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An average kid trying to provide the web with a decent mlp fanfic.


Sunset Shimmer is a regular pony-human. She has her friends, her school, and everything she could have wanted.
See that description up there? Yeah that was before the Manhattan field trip. She is no longer regular, she doesn't have her school, and she doesn't have everything she could want. The good news it that she still has her friends, along with some new faces.
Even better, she has a brand new Dad and family to join. Come see what life is like for her after she joins Camp Half-Blood.

This Story is a continuation of a story that already exists and was made by ThePoneDrome all credit goes to him/her!

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Funny story

The actor who played Percy in that pathetic excuse of a movie, is called Logan

Yeah, the class of CHS went on a field trip to Manhattan, and that is how this whole story began.

I know, when I read the original story I realized what they did immediately.

As a fan of the Rick Riordan books, I’m really enjoying this story so far. And it was hilarious seeing Annabeth be introduced to the enigma known as Pinkie Pie.

This looks interesting. Let's see where it would take me.
But how comes I cannot upvote this?

I can only imagine what her reaction would be when Pinkie demonstrate how to break the Fourth Wall.

I haven't even thought of that. I now need to make Annabeth's head explode from this XD. By the way, I am kind of stuck on who the next chapter should introduce. Do you guys think it should be:
1. Rarity
2. Applejack.
3. Fluttershy
or 4. Twilight?
Tell me what you all think. Because I have great ideas for all of these characters.

You don't need to make full chapter introduction for just one character. Sunset already said she would bring 4 more of them here anyway. Brief introduction to each other should not take more than a few paragraph, then you can casually dig into more details in the future chapters (when the situation call for it). The most important is to maintain the mood and momentum of the story.

Okay I should have probably worded this better: Which of the Characters do you want to have a bigger part in next? I am planning on introducing them in the next chapter, but give them their own signified chapter as well.

Considering their characters, Applejack would be the first to have a word with those two (Percy and Anne) over dragging Sunset away from the school group. Her sense of justice is on par with Rainbow but she tend to keep her head cooler than Rainbow's. Or Twilight asking a million questions when the new duo told them they (the duo) were demigods.

No one said anything until Pinkie looked at you and said, “Greehorn, this moment is for you.”

Thanks, Pinkie. By the way, you mispronounced my name. It is Greenhorn with 'n'.
Oop, sorry. Sometimes the certain sound is misheard when I tried to speak across the realities. :pinkiehappy:

How is the cover art meaningful?

I am making it so that each of the mane seven resemble their godly parent in this story.
Ex. Pinkie= Dionysus= Purple hair and clothes. It sort of is like a sneak peek at who will be each of their godly parents.

I read the whole thing and realized I already read it somewhere else

Yeah, I found the fanfiction on monday and realized how amazing a whole fanfiction of it would be. So I decided to write one based on the first chapter. (of course giving credit to ThePoneDrome)

I'm thinking that Fluttershy will be claimed by the Hunters of Artemis

Rarity will be a bit difficult though

You should find a way to enable up/down vote to your story, though.

Le sigh. Well, there goes that wall.

... apple, my little Author?

Do you mean the like system? It is enabled on this. And if you are talking about a different system entirely that has upvotes and downvotes than I have no idea what you are talking about. I have been on this website for a year and a half now and not once have I seen the upvote or downvote system.

Hint. Hint. Check their clothes and hair, they are sneak peeks to come.

Presently, I can see no like or dislike number on your story. I clicked it, and no number appeared.

Then there is something wrong on your end my dude, because I currently have 5 likes and 0 dislikes for my story.

it needs a minimum of 10 likes or dislike to show up

I see. So that’ What happened.

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You are correct! To claim your prize dm me your oc and what their godly parent will be.

Petty clear none of the Rainbooms are Demi-gods. The monsters said Sunset smelled slightly different that a Daughter of Apollo should, there are possibilities.
1. Sunset is Celestia's Daughter and Celestia's magic smells like Apollo.
2. Sunset is Celestia's Daughter and Celestia is Apollo's Daughter(can we really put cross dimensional trysts beyond Greek Gods?) so Sunset smells of Grandpa's Magic
3 same as one or 2 but Sunset isn't related to Celestia, her teacher's magic just clings to her.
4. Equestria Magic all smells like God magic in general
5. All Ponies are decended from the Greek Gods so ponies are a race of half-bloods? Same applies to Canterlotians the city isn't swarmed by monsters because the concentration of magic is A) too weak or B) Overwhelming.
Still it makes the Gods the Patrons of the Girls, not the parents or at least distant ancestors. The girls never go targeted before because they never had enough magic to register untill they bonded with the elements of Harmony.

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Why did you stop It was getting good

Don't worry! I have not given up on this story yet. I just realized after writing the last chapter that I didn't really have anything planned for after the introductions. I am basically done With that now and I hope to have another chapter done at the latest next week. The story will be more solid and there will actually be a structure to it now. Thanks for the question and I am glad that you enjoy the story so much!

Athena grumbled something about, “People always singling her out because she thought of a better way to have children.”

I think it should be 'single me out because I thought'

Hey, it’s not my fault that Apollo had a thing for yoga studios, I wouldn’t be writing it if it didn’t happen.

You should not insert narrative opinion into your story like that. It kills the storytelling.

Thanks for the feedback! For your first concern I did that on purpose because that isn't what she actually said, it was just the main idea of it.

And to your second concern I can see what you mean there... I wasn't even thinking about it like that since I usually write in first person. Thanks for pointing that out!


I assume this is a continuation of the first chapter from the two? Or a psuedo continuation. I'll give it a try later, I really liked the first chapter that details the Manhatten trip though (if this is from that story).

It is a continuation, I started writing the second chapter the first chapter is ThePoneDrome's.

I figured, the writing style has a major shift in it.

I ended up reading it just a little bit ago, interesting enough to follow for a little while longer. Good luck with writing it though.

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“Welp, the tides are screwed.”

Princess Celestia: Luna did you play with your moon again?
Princess Luna: We did not. We just move its path a little so our dear Fluttershy could see in the dark room.

Please, dont stop! For the love of all don't stop writing this beautiful story! The jokes, the Pinkie, everything, its to good to be stopped! All in all, good job. Have a Jivin day!

Aw! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support. I don't have any plans of stopping and I am always wanting to make my story better. Thanks for reading!

I read in a story once that the author described pinkie as a sentient quantum-particle

they described her as being all possible probabilities until she decides to be one of them

“Welp, the tides are screwed.”

I bet nobody else was thinking that and am I the only one thinking about Flutterbat when they described Fluttershy?

Coming soon, Got a bit of writer's block.

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