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My Thoughts — The Martian, double feature · 11:03pm Saturday

Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars.

Now, he’s sure he’ll be the first person to die there.

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Current Status — 2017/12/17

All other stories on temporary hold until the end of Dark Horse.

Next chapter #09: 'My Power Is Not Complete' — ~85-90% Done — 11490 Words.

#10 — Kalisti — 10%.
#11 — Pure Air and Fire — 10%.
#12 — The Ugly A-Mare-I-Can't — 15%.
#13 — Dangerous At Both Ends, And Uncomfortable In The Middle — 10%.
#14 — Dark Horse — 10%

My Life As My Ironically Bad OC
Chapter 3 — 80-90% Done — 9917 Words

One Pony's Curse, Is Another Man's Blessing...
Part 3 of :ajsmug: intro — 5-10% Done — 0 Words; still planning it out.

Sufficiently Advanced
Chapter 5 — 10-15% Done — 2375 Words.

Horse Feathers - A tale from the Humans Acting Villainous verse
Chapter 7 — 90% Done — 21619 Words - Note, currently stuck thanks to writer's block.

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Work's just kept on hammering me since freaking August something, so my writing's been moving forward at the pace of a petrified snail.

Still around, though.

Still kicking here?

I hear that snow over here today as well. I hope it clears up soon season 8 friendship school is going to release on the 26th March. Principle twilight never thought i'd see the day. Too bad you can't retroactively change this related to the show XD


Actually, I started exercising with kettlebells last year, and given how physically draining my job is, I'd like to think I've managed to keep up quite decently a regiment.

The problem is all this darn snow we've been getting. Eight hours of shoveling in 10-20 minus Celsius is bad enough without you needing to do it again the next day, let alone when it repeats the day after that.

Hopefully things should get a bit less... well, farcical once spring hits in force, but right now I just end most of my days too exhausted to concentrate enough for writing.

I hear exercise and healthy food is good for the brain juice. And that lack of blood flow is the cause of mental fatigue or cloudiness

  • Viewing 321 - 325 of 325
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