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I wrote a horse story once.



The desert is a hard place to grow up when you love nothing more than the rain. Unfortunately, learning to be a pegasus in a town of unicorns and earth ponies is the least of one foal’s concerns. For Stormy Nights, trying to fit in the world isn't just a challenge—it's daily life.

Thanks to Silicas and everyone else who helped preread.

Cover art courtesy of Voodoo-Tiki

Spanish translation by Spaniard Kiwi

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First comment!
Stormy here was actually written back in the gap between MLP seasons 1 and 2, and posted to a small community with good reception, so I'm reposting it here for a wider audience.
Feel free to give feedback!

hmmm looks good ill try it

ooohhhh i like it *tracking* :pinkiehappy:

WOOT! Yes! it's finally up! Nice job Void Chicken (Butterknife), it was worth the wait to see the art up here.

Stormy and Strawberry look awesome!:twilightsmile:


I'm not sure exactly what aspect of this story makes me love it so much. Maybe it's the simplicity of the writing, the delightful anecdotes like 'Stormy vs. The Lever', or just that it's the sweet story of an innocent child facing hardships with a smile, like we all once did. Whatever it is, I love this story and I've only read 1 chapter. Absolutely sublime from start to finish, please keep updating!

:rainbowwild: OMIGAWD! this story is just...so...beautiful, I love the character development and sprinklers! but yesh I am DYING to see another chapter, I don't often comment on stories but yours is one of the special ones.

Aww, thanks for the nice words, guys. And upvotes :raritywink:

Love it man, keep them chapters comin'.

Liking this story, if I ever do begin to write stories myself I'll be sure to note this story as a source of inspiration
And while I'm thinking about it
"I just don't know what went wrong' *zap* :derpytongue2:

Beautiful! Keep 'em comin'!

The only question i might have, is how Stormy was born to two unicorns, or what i presume is two unicorns
But other than that, i love this story :D

And that's all. Sorry if you were expecting something longer; giant epics aren't really my strong suit.

But don't untrack just yet! In a day or two I'll be making a blog post / author note about this little pony, so if there's anything you would like clarified, pipe up.

Edit: Here it is!

So on the site where this was originally posted, there were comments about Stormy Nights 2. Is that gonna be posted here too?


Yup, eventually. But do me a favor and don't discuss details. I want to keep it a surprise for those who haven't read.

Of course! I loved this story so much, keep up the great work!

stormy nights, TWO?
Now I'm excited :D

Btw, how is she a Pegasus? :P

Love. This. Story! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss:

Oh, noooo! I'm always so frustrated when people (ponies) catch just enough of an idea to take it the wrong way. Then logic doesn't help. You've got magic, Stormy! Just not the kind you're thinking of.

This story was great and and an inspirational story of overcoming your fears and learning to love yourself.
Stormy's introduction was great and didn't feel abrupt,
I got to learn a bit about her and get a good sense of her personality.
Reading your blog post also confirmed the suspicion of mine. Both parents were unicorns and I could tell something wasn't right.
Although I didn't really get the sense that the dad was actually mad at the mom. I just labeled it more as a person that wasn't meant to be a father.
Still, the story was great and I cant wait for Stormy Nights 2! :pinkiehappy:
Congrats on getting featured in EqD!

Actually i found out through the guys blog on here,
Illegitimate child :P

Ooh, cut off mid-sentence. That's never a good sign. :twilightoops:

:heart: I read a fair bit here on fim and I have to say this has to be in my top 3 stories to date, it's a interesting take with a genuinely 'real' feel too it. This gives it a depth I enjoy reading in a story, and I'd like to take ma hat off to ya :ajsmug:

Great story well thought out and relatable

*fanboy-squees* I mean :twilightsheepish: ahem...*trots off all manly like*

This is the first story that i have read.
I haven't started part two yet.
But this story is amazing,I will follow this till the end. :heart:
I thank you for taking the time to write these.

