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World Building Blog · 9:12am Apr 3rd, 2018

Hopefully, this will help kick my muse into action.

Thanks to the in-series existence of the movie's events, it is now definite that there're countries outside of Equestria. So, I'm going to define what those countries are for my fic and really hope that the remaining episodes don't throw it out the window like Shadow Play did my timeline.

Already mentioned in my fic are the following:

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Hey there can I just say I loved this fic back about a year ago and I'm glad you at least finished the first season hope to see you finish it sometime

Been waiting a while. Would love a chapter. Just one? Please? But it's okay if you don't want to.'snif'

No, I've just had a difficult time overcoming my latest bout of writer's block. I'm still trying to get it done, but it's taking forever and I'm really sorry about that.

is your story dead?

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