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Happy Scew The Mouse Day! · 12:44pm January 1st

That's right! Steamboat Willie hit public domain today! And in the states, too!

So be sure to draw or depict Mickey, Girl Mickey, & Black Pete exactly as in that first cartoon, except the huge~ c:yay:cks you designed to be ~exotic~ or whatever, and those rabid jerks at Disney can only grit their teeth now!

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Current Status — 2020/04/08

Note: Currently recovering from nearly a year with an infected tooth. Recovering well, but writing is going SLOW~ at present. Thank you for your patience, everybody.

All other stories on temporary hold until the end of Dark Horse.

Next chapter #09: 'My Power Is Not Complete' — ~85-90% Done — 11490 Words.

#10 — Kalisti — 10%.
#11 — Pure Air and Fire — 10%.
#12 — The Ugly A-Mare-I-Can't — 15%.
#13 — Dangerous At Both Ends, And Uncomfortable In The Middle — 10%.
#14 — Dark Horse — 10%

My Life As My Ironically Bad OC
Chapter 3 — 80-90% Done — 9917 Words

One Pony's Curse, Is Another Man's Blessing...
Part 3 of :ajsmug: intro — 5-10% Done — 0 Words; still planning it out.

Sufficiently Advanced
Chapter 5 — 10-15% Done — 2375 Words.

Horse Feathers - A tale from the Humans Acting Villainous verse
Chapter 7 — 90% Done — 21619 Words - Note, currently stuck thanks to writer's block.

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https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1017935/new-start Follow my new fimfic profile please. I have authentication troubles with my old one so I'd love to have you follow me again.

Waaaaiiiiit a minute... Didn't you have a Fivescore story about Trixie being reincarnated? What happened to that?

Nevermind, I had to log in a while back and forgot to turn 'mature' back on. I'm an idiot.

I'm still (sorta) here. Leaving college for a job has been an utter slog and I quite understand now when you say it's been hard to work on your stories. But please don't give up and forget about them, even though Gen 4 ended. I still desperately want to read the next chapters if you ever get the chance to write them.

  • Viewing 339 - 343 of 343
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