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I wrote a horse story once.


This story is a sequel to Feathers Are in Style

Rainbow Dash never saw herself getting pregnant, but now that she's married to Rarity, the magic that will let them have children only works if Rainbow carries the foal. And it sucks. She can't do Sonic Rainbooms, Rarity won't let her get in fights, and she's certainly in no shape to save the world.

Edited by R5h and Undome Tinwe

Cover art by ShiroPoint

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 24 )

I just want to say that’s a really good title

Credit where it's due: R5h and I spent quite a bit of time brainstorming titles until he came up with "Beneath Her Wings She Carries the World", which I shortened into this.

Sounds like the sluggterra quote “the world beneath your feet” lol

Comment posted by Blorckits deleted Dec 18th, 2019

"Congratulations!" The clerk looked at Rarity. "When are you due?"

Oh goodness, Rarity... :rainbowlaugh:

Ooooh. That last sentence doesn't sound good...

I wonder if the salamanders have any inkling they're messing with a couple of "beasts" who are literally on speaking terms with the Sun Goddess of the entire world? Might wanna tone down the racism a bit there, soon-to-be-charcoal-creatures.

Rarity had closed one hole and was halfway through the next when suddenly they heard a distant rumbling. Dust wafted down from the cave ceiling.

Going to guess before I read ahead. The wrath of an angry God/Princess has just come down upon these morons.

"Because Starlight moved her queen while he wasn't looking."

Shhh. We'll let it slide.

Wonderful story so far; can't wait for what comes next!

Oh Celestia damn it Rainbow Dash, you stubborn feathered mule.

There had better be a happy ending for all this. I don't want to start a riot, but I will.

I wonder if Twiggles will actually start paying attention when Rainbow keeps accurately predicting everything.

I was not expecting the direction you're taking this, given the lighthearted tone of the first few chapters. A giant, mysterious, hemispherical creature that causes the apocalypse, alongside possible time travel, taken together, remind me of Chrono Trigger. Hopefully the Roundhill isn't actually as bad as Lavos.

You know... Twilight could make some sort of memory spell and implant it in Rainbow Dash. That way, she might get a message from herself if this does turn out to be a timeline type of thing confirming what Dash is saying happens.

This story's just one enigma inside of a puzzle, innit? Can't wait to see what happens next. Though...I suspect the foal is the one causing this, somehow...

Why are these so short?! And the cliffhangers! :raritydespair:

Related, I'm looking forward to the kid. If they're (possibly) this much trouble now, what's it gonna be like in a year...?

Oh sure, blame the baby. :derpytongue2:

I mean, the hill is very gravid, as well.

No no no no god damn it Rainbow


Genocide averted!

Oh. I was expecting a bit more slice of life scenes with the new family, not a timeskip to a banishing. Ah, well, this was still a fun read. Maybe in a sequel.

Tempo spotted her favorite toy sticking out of Rarity's saddlebags and struggled in Rainbow's grasp towards it. Rainbow moved close enough for Tempo to grab the plush hourglass, then set her down.

Okay, d'awww, but that's a little on the nose.

This has definitely been a joy to read. I think you marvelously captured both the characters and the spirit of the show with this story. I hope we get to see Tempo again, as despite her not showing up until now, the silly filly's really grown on me through Rainbow's 'dialogue' with her.

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