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After an off-hand comment is made by their daughter, Soarin and Applejack tell her the story of how they met, started dating, and got married.

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Loved the how I met your mother reference

Is this a how i met your mother parody, or are these just references? I'm following the story no matter what, just wondering.

Just a reference. I was trying to figure out how to start this story, and I ended up looking up How I Met Your Mother (wasn't really a fan of the show). After reading about how it went and how people reacted, it just kind of came to me to use that as a starting point.

"So the two of you saw each other from across the ballroom," Little Green said. "Your eyes met, and you instantly fell in love, dancing the night away and talking until morning." Her eyes went glassy as she imagined it, staring up toward the ceiling. Her wings slowly spread open, sticking out from her side.

Nope. Sold him a pie.

I'm looking forward to what comes next

This story has potential. I hope it updates often. Also the same complaints I had with How I Met your Mother.

Another applejackxSoarin fanfic. Yes!

Nice dig at How I Met Your Mother. Also sweet premise here!

I have one other thing to add, it's rather minor but feels major sometimes. I'm talking about how Applejack talks, it doesn't feel like it has the distinctive accent she has in the series proper. On a minor note, Green doesn't sound like like she has hints of the Apple accent, I have less of an issue with this because it could just be she draws the bulk of her speech patterns from her father.

Well I now hooked. I love me a good SoarinJack story, and this looks like it will deliver.

I completely understand how Green feels.

"She don't need to hear about that!" Applejack shouted, pressing both her hooves against his mouth as her face grew as red as her brothers.

Missing an apostrophe there.

Interesting start. The reference might have been a little too in depth (I'm not at all familiar with the show in question, so it just seemed confusing to me at first), but, nevertheless, I'm intrigued.

Do go on.

I'm surprised a tear didn't fall down his cheek :rainbowlaugh:

I can't wait to see Soarin’s reaction to Big Mac

I think you goofed the spelling on a word there

Well, if he doesn't at least ask her for a date after this chances are he and everyone he knows will be kicking him for his stupidity.

8558857 Another fallout of the ongoing war between my Cellphone's Autocorrect and I. :ajbemused:

That was sweet. Great job.

Best pie reaction ever.

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