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Writing isn't my thing · 3:23pm Jun 10th, 2013

As the title says, writing isn't really my thing. though chapter one of The SpikeDash affair went well. And I've tried and tried to get the next, final, chapter out. But chapter one was a one time thing, and now I can hardly write anything. I guess you could say writing wouldn't be my cutie mark. So bye, and good luck with wherever life takes you.


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Howdy, just wanted to tell you in case you weren't aware that the minecraft server ip changed to mc.magmasurge.net :derpytongue2: :pinkiecrazy:

229460 Thanks but you haven't even gotten to the good part yet. It gets better as it goes along... or at least I think so.

No problem. And great story btw.

thanks for the fav

I'm loving your 'M0re then gamers' story. I'm still just a beginner writer though (as you probably read):twilightblush:215711

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