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Shadow Raikou

My Deviant art name is RaikouArtist, and I am starting to enter MLP fanfiction.

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Made a group for our verse, could you please add the original story?


Hey dude.

Just letting you know, I'm beginning work on another GBOYH sequel. This one revolving around Diamond.

I just finished reading Trixie's Getting Back On Her Hooves.

I am seriously impressed.:pinkiesmile:

You are an excellent writer. and I don't say that to just anypony.

Come to think of it, other than the person who wrote "It's a Dangerous Business," I havn't ever said that to anypony. on this site yet. I may like many stories, but I actually REALLY liked this one. As in, I would be willing to buy it if it were in a bookstore.
And while I may like quite a few stories, I am VERY exclusive about what gets on my "REALLY like" list.

Congratulations. You impressed a pony who is almost never impressed.

Was there ever any doubt?

Well I am pretty new to fanfic and I have been shocked by how good some of the authors are and I must say your story on trixie (im not done yet dont spoil it) is fantastic, It has a amazing plot, and a story of redemption is one of my favorite kinds. Also never once have I hated a fictional character as much as Trixie's sister.:twilightangry2: D--- you are good:rainbowkiss:

Your profile pic is full of win.

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