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im not going to be doing many...if any fanfictions about mlp...i just love to read some really good ones, but i might write some eventually


keyboard and idea · 2:47pm Apr 24th, 2012

ok, 2 things for this blog, i need people to actually comment and reply for this.
first one, i had an idea for my story, but it will require me to rewrite the first 2 chapters, should i do that or should i just continue with my current one
second, i have a new keyboard and it not only messes up my writing, it also smells something horrid so yeah, comment and if i get enough to change my story or keep it i shall do so :)

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GAH I CANT THINK STRAIGHT · 5:00pm Apr 20th, 2012

im sorry for not having published another chapter, i have writers block and it ISNT GOING away, also it APpeArs pInKiE has invaded my MiND as weLL, so 4TH wall be DaMnEd, Now if you'LL excUSE me, iLL be GoInG INSANE ANJKSJNFANLKANLNDLASNKLDN INSANITY!!!

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