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This group is dedicated to stories about prince blueblood where he is reform,redeemed or just shown in a good light in general. its agreed unanimously that he is a bit of a brat with an ego but that doesn't make him a demon like many stories portray him. This is also a place for pairing ideas between prince blueblood and others can be discussed.
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Can anyone tell me the title about blueblood soul changed and now is a good guy?
Edit:nvm i found it and if anyone want to know it's called the humble prince

398144 i always interpreted that as him being a troll because he was fed up with all the gold diggers that are always harassing him, which in all honesty is what rarity was being at the gala. so he was well within his rights to be an ass in that episode, i probably would have done the same.

398144 thank for pointing out that possibility and that rarity was pretty shallow with her intentions but that stuff about blueblood being an assassin kinda creeped me out

I'm so glad this group exist I love reading about blueblood being redeemed or turning out to not be so bad I hope to see it in the show someday

398798 I think of them like cousins for the most part. Also on the whole starving nation thing I wouldn't really put it to much different then a guy lost in the woods vs a wolf pack. Wolves don't eat meat to be mean that's just what they need to feed their cubs and to survive but at the same time that man likely has loved ones and possibly kids who would miss him terribly if he died out someplace. Him having a family to get back to is as much a reason for him to fight plus likely kill them off in defense as them needing to eat. It only makes sense both fight as hard as they can. He isn't doing it for the fun and they aren't doing cause they have some type of hatred to humans but both need to do what needs to be done.

398794 'Bug-mosters'? You are not talking about Chrysalis are you? The queen with the starving nation to feed? I for one despise Cadance(she IS a Mary Sue!), Shining should have married a mare who knows about love, not obsession.
Does Blueblood strike you as Cadance's brother? Or is he treated like a cousin?

398144 All very true and why I made this group. I like Rarity a bit and all but she wasn't exactly innocent at the end of the day herself. Even before meeting the guy we knew her intention was pretty shallow in episode 3. I get that they only have 22 minute per episode but at no point did she squeeze in that she wanted meet him for their shared love of----insert interest, quirks, admired achievements, or goals here--- but all she said was she wanted to meet him because he was a prince, rich, and hot.
Its also weird to me the fandom can make all these positive whole life stories for characters that either NEVER talked nor held any importance to the series or ones who actually DID commit heinous harmful, mean, and generally bad things to the main cast. Then after prince blueblood appears almost every story says forget the con-artists, kingdom threatening bug monsters, and shadow evil unicorn guy, all of them can be redeemed but the guy who got cake on my favorite character's dress is clearly the spawn of pony satan.

I do not think Blueblood is a brat with an ego. The only scene with him doing anything is when Rarity was harassing him at the Gala. He was an outright jerk to her, yes, but did she ask him about himself? Did she try to engage in any conversation with him? No, she flirted with him and expected him to fall in love with her instantly. Just how many other mares do the same thing to him? He knows how to drive them away and keep them away so he can find a decent mare who deserves him.
Blueblood could be one of Celestia's Herald's; her most trusted, competent and beloved citizens. If she needs work done, from working in a soup kitchen to a double assassination, she calls in her Heralds, one of them can handle it. Blueblood's love for adventure is masked by the snobbish persona he displays in public, like the Gala, who would suspect him of burning half of the goblin capital to the ground?

Oct.16th is applejack appreciation day so yay.

373597 rgr, I'll be back. Thanks for the tip.

373112 I found Sleipnir's Big Adventure pretty good.

Any good stories recently?

339925 Hello! I was wandering around the internet and found this :pinkiehappy: I guess Silver Hoof's idea does sound a little like WPCWP, huh? ^^

359184 Its already added and I like it.

My story has Blueblood as not even a brat. Is that too out there, or should I go ahead and add it to the group..?

345071 I did because of its not over the top pointlessly mean blueblood and I gotta admit its one of the very,very, few HIE fics that not only has an original concept but doesn't make me wanna take a steel bat to the head of the human both in the fic and the human who wrote it.

Joined the group and ready to submit my story, PONYHAMMER 40K, the Warp incursion to your review and possible inclusion in the grim-dark / horror category.
The most relevant Blueblood entry so far is Chapter 10.
Thank you for your consideration :twilightsmile:

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