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When the Crusaders feel like they've tried just about everything to get their cutie marks, Apple Bloom has the idea that maybe they're meant to be matchmakers for all of Ponyville! But before they turn their skills on just anypony they decide to test their plan out on Big Macintosh first. (Just a note, this was started before the plot of Hearts and Hooves was even released. >_< )

Chapters (7)
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Dang I really like this intro and cant wait to read the rest. Because I think that this would've been a better hearts and hooves day episode.

damm boy i loved this intro cant wait for more :pinkiehappy:

can i know the pairing in this fic?

238204 Well, there is the Rainbow Mac pairing that this is clearly going to start with. I don't know if that is the pairing they will stick with or if they are going to try and match up Big Mac with every filly they can find. Well, we can only wait and see.

this shall be interesting

I wonder how this fic will go down, given how it isn't the first of its kind. Maybe it'll end with some other pony unexpected. Personally, I'd rather see an aversion where all of them end up head over hooves with Big Macintosh, and creating some conflict. :trollestia:

I'll stick around for the MacDash :rainbowkiss:, but after that, you're gonna have to try really hard to keep it interesting.


Wow, thanks for that! It's coming, but I think I might hold off until voting ends. I know everyone is already going to be reading fics up to their ears for a week.

You'll just have to keep reading!


Yikes, no pressure.

241185 Just offering my insight, is all. I apologize if I came off as a bit elitist. :twilightblush:

But still, this isn't the first fic of its kind. Let's just wait and see what happens in the next chapter.


No no. I know what you mean. I do hope this one ends up standing out among the others. Because who wants to read something that's already been written?

241413 Don't hope. Make it happen. :rainbowdetermined2:


*salutes* Aye aye!

Ooh. Interesting... -ish, I guess. I don't know, the basic plot seems.... well, I don't know, familiar? I don't know. Hope I'm wrong and this proves to be great! :eeyup:

tortoise and that's close to an animal! That mad me laugh hard.

I like this a clean starts and you she excellent work in details ! I am going to have fun reading this!

PS. Applebloom is one word like Applejack


Apparently there are a few different CMC matchmaking stories out there? I was unaware.

Gotta love Scootaloo logic. :scootangel:
Thanks for the comment!
Actually, Apple Bloom is two words. :) Wiki

I love stories with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Stories they are in are always the cutest! ^_^
Also, this is very well done. Tracking for sure! Possibly a favorite after I see where this goes.

265250 Thank you! I hope to not disappoint.

Funny and cute! Excited to see where this goes (though I many have somepony in mind for Big Mac already... :yay:).

lol dat bowling

loved how big mac acted this chapter cant wait for your next update :twilightsmile:

I love how well you have the CMC's, there spot on!

But I fell like Dash really got shafted, and over played her cockiness. she never even had a chants. and adding in that Mac already disliked her seemed really out of place. it looked more like you were just Downing on Rainbow jut because you wanted to. Now the rest of the chapter was great, and the ending with Mac and Bloom was really sweet.

Keep it going!

Wow, Mac didn't break a bowling ball? I guess it is better that he did hold back enough so not to pull off the horror that Scoots pulled off when she went 'bowling' *shudder shudder*
Anyways, amazing story. Looking forward to reading the next chapter when it comes out.:pinkiehappy:

265763 Yeah, Dash really isn't represented in the best light here, I can agree to that. Which is odd for me since she's on of my favorites.

Oh this is going to be good! Now that Big Mac is getting in on the planning I think a creative and comedic twists are in order. I can't wait! :eeyup:

It's weird seeing Big Mac speak, even in a fic. Loved the update though! ^_^

Who's next for Big Mac?


then why give her the shaft like that? maybe you can give her a 2ed chants

awesome chapter :pinkiehappy: cant wait to see who is next for big mac... and you let me hanging there with twilight who is her special somepony i want to know... NOW :pinkiecrazy: lol
Loved big mac again his character is really cool quiet and wise so awesome :twilightsmile:
Cant wait for your next update :pinkiehappy:

Big Mac and twi would make a cute couple, but I love the friendship that has seemed to have blossomed. Here's to the next chapter!

Okay, lets see, first was the Pegasus Rainbow, then the Unicorn Twilight. There could be an earth pony for the next date. Although...... Out of the 6, only two are earth ponies.... and one of them is Big Mac's sister, so I think Applejack is out of the question.... so that leaves..... O dear....... That has DANGER written all over it. And of course DANGER is an author's best friend in making interesting stories. But we won't know for certain until the next chapter comes out.
So, thanks for writing such an amazing chapter.

269925 Hmmmm, then maybe the cycle goes around again but only with the Pegasus & Unicorn.

269932 Wait.... would the Princess Luna count as part of AJ's friends? That might be a bit interesting to see the CMC to try and pull off.

269963 Hmmmmm, maybe just the Elements of Harmony though... Fluttershy is a perfect match.

269966 Yes, I'm sure that is what Bic Mac thought as he said AJ's friends. And I agree that Fluttershy is a perfect match for him. But it is best to keep an open mind and keep an eye out for any interesting paths. Such as Luna going on a date with Mac. XD
..... Now I'm wondering if that has been done yet?

269973 Luna Mac? I don't know what a name for that could be. It's probably not done :pinkiegasp:

269975 Wow, my mind thought of something that hasn't been done? Hmmm, time to do a bit of research just to make sure..... A bit of my search has shown so far it hasn't. And if it hasn't been done. Well let the race to be the first one to pull it off right begin!:pinkiecrazy:

269975 Okay, I have some bad news and good news. Bad news is the Luna Mac has been done in art form. So I'm not the first to have come up with this idea. Good news, it hasn't been done story wise. So the race for doing that is still up in the air. Good luck to the writers who dare to take on that task.

269995 OOOOOOOH, interesting. Sorry I didn't reply before, was busy writing my fic, Lunar Cycle. I strongly advise you not to read, but people seem to think its okay.... I don't get it. :applejackconfused:

270003 Well, your delay left me time to do my bit of research. And I found the answers. And I just remembered that I have to try and get to work on my little fic that I'm writing on here. The first chapters came to me so easily. Sigh, this is what I get for taking on the task of a multi chapter story with no clear end. Life goes on. Of course you do know that saying don't read the story makes me want to read it? Of course you welcome to read mine as well.

269256 In the RP I'm in she's with Lucky/Clover. That's who I had in mind.:raritywink:

270058 Very nice. Ooh, what's your fic about? I get what you mean.. I'm kinda stuck on my chapter.. :ajbemused:

Oh damn, now I realise. :facehoof:

Oh, sure :twilightsmile:

271148 What is my story about? How to put it into words without going into a crazy ramble. I guess one could call it the life of Questi Mark, but it is more then just that..... And I don't want to spoil it for anyone.... Ah, got it. It is how his life starts up again from a letter.:pinkiehappy:
Now hopefully I can get this last chapter done by tonight so the few people who are tracking it won't have to worry. Although it is a bit hard when my main helper is stuck working or is too busy to help me run through ideas.

Wow I really love the pace that you are setting in the story. And then I also like how well you simulate what the characters would say in these situations.
You have done a great job so far.

271188 Ahaha, I haven't read it yet, but I will later :twilightsmile:

271710 And I will be looking forward to any feedback you have on my little story. I need all the feedback I can get to break these writers blocks.:facehoof:

271480 Thank you very much!

And to everyone who has commented so far. Thank you all for the feedback. I appreciate it greatly!

271854 Arrgh, gotta hate writers block. :twilightangry2:

Sure thing! I'll read it in half an hour so so hopefully :twilightsmile:

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