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Mercury Passage tomorrow! · 7:36pm Sunday


Next one won't be until 2032, so if you're into astronomy stuff, have proper sun watching gear (very important, just like watching a partial eclipse!), and location & local weather permitting, you might want to try catching this one.

Latest Stories

Current Status — 2017/12/17

All other stories on temporary hold until the end of Dark Horse.

Next chapter #09: 'My Power Is Not Complete' — ~85-90% Done — 11490 Words.

#10 — Kalisti — 10%.
#11 — Pure Air and Fire — 10%.
#12 — The Ugly A-Mare-I-Can't — 15%.
#13 — Dangerous At Both Ends, And Uncomfortable In The Middle — 10%.
#14 — Dark Horse — 10%

My Life As My Ironically Bad OC
Chapter 3 — 80-90% Done — 9917 Words

One Pony's Curse, Is Another Man's Blessing...
Part 3 of :ajsmug: intro — 5-10% Done — 0 Words; still planning it out.

Sufficiently Advanced
Chapter 5 — 10-15% Done — 2375 Words.

Horse Feathers - A tale from the Humans Acting Villainous verse
Chapter 7 — 90% Done — 21619 Words - Note, currently stuck thanks to writer's block.

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Well hello, thanks for the follow.

*Pawsigns as I read your reply, head tipping amd churring my beak softly.*
Oh ok... I will keep you in my prayers for your health, family, job and creativity issues.

I definitely understand about health and family issues. My health, mainly my hearing is slowly failing with tinnitus getting louder and the vertigo steadily getting worse.

And a small note, your story SA has been such a good read, had inspired me to write, and thank you for that.

Please take your time getting better
Cheers mate,


Hello, yourself. :twilightsmile:

Short version? I definitely have plans to continue all my stories, SA included, but the last 2-3 years haven't been very... fun for me. Two draining jobs in a row, minor but slow-healing health problems, and family stuff, to give you some idea. Kinda sapped away all my creativity for a bit, and it was... not fun, just staring at the white page and getting nothing but frustration.

Anyway, the good news? I've recently felt decently recovered, and started writing again in earnest... but I've been rather distracted by trying to write my own, original stuff since... well, to be honest, fan-fiction just isn't a career unless you get really, really lucky.

So I'm still slowly tapping away at my pony stuff, but right now it's a bit on the back-burner.

*Hellos and waves, pawsigning in earnest.*

Hellos and greets,

May I ask if there are any plans further for Sufficiently Advanced? As this is my favorite story from you thus far...

I do hope everything is well with you as well...

KimonoGryphon <><

Just finished rereading 'Dark Horse', and 'Horse Feathers'. A fun way to spend a couple of days off, Thanks for Writing!

  • Viewing 326 - 330 of 330
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