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Alex Warlorn

Just your average Brony who happened upon an idea that might actually turn out to be clever enough for guys to love.

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God bless you. Thank you. Thank you. I wish I could feel your gratitude, your love for my work. That people, even after it's been jossed to Hell and back, and back to Hell and again back, that people can still enjoy this, still read this, still be INSPIRED by it (which is the ultimate honor any artists can receive!!!!!!!!).

I've always thought of my work as obscure, hidden, not part of the mainstream fandom. If stories were inspired by it, then I'm honored. God bless you.

10 years, 93 stories.

It truly is something, isn't it? 10 years, 93 stories, most of which are part of one series, the Pony PoV series. And who knows what impact that has had on the fandom, how many stories it has influenced, how many others have tried to match the sheer, awe-inspiring depths of its lore and creation. How many others have tried to match its emotional journeys, its creativity, and the sheer joy of its telling? I really do think that nothing else compares to the Pony POV series, and to think it started so long ago. Ten years, and still writing comes to you. Still, you find more stories to share.

It truly is impressive... and now, as I look back at stories I read once, and stories I have not read before. I think you, like so many others, deserve this.

Thank you, Alex. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into writing these stories for us to enjoy. Thank you for the passion and heart you have poured into the text and brought these adventures to life. Thank you for all the words you have written so far, and all that you may write in the future.

Thank you.


It's the opposite of Cupcakes.
It's starts out grim and nasty, and meant to progressively become more heroic and light hearted.

  • Viewing 634 - 638 of 638
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