363374 It has been canonized recently that ponies can have foals of a different type based on deeper ancestry. Maybe you haven't seen that ep yet or have since, but just commenting since this seems to be a common question. :twilightsheepish:

I get such a chill every time a pony gets a cutie mark. :pinkiehappy:

He actually answered the question in a blog,
Her mother cheated on whats-his-name


Don't be such a baby, feathers grow back... don't they?

I'm still wondering why this fic doesn't have any more views :pinkiegasp: I must help you get more views :pinkiehappy:

Well done.
I applaude you.

For what it's worth, here's my take on the issue. Warning, it's pretty deep. Nerds only need apply.
Pony Genetics GDoc

Very polished, very interesting, very good. I absolutely love your style and this story and cannot wait to read the rest of this great series! :heart:

Interesting start. Seems like pegasi are practically foreign to that region.

So I decided to read it now-ish after all.

All in all? I approve. Good concept, nice imagination spots for Stormy, and an entertaining read. I also always enjoy seeing descriptions/depictions of non-unicorn magic. Gotta spread the magic love around.

For me, it felt like there some places where things happened just a little too quickly. But that could just be personal preference. It's probably a better problem to have than overstaying your welcome, anyway.

I'll be sticking the sequel on my read list.


My hat is off to that piece of work.

The story is coming along at an interesting rate, and the characters are done well.

So wait. The trick was to aim lightning around her friend?

I love your Stormy OC, and I'm digging your writing style! :twilightsmile:

great way to start!! the start excites me to continue moving on:rainbowdetermined2:

I get the sense that Sterling never got over wanting a unicorn. I'm not too impressed with how hard Vanilla's trying, either; Stormy's room could at least not be filled with reminders of the things her parents can do that she can't. And I don't think either of her parents knows much about pegasi in general, let alone how to raise them; I get the sense neither even knew pegasi had magic, for example. Sure, books are expensive, but surely they could afford one book on parenting foals of unexpected races?

If I ever meet Sterling, I'm grabbing something heavy and threatening to break his horn off with it. See how he likes it.

1787920 No, it was to aim lightning around herself. No mean feat, considering air is about a billion times as resistive as skin (to the best of my ability to estimate) and blood conducts far better than either of them.

author- I WORSHIP
sequel-Is there one?
if not- when willl there be one?
never mind found it

Yeah, so I realise this was written way back in the day, but it still feels a little bit clumsy at times in the wording. Actually, the most egregious is Stormy's dad saying "TK me my cider then". Like...that kind of lingo just seems so out-of-place.

That said, you do a fairly good job of capturing filly Stormy's naive mindset throughout the story, such as her wild imagination as she envisions herself in roles of great power, or her relationship with her tree.

“Pegasi have magic like unicorns do. But they can’t control it directly like a unicorn can. Their magic is passive, that is, it works without them having to think about it.”

I think Stormy tuned him out after that first sentence and ignored the rest of what he said, completely forgetting about it altogether and thinking she could use telekinesis.

Huh, it feels to me almost like there's some sort of background hint that ponies think Stormy's mom had some infidelity on her part for Stormy to be a pegasus. That would put her dad's desire to clip her wings in perspective (though it's still a big dick move).

That being said, it seems that Coltlumbus is really, really book-starved, despite having an apparent functional education system, if Stormy didn't even know something like that she could make clouds as a pegasus. That, or she's just completely unobservant in general.

Also, aww, Stormy makes a friend in this chapter...then loses her in the same chapter :raritycry:

Pretty nifty performance on Stormy's part, especially given she's untrained and the only pegasus in town. Rainbow Dash, eat your heart out.

Now for her to go home to her parents and be all like

Stormy leapt into the air and alighted on the railing of her balcony, then gently stepped down onto her deck. She entered her bedroom and dropped her supplies on the floor. Her room finally made sense now. The ceiling was black, with stars and constellations painted across it. Three of the walls transitioned from the darkness of the sky to the blue carpet. The remaining wall was a bright orange, with a painting of Princess Celestia raising the sun.

Having a black ceiling in a desert area, seems like it would make the room unbearably hot

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