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I wrote a horse story once.

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Quit horsin' around


he wrote a story once

Just a heads up, you've been mentioned In this blog post
Stormy Nights was listed.

void plz

Well, it'd be hypocritical of me to write fan fics of the show, then tell people they can't write fics of my stuff. It won't be Official 350 Canon or anything, but I won't go on angry rants if you do it. So knock yourself out, I guess.

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Holy Cow Three Hundred Fifty is one of my favorite stories, and one of the first I read. I can't believe I wasn't following you! But no longer is this true! :pinkiehappy:


Look at that empty "recent stories" section. I weep.

Hello there

Hey Void, I took care of the thing.

I KNOW YOU FROM THE STREAM! :derpytongue2:


Why would I do that? While I have bunches of potential ideas in my own bucket, eventually some of them get written.

I actually like your writing because it is more similar to mine than any other author's that I have seen on-site, and reading your stories does help me to see things that I do wrong in my own fics.

804410 Nah, I just don't get story ideas I like very often. I'll probably write something else eventually. I'm kicking around a few/figuring if I can make something decent out of them.

The current leading candidate has a good chance of being torpedoed by S4; I might have to bite the bullet and mark it AU.

(Not an invitation to PM me your totally awesome OC fic ideas. I already have a totally awesome OC fic.)

Has the experience of 350 turned you off writing? I hope not because it would be nice to see something else out of you.

well... maybe I don't really visit this site, but... have another watch/follow to your collection. :twilightsmile:


Pity, I rather love the world you built and am not a good enough writer to write my own stuff.

625955 I'm not planning on writing anything else in that timeline/-verse/whatever you want to call it. Write your own sequel :derpytongue2:

As for the second part, who says it didn't? It's not like Celestia would have told her about it.

Hey Void, have you put any thought into making a sequel to 350 that follows Sweetie's life after the plot of the first fic? Also, I thought I should point out a plot hole I found in 350: If Twi went back to the past, shouldn't her nexus have survived to the future?

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