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When Applejack goes with Rainbow Dash on a trip to Fillydelphia, she learns that life doesn't always go according to plan... and that can lead to something better. Written because I wanted to do my take on a shipfic, minus what always annoyed me.

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So glad to see this story here on FIM Fiction! I reviewed it on FF.Net and I still think that you are one of the best writers I've ever seen. I love your funny, ironic style of narration and the characters are just SUPERB. The story is awesome and very real and well...everything is just PERFECT!! There are no other words.

Absolutely love this one! Good to see it on FiM Fiction!

Damn that's a good story, especially the terrible Madden commentary and the entire bit with Dash at the end. DO AN EPILOGUE!

Oh hey, this story! This is one of my faves from the fandom, and certainly one of the few ships I can agree with.

Definitely gotta fave this. Thanks for bringing it here! :pinkiehappy:

Right when the story mentioned "Applecon" I suddenly realized I've read this before. I can't remember where I read it, or when, but the events of the story are still fresh in my mind. Welp, you get my star and thumb. Great ship y' got here.

A hat tip to you, great work. Perfect Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

I'm a huge soarJack fan and this was great.

There is a sequel. It's not on fimfiction but it can be found on EqD.

Heallo (ā—Ā°uĀ°ā—)ā€‹ 怍

Nice, I usually don't like this shipping but I really liked this story:pinkiehappy:


Now post the sequel.

491629 Unless someone can tell me how to post these things without having to go through and add all the formatting by hand, like I had to do with this one, I'll be holding off on it until I have more time.


You could get a pre-reader to do it for you. It's not like it would be that difficult to read through the story and add in the formatting.

Glad to see this on FIMFiction, too! It's a really nice, funny story and the AJ-Soarin romance is both sweet and believable. :ajsmug:

Holy fuck that was adorable! It's totally well-written! Like massive uber-swag writing style. I'm mad impressed yo! :pinkiehappy:

Still one of the best shipping stories ever.

What you have here is possibly the best fanfic I have ever read, and most definitely the greatest fim romance fic. I agree with the author in that this is certainly not a shipfic in the generally understood sense of the word. Good show, and Three Hearty Cheers!

I just reread this because it's the best shipfic (get out of De Nile) and I remember enjoying it a lot. But now I pick up on a lot of one-liners I missed laughed all over again! Really, the tone of this fic is just like the show, the rythmn, the conflicts, the everything.

Fourty Five Minutes to read this. Not a minute wasted.:rainbowkiss:


This is awesome :)

Awesome to see this here! One of my favorite AJ stories.

Loved it. And clever Doctor Who reference towards the end. :rainbowlaugh:

great story! totally loved it! I did like to see what would happen to soaring though.
keep up the awesome work!:heart:

always sunny... good memories ^_^

Yes! This is on Fimfiction! Probably one of my favorite shipping fics, a real feel good one, ya know?

This was one of the first (Not the first, but this was probably within the first 50, or maybe even fewer.) fanfics I've read, one of the first shipfics I've read (Which I am kind of picky about.), one of the oldest, and one of the few on Fanfiction.net... And wow. To this day, it remains as one of my favorite stories. (As well as its sequel, which for being in a completely different genre, did extremely well in my opinion.) I posted a review of it more than a year ago on Fanfiction.net, so I won't reiterate anything really, except that I loved it.

Why has this gone so unnoticed? This is one of the best IMO, and aside from the EQD attention from a year ago, nothing about it has come up. I've seen some comments on one story about how they had never thought of Soarin'Jack (I suppose you could call it that.), and I was just thinking that they needed to read this.

Not only this, but your other work is amazing. If anyone has not read Semper Fidelis, do so. If you have, go to BobCat's Fanfiction.net page and read his other stuff. It's all good.

I think you made me a fan of Applejack/Soarin' pairing, because this story is so sweet and credible :ajsmug:

This is a really great story and really great ship, there should be more Applejack/Soarin' stories. Five moustaches out of five.

Man, that was just too cute. I can't even handle it.
Wasn't expecting Soarin AJ, but gave it a shot anyways and I sure am glad that I did.
I loved your writing, the pacing, humor, dialogue... everything. This is definitely one of my favorite fics ever now. The way you built up their relationship was just so well done. There's too much for me to praise here. Wasn't a thing I would have liked to see changed.

