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Witnessing the rise and fall of the fandom one clop story at a time.

Story Progression Chart

Journey of the Lost: The Chronicles of Tristan
Chapter 1 Word Count: 5,000

Great and Powerful No Longer
Chapter 3 Word Count: 1,216

The Problem with Wizards
Chapter 1 Word Count: 1,768

The Last Guardians
Final Story Word Count: 4,342

Blog Posts

  • 15 weeks
    Back to where I started

    Serious blog lads and lasses.

    Been a while since I updated anything. Don't wanna make this a huge cry fest, not asking for money or support, just need a good, long vent.

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    6 comments · 190 views
  • 24 weeks
    Cross Country Trek

    Sorry ya'll for the
    pause. I'm currently getting ready for a move to Virginia to finish things up before traveling back ti the emerald isles.

    Update on hiatus while I move from the western united states all the way to the east in an almost 3000 mile roadtrip.

    See you all soon!

    1 comments · 66 views
  • 31 weeks
    My friend gifted me a rainbow dash body pillow.

    I can't even feckin make this shite up. Been workin on a tattoo for one of my mates and he up and gifted me a body pillow cover of worst pony in a track suit.

    I don't know what the hell the weebs and animu lovers call these things but I guess they are popular as irish baileys in coffee amongst the nerds.

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  • 35 weeks
    Make Equestria Great Again... Or not...


    I want to preface this by saying I'm not against those that voted for our new president and I support all thoughts/concerns/comments openly without hate.

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    14 comments · 108 views
  • 36 weeks
    Guess who's back?

    It only took, like, twelve feckin chapters but the lyrical miracle pony on fiya Lyra makes her debut! What kind of crazy adventure will she get into?

    4 comments · 116 views
  • 36 weeks

    Well well. It's good to be back and I have a new chapter coming tomorrow! There's gonna be clop, action, romance, blow jobs SO MANY BLOW JOBS. Gods feck above it's good to be back and foul mouthing all that equestria has to offer.

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    4 comments · 114 views
  • 38 weeks
    Affairs to tend to

    My great grandmother at the age of 96 died this last week and I've been put in charge of her affairs. The expanse of time since my last update has been spent getting things in order and I'm sorry that I'll be disposed of for a bit.

    Sorry ya'all for the absence I know some people have their days made by my antics and such. I just need some time to sort out the mess here.

    This isn't goodbye you heathens. I'll be monitoring the comments and suggestions.

    4 comments · 84 views
  • 39 weeks
    Writers Block.

    Sorry folks, no jokes, no blatant racism, no alcohol.

    Hit a major wall of writers block so I havent updated BIE or my other works since December. We're almost a month without an update and I'd like to outreach for a hand. I'm hoping a few steamy romance stories might inspire me to finish the new chapter of BIE since I've rewritten it almost fifteen times.

    Lend me a hoof guys I'd really appreciate it.

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  • 39 weeks
    Oh Hello There.

    I advise setting this to play as you read this blog post.

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  • 40 weeks
    We're number One

    You think after six feckin weeks I'd have a little leeway from being sick but NOOOOOOOOOOO. Frickin town dropped to -40* (Fahrenheit) all frickin week and I went ahead and got a head cold so bad I was out like a bloody light all week. Gods I really am a monster aren't I?

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Info and care for the Author

An introduction, if it pleases you:
Name: SilentAuthor
Real Name: Booze Alan Cassidy Maclachlan (Timothy)
Dimension of Origin: The Ricefields of Omicron 3^98 (Northern Wastes)
Status: Active Peace Lord, Brew Master (Single and ready to dingle)
Special Power: The ability to make people he's never met laugh and question their boners. (Both ladies and men)
Secret Move: "Hold my Beer" (Famous words)
Interests: Furries, MLP, romance, humor, beer, wine, brandy, whisky, cream liqueur. (Bourbon and Root beer)
Disinterests: People not having a good time, black licorice.
Favorite Music: Tuxedo, Luciano Pavarotti, Jason Mraz.
Favorite Pony: Gilda... ya dweeb CELESTIA
Worst Pony: Mayor Mare
What I listen to when I write: Porn Music

I was born and raised on furry cartoons and hit movies like "Cats Don't Dance" and became a yiffing fur fag because of it. My little pony made it worse and the only thing I don't like about the fandom is the excessive use of the equine term "winking" it weirds me out. Don't do that. Stop.

I was abroad between UK and America for awhile and now I'm stuck in the US in the northern frozen wastes where beards are a plenty and women are as cold as the weather. I bar-tend, manage a shop, and sing on weekends at the local pub. I also write excessive amounts of unpublished short stories and erotica. SO MUCH PORN.

My ideal dream is to be locked in a pod with a tube down my throat and hooked up to a machine where I can spend the final years of my pathetic life fucking cartoon ponies and Sawyer from "Cats Don't Dance." Preferably at the same time.



Back to where I started · 4:18am July 5th

Serious blog lads and lasses.

Been a while since I updated anything. Don't wanna make this a huge cry fest, not asking for money or support, just need a good, long vent.

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2402081 God why are you so feckin beautiful and well endowed?

I am gratified with the gratitude I have for you for adding my fic to your favourites. Thank you so much! I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I had writing it.

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