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im not going to be doing many...if any fanfictions about mlp...i just love to read some really good ones, but i might write some eventually


this is a story about a human being somehow transported to equestria, will he save equestria from an ancient evil or shall he become the bringer of death? this is an idea i thought of when i was thinking up ideas for other writers, so i decided to make my own fanfiction, ill give shout-outs as references and a shout-out for the first comment in each chapter :)

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Nah, scootaloo can be patient :scootangel: . It's just that she chooses not to be most of the time. That's the way I see it anyway

568032 who said dey crazy? might be slightly more than meets the eye, wait and find out, for the mane story has yet to begin :trollestia:

568034 well darkoth seems to have a bit of dementia

568048 uhuh, but lightus is also insane... albeit nicer than darkoth, obviously... but just wait and see.... next update will be out as soon as possible, alas with my exams nearing its gonna be a while

This fic is all sorts of crazy!

Crazy power awesome attack- GO!

721492 you have no idea of the crazy thats going to be happening soon, its rather... exciting :twilightsmile:

I was on, and slightly bored, so I decided to leave a comment. PLEASE CONTINUE THIS! I have no fucking clue whats going on! I need MOAR! That is... if you feel like it.... if you want to that is......:fluttercry:

1268068 blarg to you as well, i'm working on the other project atm... y'know... THAT one... :twilightoops: i will be continuing this one... but atm the other one takes priority. sorry for all who read this :twilightoops:

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