.
But if you really want to change it, here is the source.

hehehehe...... this needs a sequel!:twilightsmile:

Told ya you had gold on your hands. :raritywink:

I hate it when you're right...:rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

Actually, remember that scene from Austin Powers with Goldmember in the disco and Beyonce is singing Solid Gold? That song is playing in my head now!

I never saw Austin Powers. :rainbowlaugh:

Sitting together at the bar, you had both indulged into a number of rounds of cider, a drink that you blamed Rainbow for having become addicted to, and you were making small-talk. You spoke about friends, family, hopes, dreams and all of the good pranks that Dash had pulled over her friends, such as the whoopee cushion that she had placed beneath Twilight's smooth rump.


I was wondering what Dom would want, should he have won. Turned out to be 'kiss your friend on the lips', which unlike seven-day-long slavery is only a moment long; I would've asked for something else, like Rainbow humiliating herself for a similar extended period (save for her job, being unable to fly for a week? Having to stick to non-alcoholic drinks for a week?).

Eh, still very funny.

No, that wasn't what Dom wanted. It was only something he considered doing for the sake of fun and to see Rainbow Dash's reaction. However, I never noticed that I never clarified what Dom would get if he won. Perhaps he would have made Dashie slave for him or do something rather embarrassing, as you said. Oh, the fun of possibilities...

Some people haven’t ^^’ so I’m making sure they all do

This was exactly what I expected it to be and I love it!!!!:heart:

Holy hell, 152 likes? :derpyderp1:

Okay...that's pretty cool. Not gonna lie, I never thought I'd see this story with that many likes. I don't even think the story is worthy of it, but I'm glad you all enjoyed the read! This means a lot to me, so thank you all! :rainbowkiss::yay::heart:

Random? Uh-huh.
Short? Appreciate it.
Made just for fun? Definitely.
I enjoy these types of stories, ones where I don't have to binge-read, ones where I can read the whole thing in one sitting.
Good job, here's a B, you earned it: (._.//)>

hipnotise is spelt as "Hypnotize"

Anyways great story.


It works either way. Using an ''S'' or a ''Z'' is perfectly acceptable. Um...wait, is that for real in the story? I for the life of me don't know where it is. If so, that's embarrassing. :rainbowderp:

Yes it is. It's toward the end of the story, I'll show you the sentence it's in.

Here ya go:

You knew that Applejack loved apples like they were her children, so using one of her own apples against her as bait was a no-brainer to lure her in to your ingenious trap.

You could probably hipnotise her with her own harvest and get her to do anything that you wanted! Somehow, the image of her begging for even the smallest bite of a crisp apple as you devoured it in front of her pleased you. Perhaps you may try it someday, but right now, you were going to focus on winning your bet with that cyan devil.

Isn’t that supposed to be “hypnotize”, or is “hipnotize” optional?

''Gotcha,'' You said, laughing as the farmpony groaned and slapped a hoof to her forehead. ''Hey, Rainbow Dash!'' You said, looking upwards to sky. From a small, fluffy cloud in the orange-tinted sky, a cyan face poked over the edge and met your eyes before the owner flew down and landed smoothly beside you.

I’d suggest you have Dom say a short version of Rainbow’s name like “Hey, Rainbow!” Or “Hey, Dash!” since we already know her name.

I meant to say “hypnotize”, my bad. xD

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