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I wrote a horse story once.


It's That Time Again · 9:10pm Dec 17th, 2019

Remember that cute Raridash I wrote? If you don't, or maybe just never got around to it, feel free to give it a read:

EFeathers Are in Style
Pretending to be somepony's marefriend can be fun. Becoming that pony's marefriend can be fulfilling.
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It's been a while, though, and it's about time I went back to those two. Even if writing it took longer than I'd like to admit. But everyone loves sequels, and adding a character always goes well. That's right, Rainbow's pregnant and you'll never believe by whom! (Spoilers: It's by Rarity.)

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Feathers Are in Style Deleted Scene · 12:07am Feb 21st, 2017

Hey there loyal readers and stumblers-on. If you haven't read Feathers Are in Style Chapter 4 (On Pinions and Needles), then go do that first.

Chapter 4 was originally something else completely. While I thought it was cute, it didn't really advance the story, and it is also really short. But I did like it enough to share, so here it is, completely unedited:


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From the Rejected Pile, Part 2 · 6:50am Feb 8th, 2014

Or: I Actually Wanted to Write This One Someday

Three Sisters
Apparently there's a somewhat popular fic called that so I'd have had to have changed it at some point.

This one was inspired by another fic. I liked the headcanon so much I wanted to give my take on it. Then season 4 happened, completely destroying the premise.

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From the Rejected Pile, Part 1 · 6:09am Feb 7th, 2014

Or: Void Got Bored and Made a Silly Blog Post

As part of the "Void Procrastinates on Writing an Actual Story" series, I figured I'd ramble on a few ideas that I came up with, but never wrote for some reason or another.

If any of my plucky readers want to take one of these and run with it, feel free. Non-plucky readers need not apply.

A Thing I Never Got a Title for

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Void Takes a Long Time to Write Something Short · 6:09pm Jan 13th, 2014

It's been, what, close to a year?

But like the title implies, I am back in business peddling my horse stories on the side of the metaphorical road. Or one horse story, at any rate. The point is, expect something new in the next few days.

Rainbow Dash will die in the first scene. It's a comedy.

Coming Soon: Rainbownomicon

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A Big Story Gets a Little Editing · 6:58pm Jul 24th, 2013

A fine fellow by the name of JustAnotherTimeLord said a whole lot of critical words in a few chapters about my story, so I did what I usually do and conscripted him to edit it. (Naw, he offered to. But watch your backs.) He helped me tweak out a whole bunch of little things about it, like at least 300 things, maybe 340. Besides some grammar derps, the scene at the end of A Tree in Canterlot got expanded to hopefully get Sweetie's

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Void Ruins His Story · 1:06am Mar 16th, 2013

So yeah, the finale sucks. Worse yet, there's no way to improve it.

The entire story was structured around Twilight going back and Sweetie staying. That can't be changed. Not without what amounts to a complete top-to-bottom rewrite.

Sweetie goes back? The CMC lasting to help future-Sweetie? Wouldn't happen. Without that, there's no Apple Crisp, no Spot light, no troupe. The Sweetie-statue? Makes no sense.

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A Chapter to Half-remember Kind of Like That Dream You Had · 6:19pm Jan 25th, 2013

After some thought I've decided to go for less of a sledgehammer approach to altering the chapter.

The changes to look for:
References to 'Sweetie's mother' in the prose replaced with Twilight's name, hopefully to make it a little clearer that Sweetie doesn't quite have it down. She also slips up when she's upset.

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A Chapter to Forget · 4:54am Jan 25th, 2013

So as more than a few commenters have pointed out, the latest chapter of Three Hundred and Fifty kinda sucked. As I consider it to be the most significant chapter in the story, next to perhaps the ending, this ain't acceptable.

I think I just got too eager to hit those particular scenes/lines and forgot to, you know, properly tell the story. Yeah yeah I know some earlier parts have issues too. I'll fix those eventually.

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Stormy makes a cameo · 2:31am Sep 2nd, 2012

One of my Rabid Fans (complete with Certificate of Authenticity) asked real nicely a while back for Stormy and her family to show up in a fic of his, and I was nice enough to say yes.

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