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Just a simple fan of MLP trying to enjoy the works of others and making some of my own.

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love your work man, hoping to see more from you 😄

You still workin' on some more writing?

Thank you for an amazing story wish there was more.

You swiftly became one of my favorite authors with Bugging Out. Considering that status has been reserved for those like A. Peg and Kudzuhaiku before, well done. Well done indeed.
Don't let it inflate your Ego too much though :trollestia:

Congrats, you didn't read the story. It's fucking fantastic and the sex is just a bonus. NP knows how to properly balance it out.

And fuck off with that attitude as well. Sex is great. Sex doesn't dictate if a fic is shit or not. Sex certainly doesn't mean a quick shot to the featured box either. For every featured M rated fic with sex, there are dozens of sex fics that don't make the cut.

My most popular fic is T rated with no sex.

Good shit works, bad shit gets thrown aside.

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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