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Man, I hope nobody believed that. · 7:02am Apr 3rd, 2015

Alright, now that all that April Tom-foolery is over and done with, lets get back to work. Hopefully not starting any new video games or book will get rid of enough distractions to allow me to focus on writing again...

Oh, and seriously, go check out Chinchillax's reading of the first three chapters of BJZG. That wasn't a joke! It actually happened!

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Pardon me. I would very much like to join your "Hidden Depths" group and add my lone story, "Batmare Begins," to it, but I hesitate to do so since I fear it may not be accepted given the "No Alternate Universe" rule. I myself do not believe my fic to be straight up alternate universe, since I'm trying to make the events of the main plot fit into the canon of the show as best as they may (though most of it occurs between Seasons 2 and 3), but the crossover tag it has can be deceptive to some readers. Let me be clear that it is only a crossover in the sense that plot-elements and themes of the Batman mythos are found in it; there are no characters from another world entering Equestria, only original characters who've been written to fit into both the story and the world of Equestria itself. Look over it if you need to, but please do let me know if it'd be alright to add my fic to your group's library. :twilightsmile:

Well, An Extended Performance was about Trixie and is complete, so sadly, no Mad-Eye Derpy there.

Least Noticeable and Little Flappy is about Lovecraftian intruders finding friendship near the Pie Family rock farm, and is still coming out, so... haven't seen her yet, but maybe!

I agree about Moody SO MUCH.


Do any of those fics have Moody?

Hope you liked An Extended Performance and will like Least Noticeable and Little Flappy, when I finish the work. :twilightsmile:

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Wouldn't it be cute if...

Snails was crushing on Chrysalis?

... and wouldn't it be cuter if Chrysalis was all flustered by it?

And Lo, Discord Looked Upon Them And Smiled...

Derpy and Blueblood are the scions of families once... er, "favored" by Discord.

Derpy's heritage means that whatever she does, somehow, someway, it goes out of control and causes chaos. "The flap of a pegasus' wings, halfway around the world...

Blueblood is just surrounded by, and lives in, a perpetual cloud of weirdness. Neither directly caused by nor (usually) affecting him, he fails to register it most of the time... although he has gotten unnaturally good at dodging pastries flying out of nowhere.

And of course, rounding out the triumverate is the earth pony Screw Ball. Reflecting her earth pony nature, her discord is almost entirely internal -- her oddness is all within her.

Pinkie Pie is totally unrelated to any of this.