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Soarin is considered by many to be a Play Colt, a stallion able to get any mare he so desired, then why is it he is all alone on Hearts and Hooves Day? Could the legendary PlayColt actually has no idea how to talk to mares? In order to avoid the holiday dedicated to love, Soarin elects to spend the day at home to avoid it at all cost, the only problem is he has no pie left; leading him to Sweet Apple Acres to get the best pies in Equestria from no other but Applejack.

Happy Valentines Day to one and all! Breaking my tradition here this year, instead of a total MacDash story this year I am writing a SoarinJack! I love this ship and have been trying to write a story for so long about them, so I finally sat down and got to it. I love how it turned out and hope you all enjoy as well!

Thank you to Arbarano for all of his edits! So sorry it took me so long to write! Best editor awards goes to this guy!

Also a special thanks goes to The Masked Ferret , Aquaman, and Jake the Army Guy for listening to my random ideas and complaints.

Final thanks goes to Artistcoolpony for the cover art... now only if you did MacDash...

Non-Mature Feature Box: 2/16/17

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awe, I was hoping for a ghost rider update... even though I'm 50 chapters behind on my reading.

Beautiful, just beautiful!

That was awesome :yay:

Great story, that was enjoyable.

Great story! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Came for the comedy, stayed for the well written romantic tension.

This was so cute!!!! Yay SoarinJack!!!!!!!

Don't worry Soarin, no matter how dense you are, you'll never be anymore dense than a romantic-comedy anime protagonist.

It was good, but felt a little rushed. Would have been nice to see this as a series of chapters that took a bit more time with some parts.

Very enjoyable! Great job!

So only now I got to read this story, and it was absolutely wonderful. So many short jokes... brings back good memories as well :rainbowlaugh:

I'm surprised this doesn't have more comments.. but it was a truly great read. And even though it was quite a long story, the length was just right. Any shorter and it would be rushed. I wouldn't have minded reading a bit more, but it still felt like you chose the right moment to end it.

Wonderful job :twilightsmile:

Wow. Those poor guys. I feel really bad for them; all the ponies around treat them like garbage. Day of love my butt.

A big thumbs up. I really like how you go into every detail of the moment. It felt like I was watching an episode (though I doubt MLP would ever let a main character get serious). Great job! Looking forward to reading more of your stories.


Now, there needs to be a chapter done from AJ's point of view.

Outstanding job, good sir.

BUCK YOU! Making me cry.....DAMN IT MAN!

I'll take that as a complement

You better. Seriously, amazing story my friend.

Great story - just reread it. Unfortunately, I can only give this story one Like, but I'd give it several if I could!


That was a great story. I have never laughed so much while reading a fanfic before. Excuse me while I go scan your channel for a saccharine story about Apple Bloom that takes place at the same time as this.

Super cute. I enjoyed it.

Aww that was a sweet story Having Soarin to found a special somepony In his life Even though it did not go as planned but Life is unprotected sometimes 😊

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