Fantastic job.

It's extremely rare for me to come across a shipfic that I enjoy immensely, so allow me to tip my hat to you, sir. Besides the occasional grammar goofup and AJ's inconsistent accent phonetics, I don't have anything to complain about. Everything went swimmingly: the plot, every scene, character interaction... glorious.

Soarin shook his head. "It's not a problem at all! My plans are shot, your plans are shot, so why not be shot together?" He paused. "That came out wrong. But my point stands."

Best. Pickup. Line. Ever. :rainbowlaugh:

Between Work, Family drama, and sleep, it took me three days to read this one-shot. But it was three days of WORTH IT! :ajsmug:
I loved this story, I am so putting this in my favs. Great Work! Loved every mint of it! :pinkiehappy:

This is really well written. I had no idea what it was about when I started reading it, and it did a very good job. The bit with the candy factory was a bit silly, though. Still, the rest of it was quite good, and it felt pretty natural.

And of course it took AJ most of the day to figure out she was actually on dates. Though it probably took Soarin' a bit to realize he was on one as well. :ajsmug:

Author Interviewer

Oh my god, I had no idea this fic was ever on fimfic! :O We miss you, Bobcat!

This is a great read. Sweet and succinct. Will be reading the sequel. Greenthumbed!

I read this story a while back on FF and I loved it. It actually inspired me to write my own Soarin/Jack story. So just thanks for the inspiration! :ajsmug:

I love this fic SO much!! I also love the SoarinJack ship!

This has inspired me on many an occasion to have them be an item (practically any story I've written featuring an adult AJ). Thank you.

Not sure really why I'm commenting when the author will almost certainly never return, but in case there are any other people around who like reading comments on ancient stories: this is a real warm bath of a story, in that you can lie back and let it all wash over you. The parody section in the middle is too long, though AJ's "grass" line is brilliant, but there's not much else to complain about. Very old it may be, but it's held up pretty well.

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I had this big stupid grin on my face pretty much the whole way through. Well done!

I really, REALLY loved this fic. It put a huge smile on my face. Kudos. :pinkiehappy:

Their journey to the hotel (the Waldorf Horsetoria) was less magical. Even at ten at night, the traffic was hard to negotiate, especially with Applejack pulling the unfolding fruit stand she'd be taking to Applecon. The narrow sidewalks weren't really made for her small wagon and the streets were a chaotic mess of taxis and carts running late night deliveries. So, it was slow going, as she found herself earning glares from passers-by who had to shove against the sides of buildings or get perilously close to the street to get around her. Rainbow Dash was gliding above, struggling to take it all in.

I mean I did remember Applejack having some problems being in Big City

Finally, the bearded unicorn said, in a cracking voice, "Good morrow, fair maiden! What bringest thou to this shire?"

Oh boy it's the medieval convention I've been there before it's pretty cool

Most ponies have seven stages of grief. Applejack had three. She was efficient like that. First came shock. "Cancelled due to lack of interest?"

Yeah that would really sucks that you got super excited to a place you really want to go but then suddenly got canceled not only wasting your money and your time but also crushing your excitement and that hurts

Soarin looked around bewilderedly, as if realizing how everypony was dressed for the first time. "Huh. Everypony looks like they're characters out of those Tiara of Darkness books." He must have seen the confusion on Applejack's face. "They're these sword and sorcery novels. You know, magic, monsters, ancient evil; normal historical fiction stuff." He paused. "But that doesn't explain why they cancelled Applecon."

Basically a medieval convention type of thing as I said before

Soarin took a bite. And then another. And another. He looked like he desperately wanted to say something, but basic manners still existed, so he chewed a few times, swallowed, and said, "Oh Celestia. This is... I... okay, that settles it!" He got a determined look in his eyes, finished off the apple and took her by the hooves. "Nopony who bakes apples that awesome gets to be sad on Soarin von Richthofen's. watch! It is now my mission to cheer you up, and I won't stop until I succeed!"

Oh wow that was pretty dramatic but kind of awesome he will do something very nice

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