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Pickles · 4:21am June 12th

In the grocer
is measured by the number of wrappers.

A package in a package in a package in a wrapper.

To shame and shackle the
poor (comma?)

They trick you, in the grocer.

Unwrapped, warm, ready to eat
sold by the pound
just like Grandma made-

Not like those three and four times wrapped frozen dinners-

it sits between the most packaged things
to be bought together, despite the lie:
here we have unwrapped it for you, pretend it's pure.

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Utilitarianism · 7:19pm Aug 20th, 2014

So, I've talked about Utilitarianism a bit. So, here's a place to get it out of the forums. I've been pushing the idea of logistic scaling and independently sorting harm and utility. This seems to solve all the classical issues with utilitarianism, at least all the ones I am aware of. So, discuss! Or, see if you can stump me.

9/11 update:

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