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Telling stories · 8:42pm Apr 5th, 2015

I've uploaded the first chapter of my first story. So far I'm concerning myself with completing stories of which I have some level of knowledge beyond the average. I have a couple more chapters to file then submit. The next story may come first, it's a one-chapter short story based on another work here in FimFic. I had a fit of writing while laid up; hurt my ankle at work, which made my opposite knee hurt from compensating which led to me straining my back! Here's hoping the grass outside

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Guess I've been pretty lucky in 2020, I've got a very essential job supplying healthcare workers with the ammo they need to help others. The particulars of what I haul are not open for discussion by company orders however I can say the changes we've had to deal with are not what you would think. So to summarize still working and busy doing things almost like normal.

I am about to commit to writing ponyfics again. I pulled my previous posting as the source material changed and it wouldn't have stood alone as-was. I also-also have other fanfics that I want to put to digits along with RL stuff... facing the reality of being 60 next year and having little left behind is a great motivation to do something meaningful.

How are you doing?

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