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Utilitarianism · 7:19pm Aug 20th, 2014

So, I've talked about Utilitarianism a bit. So, here's a place to get it out of the forums. I've been pushing the idea of logistic scaling and independently sorting harm and utility. This seems to solve all the classical issues with utilitarianism, at least all the ones I am aware of. So, discuss! Or, see if you can stump me.

9/11 update:

So, I had talked about externalities a bit before. It had been floating around undefined, or at least not well defined. Today in the shower an example came to me.

Say, for the sake of argument you're calculating the utility of a politician. In this case, the politician has two acts: accept large sums of money and appoint a police chief. Putting these together may seem like simple addition. However, when you do so you produce a third term: bribery. It's not really simple addition, but an integration instead. This is what I've been calling externalities.

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