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This story is a sequel to Escalation


In Which Pinkie Pie Meets Her Crush's Strange Family Before Telling Her Crush She's Crushing On Her.


Let's See How Much We Can Make A Manifestation Of Laughter Squirm.

Cover art amalgamated from bases by SelenaEde and a vector by MLPRocker123. Part of the Oversaturated World.

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Whooo! First!

Nice cover art! Totally different style from the usual!

And is that Comic Sans?

Awesome title! Long Title too!


And it's been expanded from before! Super awesome!


Congrats on your 100th Story!

Anything I could say about this infinitely pales in comparison to that title.

Hot tamales, that alone is worth the upvote.

-GM, master of peppers.

The title is a tongue twister and I mean it

You're going to want a crossover tag for this one. In any case, I do love seeing the OW develop in ways I'd never anticipated, and you're one of the best when it comes to taking it in novel directions. Definitely looking forward to seeing how this develops.

I need some help here. I thought that Sunny L. Dragon was Yang renamed, but then they refer to Yang

"Pinkie, these are our moms," Yang said. "Summer Rose and she of the infinite aliases."

as though sh'e been there all along.

On re-reading it was more comprehensible, but there're still questions.

Ha, “novel directions”. I see what you did there. Actually, now that I think about it, Novel Direction would make a great name for an OC.

I always figured that the Pyramids were to keep the Mummies from getting out and ruling the world.

It was more like the ultimate gated community. You needed to be rich enough to afford a man-made mountain to get in.

Nice clear indication of Imagine Spot!

No reason to hide it, after all.

Chances that Summer and Raven can tell Pinkie's got a crush... High? What's Raven gonna do? Summer's likely gonna give advice...


So, Kemetian magic, is that more Human magic, or something else? We've got Kemetian, Aztlan... Did any culture not have magic, back then??

Human magic hiding itself *is* a new development... But, this seems to all be just sacrifical blood magic?

... In Group Precipitation, it was said that Belled Sorcerer Starswirl accidentally poisoned this world's magic?

... Hmm... Chromelanin is also a relatively recent development? Or was there from ancient humanity??



kemetian relics > Kemetian relics [Capitalize?]

Lots of ancient corpses getting up and railing about their old treasures.

And the less said about the ones who got ground up and sold as medicine, the better.

"Nah, they were too busy putting billboards around stars back then."

Entirely possible in this universe.

Poor Pinkie. She really doesn't know how to handle being the straight man. This will be a good experience for her if she doesn't literally die of embarrassment.

Chromelanin was always a thing among this universe's humans.

Whooo! Yeah!


Pinkie's asking for help!

And we dunno what Raven and Ruby were talking about... How much did they hear?

Also, Pinkie's crazy unrevealed plan! :rainbowlaugh:

PInkie's brain thought of every antic she'd ever indulged in, cross-refrenced it with anything she wouldn't want Ruby's mother to know, and gave her some depressing information.

I'd be more surprised if Interpol didn't have files on the girls. Or any other law enforcement or intelligence agency worth its salt. They're kind of a big deal even without Shimmerism getting involved.

Of course, after that time those cultists tried to pull a Past Sins routine—
Whoops, haven't written that yet.

"Also, there's "kill large numbers of innocent people to keep the loved one alive" love. I'm not really on board with that one either, although I understand it's considered tolerable in the vampire romance reader crowd. Not so much with people who deal with actual vampires, for some reason."

"What, are you worried about her tracking Ruby down and exacting vengeance for something that happened years ago during a war in the streets?"

"...strangely yes," Pinkie admitted. "I honestly don't know why."

Ah, Pinkie begins to learn how Anime works.

actually Pinkie knows how anime works she's just making sure how to plan ahead to deal with a maybe upcoming fallout. You cant be the living avatar of laughter without knowing cartoons of all types

apparently Summer Rose was one of those people who believed in only baking forty cookies at a time. Four tens, and no more. In Pinkie's professional opinion, that was pretty terrible.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Well done.

In any case, we get some further insight into the family's history and just how it all translates into this world. And something involving a "Machine." Most intriguing...

Some questions have to be answered with actions rather than words. No one ever won someone over with a five-page essay on why they should date one another.

Okay, maybe some Twilight Sparkles, but they hardly count.

Twilight doesn't write the essay
She's the one won over by the essay.

Oh. OH. Well now, things just got a whole lot more complicated.

Either pet or chain? Probably morality chain, if I'm honest

Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Also adore all your alliteration.

"You're entitled to the occasional smuglord," Pinkie assured her. "I know my friends and I pull it off around each other a lot."

(Smacks Sunset's hip.) This bad girl can preserve so many galaxies.

And that last line... You can hear Perversion's heart break. Though hopefully not Pinkie's. Asexuality doesn't automatically imply aromanticism.

Oooh! Nice meeting!

Interesting way to get to the next chapter, whose title is intruging!


Horst > Horse

Go back to patrolling Carolina, > Go back to patrolling, Carolina,

"I always act weird!" Pinkie insisted.

"You always act offbeat," Ruby corrected. "Is... is something wrong?

Wow! She gets her! She really, really gets her! :heart:


"That... that I'm asexual."


Well. That happened.


Asexuality doesn't automatically imply aromanticism.

True. Upvote for you! ... Wherever this story goes... Well, I'm heartened by the Slice of Life + Comedy tags. The lack of Romance tag, though... Now that I think about it, I find suspicious?? :duck:

Eagerly awaiting updates!

I think Twilight will get annoyed if Pinkie smacks Sunset's hips that often, even for meme's. Especially for meme's.

Along the same lines as what FOME said, just because one does does not experience sexual attraction doesn't mean one is unable to enjoy the experience if they really want to try it.

