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I hope you all had a good time! · 3:17pm Dec 27th, 2014

With Christmas over, I now breathe a sigh of relief, not just because of the end-of-the-year feeling, but because I finally made peace with something.

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It wasn't that bad! I'm sure part of you loved it.

2357290 Well, I guess that chapter gets revenge for the name calling. We're even for now. For. Now.

2357277 I have no words in English, Gaelic, or C++ to demonstrate the mind numbing frenzy of thoughts I'm having right now.

Did you just call me a feckin leprechaun? I swear on my grand mammies grave I'll make you eat those words.

2357260 I'll introduce you to a guy who'll make you a 'life sized' plushy with convenient pockets for adding in toys in the right places.

In addition, I didn't have to do that math, this guy did it all for me: here, read up :twilightsmile:

Hmmm... there's always the fact that you're Irish, though... I'm English, and I'm not sure I could put up with the shame of cuddling an overgrown leprechaun :trixieshiftright:

2357246 Man you just pulled some crazy ass math on me and I am in awe. I just figured standard ponies to be anywhere from 3'5 to 4'0 but that's because I have a skewed sense of height since I'm 6'3. I always figured Celestia would be 5'0 max (with horn)

Ashamedly I've though all of this out in earlier years when I first wrote "Moon Phased" when a scrapped scene dictated a standard stallion cock would be 1'6 while a larger stallion might be 2'0 or greater.

Oh and naturally I have the best offer. Who doesn't want to cuddle on a couch with a bearded Irishman and talk about cartoon pony genitalia while awkwardly hiding said interest even though 73% of the people on this site often fantasize about ponies.

  • Viewing 55 - 59 of 59
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