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Shadow Raikou

My Deviant art name is RaikouArtist, and I am starting to enter MLP fanfiction.

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Made a group for our verse, could you please add the original story?


Hey dude.

Just letting you know, I'm beginning work on another GBOYH sequel. This one revolving around Diamond.

Imagining the roles of Trixie getting back on her hooves with rarity and blueblood all will be explained.

I just finished reading Trixie's Getting Back On Her Hooves.

I am seriously impressed.:pinkiesmile:

You are an excellent writer. and I don't say that to just anypony.

Come to think of it, other than the person who wrote "It's a Dangerous Business," I havn't ever said that to anypony. on this site yet. I may like many stories, but I actually REALLY liked this one. As in, I would be willing to buy it if it were in a bookstore.
And while I may like quite a few stories, I am VERY exclusive about what gets on my "REALLY like" list.

Congratulations. You impressed a pony who is almost never impressed.

Was there ever any doubt?

Well I am pretty new to fanfic and I have been shocked by how good some of the authors are and I must say your story on trixie (im not done yet dont spoil it) is fantastic, It has a amazing plot, and a story of redemption is one of my favorite kinds. Also never once have I hated a fictional character as much as Trixie's sister.:twilightangry2: D--- you are good:rainbowkiss:

  • Viewing 8 - 12 of 12
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