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10 years of this and I am going straight to Hell


Trixie has been ridiculed, shunned, and embarrassed. Forced to run without a bit to her name she ends up in a small harbor town and stumbles into a pub hoping to find some food and shelter. But when she finds a strange creature with a stern yet compassionate attitude, will she finally be able to stay and build a new life? Or will the lies never end?

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I like your story. It's human in Equestria, and outside of Ponyville. I like the dialogue, and I like the characterization you're using for Trixie. I think you need to add some description to what Thomas looks like beyond what was written in chapter 1 (i.e. hair color, eyes, height, etc), but that easily remedied but adding it in the next chapter. I especially enjoyed the pictures inside the chapter. All in all an enjoyable read. i look forward to reading more of your story.

Why do all of you great authors upload stories when I have psychology class? I'm going to read it this evening though it sounds very promising :coolphoto:

This is very interesting.

I have mixed feelings about this.

This is an HiE story, which I often try to avoid. This is also a romance fic between said human and a pony, which I try even harder to avoid.

However this is told from the prospective of the pony, which I admit I have not seen before. Furthermore, it is told from Trixie's perspective and I always like to see that.

I don't know what to think right now. Cautiously tracking to see where it goes.

Rated Teen for a reason my friend. I assure you this will not be a overbearing disgusting fic, character development, realizing ones potential, and of course a plot twist are my number one concern for this particular story. I promise this will be an amazing read if you give it a shot.

Why? Why do you post this story? Why is it not finished? Why must I wait for more?!?! WHY DO I LOVE YOUR STORIES SO MUCH?!?!?!

I demand more. Now. Also, where are the errors? Did you get a pre-reader? :trixieshiftright:

Hm. Me gusta.Voy a seguir y favorito de este.


PS: I will track and favorite this.

Looking forward to seeing the story continue
I shall await the next update with gusto

Waiting... forever... :ajsleepy: Why is there no more? :fluttercry:
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
MOAR! :flutterrage:

very nice :twilightsmile:

one thing though:
"If you want to eat than yes, I do expect you to peel some potatoes." Then :twilightsheepish:

very nice, id love to read more.

I like it! Make more chapters :)

Very interesting. Looking forward to more!

Hmmm.. this story is worth following. I seen a lot HiE pair up with mane six only few with trixie. As the relationship thingy, I hope you take it nice and slow. Most HiE story getting way to fast in building up relationship and that kills the story IMO.

You going to finish this? Or is the story on Hiatus?

Rather amusing, keep up the good work!

the eternal damnation of lacking updates enrages the great and powerful Trixie

hmm "looks at last updated" well looks like i found a fossil

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