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im not going to be doing many...if any fanfictions about mlp...i just love to read some really good ones, but i might write some eventually


keyboard and idea · 2:47pm Apr 24th, 2012

ok, 2 things for this blog, i need people to actually comment and reply for this.
first one, i had an idea for my story, but it will require me to rewrite the first 2 chapters, should i do that or should i just continue with my current one
second, i have a new keyboard and it not only messes up my writing, it also smells something horrid so yeah, comment and if i get enough to change my story or keep it i shall do so :)

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13069 Peace,
Also, if you want to contact easily, we can find a way.
Bronies always do.:rainbowdetermined2:

13064 because then i can contact you easily, plus its much better than talking like this, though it is without the emotions and such
anyway i gotta go
c ya tommorow :twilightsmile:

13063 Steam?
Na, why do you ask my good sir?:trixieshiftright:

13062 thanks, also do you have steam??? :twilightsmile:

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