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Happy new year! · 6:43pm Dec 31st, 2021

Still a bit sick, but doing much better.

Even so, found this in my Youtube feed earlier today. Seems we have one last song of the year making a big enough splash in the community for covers and the like!

Have to admit? Real little ear worm. Quite fitting for the subject matter.

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Current Status — 2020/04/08

Note: Currently recovering from nearly a year with an infected tooth. Recovering well, but writing is going SLOW~ at present. Thank you for your patience, everybody.

All other stories on temporary hold until the end of Dark Horse.

Next chapter #09: 'My Power Is Not Complete' — ~85-90% Done — 11490 Words.

#10 — Kalisti — 10%.
#11 — Pure Air and Fire — 10%.
#12 — The Ugly A-Mare-I-Can't — 15%.
#13 — Dangerous At Both Ends, And Uncomfortable In The Middle — 10%.
#14 — Dark Horse — 10%

My Life As My Ironically Bad OC
Chapter 3 — 80-90% Done — 9917 Words

One Pony's Curse, Is Another Man's Blessing...
Part 3 of :ajsmug: intro — 5-10% Done — 0 Words; still planning it out.

Sufficiently Advanced
Chapter 5 — 10-15% Done — 2375 Words.

Horse Feathers - A tale from the Humans Acting Villainous verse
Chapter 7 — 90% Done — 21619 Words - Note, currently stuck thanks to writer's block.

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Thanks for the fave.

Thanks for the fave on Child of Two Worlds. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for Favoriting Discord's Time Travel Trip! :pinkiehappy:

And a special thanks for Following me too! 🎉

What can I say? Your writing is delicious, you prepare it in such quantities I feel comfortably fit to burst every chapter you put out.

You say you need time? Take all the time you need. Someone comes up and demands free content from you without even having the simple common courtesy to offer you head beforehand? Tell them to shove off, the update will come when it will, not before it's actually ready.

And really? With how wonderful the content you release is? A period of spit and polish can only serve to make the already great product you're putting out into something magnificent.

So I'll say this.

Thank you.

Thank you for your hard work and effort. Thank you for your wonderful imagination and incredible competency within the realm of penning indelible tales of daring do and assorted swashbuckelry to the pages that dance off into the hearts of all who enjoy and treasure every last word.

Thank you.

Thanks for the follow

  • Viewing 335 - 339 of 339
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