It's a case where the romantic side of things becomes more important.



Hmm... Now I'm itching, but yet also too lazy, to try and find if Ruby actually did do anything that seems like she might like-like Pinkie...

If this is truly in continuity with Escalation, then all I can find is this, from Chapter 1...

Ruby, who had flushed crimson at Pinkie's praise

And Sunny, she's not nearly so bad, but she's also got a pretty active sex life with her girlfr--well, her wife. Gotta remember she's married now... which is sort of why this has been on my mind recently, you know?"



Ohhh! Right! :ajsleepy:

... We still dunno who Sunny got married to? *shrugs*

And this conversation went well!


Why waste a pie unnecessarily?


Is it true that corsets can be worn for support? I didn’t know that, I just thought it was a fashion thing

Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. Seven times? That's just plain silly.

Wow. I was feeling like... Sunset banging her head against a wall for a while.

But Pinkie handles it a bit less violently.

"*Some* things get resolved", indeed!

This was gloriously frustrating! :rainbowlaughs:

The scene was chaos as all f Pinkie's Personalities ran around the control room fighting for dominance. "WHAT DO WE DO?"
screamed Positivity.

"I DON'T KNOW," answered Pondrance. "Where's Persuasion?"

"She wanted to do a musical number, but Patience tackled her. Perversion went to help."

"Help which one?"

"I don't know, but none of them are going anywhere right now."

"And Planner?"

Positivity pointed to the corner. The only forward thinking Pinkie Personification huddled in the corner, mumbling nonsense.

Pondrance pailed. "Please let the Party Preserve us," she wispered.

I do not know enough P words.

Man, I wish I could summon a deity to help me deal with bad days.

Partial Poll Providing Pinkie's Personifications:

  • Paranoia: The manifestation of Pinkie's fears. Paranoia is so afraid of accidentally upsetting the delicate balance that she almost never steps out of her room, but when she does she sets Pinkie on ridiculous spirals.
  • Patience: The manifestation of Pinkie's ability to wait and let others act. Usually only present in emergencies, but works well with Planner and Persuasion when a long term goal is set.
  • Petulance: The manifestation of Pinkie's anger and disgust. She's quick to scream and come to Pinkie's defense, but also very easy to overpower and distract which the rest of the crew uses to their advantage.
  • Perception: The manifestation of Pinkie's extra-human abilities, such as laughter and general fourth wall breaks. Perception is often too distracted to actually talk to the other personages, but will throw in whatever she feels works in a situation.
  • Persuasion: The manifestation of Pinkie's skills in interacting with others. Generally tries to come up with ways to convince people to do whatever it is that the other manifestations want, but sometimes just wants to make a point.
  • Perturbance: The manifestation of Pinkie's worries and negativity. She often directs the other personages whenever things fall out of the norm and is quick to pick up on other people's problems, but she's not really liked by the rest of the crew.
  • Perversion: The manifestation of Pinkie's romantic and sexual sensibilities. Perversion tries her darnedest to at least be relevant, much to the annoyance of the other personages, but knows better than to actually force anything.
  • Planner: The manifestation of Pinkie's long term planning skills. Always setting up parties for the future and generally not available for anything else, but willing to step in when needed.
  • Ponderance: The manifestation of Pinkie's decision-making abilities. Generally the most focused in the 'now' and thus usually in charge, but can be easily distracted and sometimes lets others take the helm.
  • Positivity: The manifestation of Pinkie's good cheer and optimism. Positivity always tries to keep Pinkie and her friends as happy as possible, but has very little restraint and sometimes can't hold back when she should.
  • Practicality: The manifestation of Pinkie's ability to be rational. Generally spoken over by the rest of the crew, but can be relied on to reign them in when they go too far... usually, anyway.


Well, now I feel like a "Split Self Manifestation" thing is in order, but not sure how to set it up...

"Why are we going into Pinkie Pie's mind, Sunset?"

"Because I can't abandon the world."

"No I got that, I mean... why is this necessary? Can't you magically wake her up?"

"She's been unconcious for three days, I don't know why."

"Okay... but why is Ruby here?"

"She asked to be."



Wait, by Control Room... Inside Out ref?? Nah, too generic, IIRC?

Or was that already part of this fic? Nope, it seems.

Also, I'm not sure if I should holler FOME about adding these fics to Never The Final Word, or onto Group Precipitation... Or both. ... Well, I guess he'll see them when he gets here.

It's a french phrase.


In any case, yeah, Pinkie's going to need that Rarity consultation. Hopefully she's gotten to know Cadence fairly well at this point as well. And a Journey to the Center of the Ponk may well be in order.

("Why is she here?"
"Why is anyone anywhere?"
"We're going inside Pinkie's mind. I figured a former Fay would make for a good navigator.")

And to think, most people just have to settle for a shoulder angel and devil at most...

"Heeeey," Perversion started to grin but lost it part way through. "You're not into sex and I can't do anything for you, can I?"

Ruby shrugged apologetically. "I mean, the pink goth look is nice?" She tried.

"Thanks." She turned to the other person with Ruby "Heeey--"

"I'm dating Sunset Shimmer," Twilight said. "Think about how this ends."

"--right," Perversion said. "I'm gonna find someone else to do.

It'd take a hell of an inciting incident to break Pinkie if she survived Ruby's emotional whiplash. Maybe she could be frustrated by how the Element of Laughter is making her the butt of the joke? I don't think it would do that on its own, maybe Pinkie's insecurities are messing it up?

"You're dad's an engineer?"

Wrong your there.

I saw the last title, and you had my attention. I haven't even read it, and you might earn a like and fav from the title alone.

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