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Dark Horse Status · 7:13pm Yesterday

The good: I'm back. It took two freakin' weeks of sick-leave I frankly don't remember much of, but I'm back.

The bad: I still wouldn't call myself outright well since I still have a frightful cough, and most of the strength I've regained both physically and mentally I've frankly had to use on the day job.

Thus, the ugly: Chapter #9 being done, polished up AND proofread by Monday seems... unlikely. :raritydespair:

8719 words, 24 pages, 70-75%

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Current Status — 2017/09/21

All other stories on temporary hold until the end of Dark Horse.

Next chapter #09 — ~70-75% Done — 8719 Words.

#10 — Pure Air and Fire — 10%.
#11 — The Ugly A-Mare-I-Can't — 15%.
#12 — Dangerous At Both Ends, And Uncomfortable In The Middle — 10%.
#13 — Dark Horse — 10%

My Life As My Ironically Bad OC
Chapter 3 — 80-90% Done — 9917 Words

One Pony's Curse, Is Another Man's Blessing...
Part 3 of :ajsmug: intro — 5-10% Done — 0 Words; still planning it out.

Sufficiently Advanced
Chapter 5 — 10-15% Done — 2375 Words.

Horse Feathers - A tale from the Humans Acting Villainous verse
Chapter 7 — 90% Done — 21619 Words - Note, currently stuck thanks to writer's block.


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Thanks for the follow! >:)

Thanks for the follow! :scootangel:

I guess you are not really interested then.

Thanks for reading The Secret Life of... Pinkie Pie!



Probably asked this already but any chance for a prequel of "Dark Horse"? Seeing how everyone reacts to Dresden being a cute female pegasus mare is worth it.

You did.

Any change we can get a prequel out if this? Harry early time as an adorable pegasus would be fun to read.

Maybe. Big maybe.

I've got a few scene ideas as well as the general time-line laid out in my head, but as-is there's a lot of post Winter Knight and post metamorphism recovery baked into those six months.

It's something that will be covered. I'm just more leaning towards doing the same thing as the series proper has done with Dresden's time with Justine, IE the odd flashback of the high-lights as opportunity arises with the broad strokes being implied.

Still... I did do a prototype of a prequel, and that one will probably reach the scrap-pile down the line. It's just that...

Well, to be blunt, as cute as the scene ideas with Maggie, or Dresden figuring out flying were, for two implicit examples, the ones were Dresden were performing serious physical rehab (again) to be able to as much hold a pen bummed me out too much.

Still, it might happen one day as a proper prequel. I just have to be in the right frame of mind to tackle the good and bad of a premise like that

Hope that helped jog your memory. :twilightsmile:

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