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Captain Unstoppable

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Sherlock Holmes


What happened to Big Mac after he ran off after Starlight Glimmer had made the stallion known for silence unable to stop? Cursed to say everything he had always held inside, how will Mac survive a day as every thought he has he says out loud. What will Mac do when he runs into ponies that he had always wanted to say something to, but held his tongue? Will Ponyville survive a uncensored Big Mac?

Just a fun little story I came up with as I have become completely blocked on Auction and Ghost Rider again. Also a early birthday gift to the ever so awesome Jake the Army Guy. Thanks go to Arbarano, Chief Maximus,Docontra, Jake the Army Guy, and The Masked Ferret for all the edits.

Thanks also goes out to Golden Vision and again Chief Maximus for having to deal with my ranting and belly aching.

You can now listen to this story, from two different readers!

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Thanks for the story, brother. Loved how Mac kept talking in the fancy accent.

I thought at the end, Starlight chaged him back because of Applejack...

We know that Starlight changed him back, or at least CLAIMED to have done so. But do we actually know if she truly did or not? :pinkiecrazy:

This was a riot! Oh, and happy B-Day Jake!

I also just realized how ironic this story's name is because of the author's name.

Poor Mac:applecry: Still he he got a date out of the fiasco at least.:eeyup:


Wow! You are older than I thought.

Author Interviewer

I have been speaking like some royal ninny all day

For some reason, this was the best part. :D This was fun!

in public

Hint, hint Mac. :rainbowwild:

That was just plain hilarious. I didn't expect that kind of reaction from RD, though...

Wow... this actually makes that stupid scene make a lot more sense and quell my fandom rage. Now I need to let my friends know about it before saying eveyrhting I never should say and then blame it all on Starlight Glimmer.

7181536 Its kind of my thing to do that lol.

The title of this is "Make it Stop!" from the author Captain Unstoppable.

I find this hilarious for some reason.

I'm surprised SG didn't end up with a black eye or missing teeth... :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

In Caramel's case, I don't see how he could have taken much offense to what Mac said. It seemed to be more encouraging than any thing.

Big Mac calling Tree Hugger a dirty hippy? Amazing.

Would've been a great read with just the meta humor, but I loved the addition of some RainbowMac. Gave the story more of a purpose in a way.

Nice story. Reminds me of "If you ain't got anything nice to say" by ManlyDerp. I sure hope he gets around to finishing the story, eventually. I also hope it has a happy ending like this one.

Caramel is with Sassaflash remember?

No running into Cheerilee and screaming out loud how absolutely beautiful he finds her?

I dont know why but I read all of big macs lines in mario's voice

Wonderful concept. Great pacing. Hilarious situations. Fun. Great job. I think I'm adding this to my favorites.

The truth will set you free!

The Curse of Very Polite Motor Mouth. The horror.

Starlight Glimmer continues to defend her title as most petty villain ever.

this is just too much of a coincidence, but I swear it is the truth: I was about to write a similar story of the exact same name, same cover and same shipping yesterday...I am so glad I didn't. You did it far better!:twilightsmile:

Up-vote from me!

This, my friends, is why Big Mac is best pony. :eeyup:

Pretty solid, though I have to ask, Rainbow Dash, mainly just curiosu where that particular decision came from. Don't mean that in an insulting way, just curiosity.

i am disappointed he didn't talk about his crossdressing.

7182864 Just read my other words lol. MacDash is my OTP

Was cute.

Also pretty cuntish of Dash to slug him for something he couldn't control. Definitely not a good impression to make before a date either.

This concept is not new at all.

But I suppose people could always write another take on it.:twilightsheepish:


7183127 If it's not broke, don't fix it lol. Just a silly little one shot off the new episode

7183139 Right, :pinkiehappy:

Anyway, for anyone wishing to read another take on the concept that was made before the episode feel free to check this one out, it has plenty of pretty good stuff in it. :yay:

I'm rather surprised that "If you haven't got anything nice to say..." doesn't appear on the similar stories list for this story; but hopefully now that me and others have link the story in the comments enough people will check it out for it to appear in the also liked section.



Rounding another corner, Mac sprinted down the new street, trying to recognize any landmarks that would tell him which was was the fastest way out of town. All the while his mouth just kept on chuntering as those deep buried thoughts came bubbling up to the surface and made themselves known to the world.

pretty sure that "was" was made to be a "way" or "route".:derpytongue2:

Man that was amusing! Pretty funny story you came up with. I give you a thumbs up and a mustache! :moustache:

~ Super-Brony12

Your story just made me realise something. Ponyville is the Equestrian version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Sunnydale.

Need sequels to show the outcomes of his other encounters. Will Caramel stand up for himself? Will Carrot Top lower her prices? Will Tree Hugger actually give a pony a piece of her mind on being called a jobless hippie?

What does he have to make up to Caramel, exactly? He told him to grow a spine, simple as that. Not very tactfully, so he has that to apologize for, despite it having been beyond his control, but it really came down to one point.

"I like you, bro, but you need to man up sometimes."

Tree Hugger deserves an apology. So does Carrot Top perhaps.

Also, how strong is Rainbow Dash that she could make him double over in pain with one hit? Dang, girl. You work out.

One second she was giving him a look that would melt steel, the next she seemed to have closed the distance between them in less than a heartbeat and slugged him in the stomach.

Preach it brother. The only girl I ever loved had a left hook that could floor a bear.

Well, considering that Big Mac kept running everywhere, it's entirely possible Starlight had a heck of time catching up with him long enough to undo it. I mean, I can just picture it that after Big Mac's rampage and the ponies affected still reeling from the results, there goes Starlight, panting heavily as she tried to chase after him but always several paces behind. :rainbowlaugh:

The story's dialogue also implies that at some point she probably lost his trail, hence why Rainbow was looking for Big Mac originally.

This idea seems kinda familiar...didn't someone do something like this but with Poison Joke and Big Mac?

Heh, that was a cute little ditty. Much less soul crushing that what could have possibly happened, but still a fun read. Good job!

Hi! :pinkiesmile:

This is beautiful.

So weird, yet so in character!!!! I think we need to see a continuation of this with RD and Mac's date :)

It was a very good side story. I enjoyed it very much, unfortunately there isn't an emoticon to express how good warm and fuzzy your story was. I'm sad to report this was all I could find...

if only it was as entertaining as contemplating what could happen if Trump becomes president...

7184561 That was you? Oh...uh, hi!

So, did Caramel ever start standing up for himself? And MORE importantly... Did Tree Hugger stop being a filthy, rancid, disgusting, shiftless, good for nothing hippie?


I guess someone else was wondering just where he ran off to after Glimglams made him speak in fancy.

Apparently gormless is a word.

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