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Captain Unstoppable

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Sherlock Holmes

Who is this Horrible Person?

(All stolen from the wonderful Bad_Seed_72. Love you!)

Name: Captain Unstoppable, Cap, Capt. U, Graham, Crazy MacDash dude, Bastard, Asshole, Idiot, Jack-Ass, Egotistical Bastard, that one guy.

Sex: Yes Please! Oh... wait... I'm a dude

Age: 22

Birthday: Nov. 3 (Election day sometimes! w00t!)

Location: United States of America

Heritage: Irish, German, and Russian. 1/3 of my blood is alcohol but I am all American!

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: I always got my frat brothers! Other than that... always alone...

Music: Metal, Metal, Metal, Metal, Metal, Metal, Metal, Alternative, Metal, Metal, Country, Metal, a'cappela, Metal, show tunes, Metal, and Disney... did I mention metal?

Drink of Choice: Coke Vanilla and Vodka

Fraternity: Pi Kappa Phi

Future Goals: Become a Cop


Fuel for the Hate

Political: Independent.

Religion: Agnostic/Jew//Buddhist Norse, I believe in a higher power I am just not confident to say what that power is. I believe that we can get closer to that higher power through meditation, forgiveness, and peace. Though when I die I want to go to Valhalla. Eat, Battle, Drink, and have sex everyday? Hell ya!

Best Stallion: Big Mac

Best Mare: Applejack

Best Colt: Rumble

Best Filly: Apple Bloom

Best Demonic Pony: Ghost Pony Rider

Best Super Hero: Captain America

OTP: MacDash, SoarinJack, FlutterBurn, FlutterBulk, RarityLane

The People Responsible for making me Not Suck!

You like dogs? I love dogs! Now take these dog pictures!!!!


I'm Back... Beware! · 12:19am Sunday

Hello Fimfic!

I am back! I have two stories in the works to give you all the love that I should have been giving you for so long!

Sorry that there is not much to share here... but I am back! I am working hard!

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YAY! New best friend! :rainbowlaugh:

Lol, thank you so much for favoring my work, and adding my to your watch list. Means a lot to me. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for panel at trotcon!

Thank you so much! I actually got a follower or two out of it... I should probably start writing again.

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