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I`m Russian, I`m female, I`m blunter then a bag of hammers and I write pony staff occassionally. That`s about it.

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Biography. Or, rather, the facts I deigned to share freely.

What`s to tell?

Well, to begin with, I`m Russian. Yes, I`m well aware I`m writing on English here. It`s my second language. So, uh, keep that in mind or something. Among the most common quirks of language I`d exhibit would be the lack of articles. We don`t have them in Russian.

Second... I`m blunt. Blunt to the tune of mallet to the gut kind of blunt. Don`t expect much of sympathy or empathy from me. However, if you need honest answer, do tell. Being brutally honest is my kind of shtick.

Third - I`m female. Despite that, I`m fairly knowledgeable in areas that are usually viewed as less then common for women, like firearms and IT. Don`t let that throw you off - referring to me as if I were a guy is... not recommended.

Last, but not least - if you`d like to argue with me, try to use logic. I don`t respond to emotional argument well. In fact, appealing to me from emotional point of view is a surefire way to end up on my bad side.

P.S. Yes, I use ` for an apostrophe. Yes, I`m aware you peeps think it should be '. NO, ' is not "apostrophe", it`s single quote. No, I`m not avoiding it out of spite. I`m using ` because it`s in the same place in both english and russian keyboard layout, and thus more convenient for me to use then ', which requires fairly complicated five-finger salute to put down in quickly in russian layout.

P.P.S. Yes, I will passive-aggressively rip you a new one if you shorten my name to "Cyto". Think about what one and the other means, and why it`s nonsensical to use one to refer to other. If you looked it up and still don`t see what`s wrong, it`s highly likely talking to me will be frustrating and painful for you and exasperating for me. Just something to keep in mind.


So I just run into a story that reminded me of this... · 8:42pm Aug 14th, 2018

Sometimes, I get an ideas that I don`t flesh out completely. They end up being just beginnings of stories for... well, years upon years. Sometimes the muses strike and I add something to those, but actually finishing... Yeah, well. That`s a problem. The stuff I`ve actually published is like, 1/5 of what I`ve started. I wish I had a better start to finish ratio, but one just does not force the inspiration. It`s there when it`s there...

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How are you doing in these tough times?

When one gets a whiff of well prepared eggs, that is the time to learn the sweatier facets of being.

I have a few ideas.... though it would remove the comedy aspect... still, it was very entertaining.

Do you by any chance take requests?

No. It was a one-shot on a dare, and I have no bloody clue how to continue it or even why to continue it.
It serves it`s purpose as the macabre joke, but I have a hard time envisioning a society of serial killers functioning.

I`m sorry, but I have no clue why would you want to do it either.

I really loved Serial Killers Anonymous! Would you by any chance consider a continuation of the story?

Yha, I felt like adding all your stories to my "I wanna Read" bookshelf, and following you. I dont know why.....

Night Doughnut 🍩

That was an attempt at pun. An ill one, I admit, but I left it in as is a token for posterity.


I`m Russian, I`m female, I`m blunter then a bag of hammers and I write pony staff occassionally. That`s about it.

Not in that context. To write something in the capacity of a staff member, you would write "I write on the staff of", but since you don't name any group or project you are involved with, it's exceedingly strange. "Write" is a transitive verb which demands "to" for personal subjects or motion, and "for" when the purpose is abstract.

I write a letter.
I write to a letter to mom.
I write for a magazine.

What, the staff of the story does not count anymore?


But that seriously doesn't make sense. You're not in any reviewer or commentary groups or fandom projects. Therefore, you aren't involved with any pony staff with writing.

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