This group is for all the authors out there who just wanna get along, have a laugh and write their fictions with group help. If you want to be part of the Skype group then just contact me!

Anyone author is welcome to add their story here! Also, if you want help with your story from others, then just feel free to ask!

Also, anybrony is welcome here to have fun!

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What is the meaning of this interruption? Jarl Balgruff isn't receiving visitors!

you have commited crimes against skyrim and her people what say you in your defense?

It's nice to find a group that's so accepting. I'm glad that my Jurassic world stories are welcomed here.

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


Heyo! It's great to be here everybody! A fun group with fun-sounding people? This is my kind of group! :pinkiehappy:

Oh and btw, I've added a few stories to Comedy and Drama if you wanna check 'em out! I've got Villains playing poker, Fluttershy getting addicted to gambling, a Discord and Celestia backstory, a Derpy backstory (humanized ponies), and Pinkie telling MLP-themed fairy tales! Take your pick! You can't miss 'em!

Once again, it's great to be here! :pinkiehappy:

this sounds like my kind of groups.

This group has cobwebs! I've put in some stories to help make it more active!

I seriously hope to make some friends here.

lately, I've been having those "Plan 9 Blues" that is very discouraging.

Hello. Thought I join here :D

Attention Others!


That is all.


Is there away I could have a unrelated my little pony story here? I'm really looking for some input.

thanks :raritywink:

Hey everyone, I'm terribly sorry for not answering your PM's but I've been incredibly busy over the past half a year! I've only just got back, only to discover I'm not the massive pony fan I once was. it's still great an' all, but.. I guess it's just a phase :) I hope you all continue to do what you all love to do. I'll still be on for a while, catching up on what I've missed out over the past 6 months, but I won't constantly be on anymore.
Adios amigos!

EDIT: Anyone asking about the skype group, I wouldn't bother.. It kinda died off a long time ago DX so I appologise

hello, I just added Spike the Knight in the main and other folder.
It is a skipe centered adventure story, which I hope you will enjoy

I'm an author who loves to have fun and a good time :pinkiehappy:

304362 It's not that unlikely that you wouldn't have heard of it unless you wanted a lot of Looney Toons growing up. For a certain age group of people, though, when they see that story idea, that is immediately what is going to come to mind.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, though. Nearly every story idea can be traced back to something similar in the past. If it is your original idea, I say go for it, even if it does end up coincidentally like something someone else did. It's still original to you and that's what matters.

I have never heard of this "Duck Amuck" So any similarities are coincidental. (That probably seems really suspicious).

295765 Sounds like it could be amusing, but you would need to work to not make it too similar to Duck Amuck (the famous Looney Toons short) that has the same premise. Otherwise, people will say your ripped that off.

EDIT: Oops, you left that comment a long time ago. Well, my advice still stands if for some reason you have REALLY procrastinated.

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